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This is a website where a personal story, research, science and philosophy come together to tell you about what is hidden behind the veil of the modern Western world. It is that, what prevents humanity and this planet from spiritually progressing beyond all the dismay we view and read about daily through various news venues. It has set its eyes on disrupting the biosphere. It has set its eyes on the degradation of values dear to people. Like love, spiritual richness and the family-unit. It has set its eyes on taking over, and controlling our world. Controlling our systems that are supposed to be for and by the people. It has a face… And this website will introduce you to it. You can read more about the inception of this website in the first blog post.


The website is organized in a number of main sections. The Chronology will tell the personal story as reality transpired. The Analysis section will provide you with explanations surrounding experiences told about in the Chronology. The Knowledge section will provide various knowledge required to better understand the other sections as they refer to both terms and knowledge explained in the Knowledge section. The Blog will see articles about various subjects related to the over-arching theme of this website, consisting of my thoughts about these subjects, whether they are about geopolitical events or otherwise.


The intent of the website is to make my fellow humans aware of what is looming in our societies. That what is behind the veil has taken advanced measure to put the blinders on with many people. This website aims to take off those blinders and make people realize that everyone’s contribution is appreciated to stand against that what is the enemy of people, the enemy of children, the enemy of truth and the enemy of love. It has a name. It has a face. It is the other side of the Absolute Duality.

Realization is the hardest part. After that, the tears will make place for vigilance. It will be like a rebirth.


It is recommended to begin with the Chronology. From there, you will be taken to the various sections of the website. For a quick overview however, you may begin with the Proof overview in the Analysis section.

Je Maintiendrai

After having read everything on this website, one may wonder; how does he pull through all of this? How can he still stand without hiding out somewhere? How he keeps sanity? Is he controlled opposition? The answer to that is no; I am not controlled opposition. I have an indisputable faith in ‘the Infinite good’. Some people would use the word ‘God’ there, however I prefer a more agnostic way of naming it to avoid the implication of a concrete religion. In actuality, it’s not even so much a belief any more. It has become knowledge; the reality of infinity around us as explained in the Infinity Framework article. Secondly, early in my life, my mother, and indirectly me, have experienced an extraordinary event which further enhances my trust in the good side, here on Earth, and beyond. And not in the least, the love I shared with Claudia, my former spouse-to-be.


The website tells you about first-hand experiences uncensored, uncut. That includes my own wordings, thoughts and phrases I’ve said or posted around the web. Straight honesty is key for the full picture. As always, you are fully entitled to your own opinion. Finally I would like to say; “Let’s make this a better world”.