Babylonic $&^@!#

Political Incorrectness

On the 22nd of March 2017 there was an article about Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the former Minister of Finance of the European Union. The state official had made snide-remarks about southern European states in a German paper called ‘Der Spiegel’, stating these states spent their money (referring to EU subsidies and loans) on ‘women and liquor’. Further more, he wondered how southern countries could talk about solidarity while according to him, it were the northern countries showing solidarity.

I found that to be such an exceedingly inappropriate set of remarks unworthy of a diplomat, that it incited me to write an anonymous post in the user comments section of that article. The comments no longer exist; but in my post I had a let’s say, a less politically correct attitude and called him a ‘Babylonic fuck-face’ over it. I were not the only one showing disdain; comment sections of many (news) sites were littered with comments of disdain and repulsion. I went on to explain why the remarks were of malicious nature: The intent of the series of remarks was to take away and lower perception of responsibility from the southern nations and differentially, leverage this perception of responsibility for the north-western nations. Thus, trying to shift the right-of-rule towards the north-western countries using perceived responsibility as a metric. I do not know whether he spoke on his own account or whether he was instructed by the cabal to speak with that intent.

This phrase appears to be a significant connector. It has been noted in Wageningen at ZorgNed, at my current employer and at the company doctor location in Utrecht. I even noticed remarks about this as well as having been referred to as a ‘merino‘ in my own neighborhood. I have identified at least three houses around the block where members and or sympathizers live. One of them actually committed to the gang-stalking, trying to discredit me in my own neighborhood. It shows and proves the outreach they have.

In any case, it is again proof of the cabal knowing about my (online) communications and in this particular case, use it against me as they employ the technique ‘Inversion of Guilt‘ on me to further attempt to discredit and marginalize me. And through this, cabal members who mention this phrase to apply ‘Inversion of Guild’ actually identify themselves as part of this cabal. 


The website at which I posted the comment offers no ability to see the posting history of a user. Users can not view the posting history of other users either. Only when one would know my user name, and only when one would know about this article, one could peruse the user comments to find it.

I have logged into this website at times at ZorgNed, however, I never pulled up the article to avoid giving them clues. I had already noted gossip about how I had called Dijsselbloem a ‘fuck-face’ there even before I ever visited this website there. So yes, I knew they got that information from somewhere and that wouldn’t be from average Joe.

At FloriSoft I never logged into that website. Under all normal conditions, that is, if you’re an average Joe and not part of a high-level security compartment within a certain intelligence organization, they could have never known about my posting of this particular comment about Mr. Dijsselbloem.

There is only one connector, though NOT towards this article. When I left ZorgNed for good, I left Mariël a link to this website and identified my user to her, giving her a link to a completely different article as a supportive means to an argument.

This leaves us to conclude that this information about my comment was sourced from an intelligence service and propagated into a private community across the nation. A specific private, tight-knit community.