Birth of a Site

With this website, a Dutch citizen deemed it to be time to tell about him self and the experiences gained throughout life. Throughout the years he uncovered that he had become part of a bigger story while fighting for a better world, for truth and the preservation of moral values; values that he has experienced himself first hand. It isn’t a bed-time story though, as what is involved, has a very ugly face. All of this has given rise to the birth of a website. That is because conveying a story to be told through a website offers the ability to tell the story only once all the while it can be read by many.

And so, the quest for a better world is now continued through a new website, which, hopefully may contain information of interest to you as a reader as well as make you more aware of what hides under the veil of the modern world we live in. A world full of conflict and atrocities and yet, a world full of beauty. It depends on where one looks that determines what you will see. One may wonder.. How can it be that with all this modern progression and this impression of a civilized world, people sometimes still feel like there is something dreadfully wrong with the planet we live on..? The answer lies within the Absolute Duality. And with that, the name for the website was set in stone.

The website will never be ‘finished’. While at the point of writing this, there is not much content yet if any at all, it is being worked on as it is a work in progress and it will see many updates the coming times. Once the main articles have been published, the blog gets more attention with posts about various subjects that I’ve mulled about or otherwise have an opinion about that I feel like talking about and sharing with you.

You might want to add a bookmark to this website to get back and stay up-to-date with ease. For now, I would like to thank you for reading as I continue to diligently work on content to come…