Not only I began to experience female interest at the work place sinds the end of 2015 after my MH-17 findings and analysis, I also got to deal with involuntary assimilation, notably at the employer names SoftTech. Assimilation into Jewdom. This was accomplished by remarks such as whether I would or would not be a ‘hairy Esau’, which implied I would be Jewish. Also the questioning began to emerge whether I would be a ‘legitimate diaspora’ or an ashkenazim. I also observed comments such as that I ‘had to remain a Merino, a benevolent good hearted human.

At ZorgNed I discovered why this was. This appeared to be two-fold. At this company through coercion doctrine, colleagues attempted to get me positively aligned towards Mariël. The mental harassment increased significantly with all kinds of allegations as described in the article Allegations versus Reality, mainly due to my identification of Mariël and Gerda as Satanist cabbalists which obviously I did not talk about. During the time I still had this positive alignment for this short period of time, the mental harassment was a whole lot les. I still was a ‘tja-ka’, however there also were noticeable overly, exaggerated positive buzz like being ‘an extremely capable developer’ and remarks like being a ‘an extremely capable psychic’. An enormous amount of Hyperbolism and Flip-Flopping were applied to get me positively aligned to her.

This assimilating goes as far as fabricating illusions that pretend I would have been assimilated. This would be towards the outside world, without my permission or awareness as well as to their own ‘Wall of Jericho’ community. It’s a flat out lie and is total deception. It isn’t illusion craft for nothing. These doings can be described as ‘propagation of assimilation perception.

And then now the core issue pertaining to this involuntary assimilation follows: I would ‘have figured out the Absolute Truth for justly Zionists’:

The Infinity Framework

What then would have to be this ‘Absolute Truth’? Well.. that’s the Infinity Framework that I formulated back in 2015. A result of 20 years of reasoning. In the article Absolute Duality this Infinity Framework is being referenced. NOTE: These are their words; I never stated to have uncovered an absolute truth; one would have to define what constitutes an ‘absolute truth’ to begin with.

As a result of my findings at ZorgNed while having a negative alignment towards Mariël, Gerda and a number of others, the gang-stalking picked up again significantly. But, this time, also with remarks like ‘No more than a schizo who thinks the absolute truth is based on sos-cas-toa!’ and ‘He’s acting like he’s highly educated!’.

Reality is that I never claimed to have uncovered the ‘absolute truth’. The reality is that in 2015, I determined the factuality of infinity for 3 primary dimensions and worded this into an article. I had been discussing this with an informed about physics forum member there as well. What it comes down to is that infinity in all imaginable directions of the universe and outside of it, is factual. And also towards the micro direction.

This has a number of consequences which are explained in the article as well. A core consequence is of spiritual nature. It legitimizes the notion that within this infinity there are infinitely higher powers and energies. Some people would word it as ‘God’. There are enough religions that through a metaphorical way describe this infinity. In no way the human is the top of the line of sentient beings within this infinity. Another fact is that we all look at the very same stars; with other words, into that same infinity.

The reality is that this Infinity Framework is not based on ‘sos-cas-toa’. Cabbalists try to bluntly suggest this to discredit this work since they can’t obtain and claim this intellectual property (IP) through assimilation. And as such, they’ll attempt to discredit it in every way possible. Reality is that the core of reasoning is based on the ultimate abstraction which makes possible the concept ‘information’. And that is, ‘difference’. Through the article The Infinity Framework you can read about this in depth.

The attempts by this Jewish cabal to claim rights over this intellectual property through means of assimilation (perception) has a rather deep cause. It is an attempt to in the end have their surface religion be endorsed as the one and only right, legitimate religion, philosophy which would enable them to derive rights from this at the global stage. How they are planning on doing this before the eyes of the world has its origins with an millennia old culture. As for now, this will not yet be documented, but when time is there, it will be explained further in this article.

The time is here now, hereby I return my findings with regards to the Hopi Prophecy back to them.

Spiritual Autonomy

I am a spiritually autonomous someone. This means that I don’t follow concrete, current religions while still being aware of them, respecting the benevolent elements of these religions. This has its roots in the realization of the Absolute Duality which provides an overarching insight. I stand for the good side of the Absolute Duality and that means that I can respect anyone with a righteous, justly heart regardless of their religion, skin color or which ever. In that regard I see everyone else as an equal spiritual unit.

Then there is the spiritual implication of the Infinity Framework. By realizing the factuality of infinity I have an unconditional trust in benevolent, infinitely higher powers, whether these would possibly be extraterrestrials or for humans unfathomable powers. The Absolute Duality surpasses human beings. Almost 23 years ago I consciously chose for the good side of the Absolute Duality; to follow my heart. Nothing will persuade me away from that. Not even subversion and assimilation attempts of Jewish cabbalists and their seductive women.

The Netherlands has a constitutional freedom of speech and a freedom of creed and that is what I invoke to state that these verbal assimilation attempts are unwanted and undesired, and thus I consider those assimilation (perception) attempts as a violation of these rights. To summarize:

  • I am no Jew.
  • I am no Ashkenazim.
  • I am no Diaspora.
  • I am no “Shabbos Goyim”.
  • I am no Muslim.
  • I am no Christian.
  • I am no Catholic.
  • I am no “Son van God”.
  • I am no “Isaiah“.

What I am in contrary:

  • A spiritually autonomous, benevolent human being.
  • A Dutch patriot in a positive sense from a unique cultural aspect. Tulips, wooden shoes and mills!
  • A fellow human within the Human Global Collective which has benevolence as a basis for unity.
  • A someone who can answer the Question of Morality positively. Serve Whole (Serve Others)