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08/10/2020 – More Fridge: Food Supply Molestation 

It appears a lot more electronic warfare style harassment is conducted by these “untouchables” in the shadows of (international) state society. Yesterday on the 9th of August 2020 I went out to do groceries. I visit the Lidl store because of my financial situation. (cost versus the Albert Heijn is near half for about the same type / amount of food). I had bought 5 halves of bread loaf. And another two Italian types of bread rolls which I ate when I got back home. Of the 5 halves of bread loaf I put 4 in the freezer and one in the fridge. For years on end I store bread in the fridge because when the bread is freshly baken, it can last 4 days without going bad of bread mold. At the same time, it doesn’t dry out fast because it’s stored in a dark location at a cold temperature, keeping the bread moist throughout these days. And I don’t need to use a microwave oven to thaw like I would have to if I would take it from the freezer directly.

Well, since for a year I’ve noted the quality of my food in the fridge go bad faster and dry out faster. I attributed that to lower quality, stuff like older bread sold as fresh. However, now the food damaging is so clear I can write about it. I took out the half of bread out of the fridge to make a sandwich. I realized the slices of bread were dried out; the surface had become dried out ‘hard’ and it was much less flexible. I had not even opened the bag yet. The plastic date seal was still keeping the bag closed and together. It was dated the 9th of Aug. as the sales date. I also smelled the bread and noted there were traces of bread mold coming up. A day or what more and it would likely become visible. The conclusion is that the water contained within the bread went somewhere. The bag should have trapped it and kept it moist, but the bag was not moisty. Nor was the bread. Like all the water had vaporized.

So, I took a new half from the freezer, took two slices and then put the bag into the fridge. This bag with frozen bread was all icy inside as was the bread; proving there was plenty moist in the bread itself. The two slices I put in the microwave to thaw and the slices were moisty enough. Though the smell of traces of bread yest were still notable. I think older bread had been resealed with a new date label for it certainly was not freshly baked bread. However, the bread drying out completely in the fridge compartment was on behalf of E.M. and not on behalf of the grocery store.

The same for cheese. I noted cheese develop mold must faster as well at spots I knew were not touched by my fingers. I noted this over a couple of packs of cheese. I think it is safe to conclude they do a lot more with E.M. than trying to use a fridge as an annoying agonizing speaker unit and that is the molestation of food and the nutrients it contains. Some people do not like reality. Let’s just say it that way.

07/25/2020 – Electromagnetic Fridge Manipulation 

Well, this time I made a video of my audio recording setup (microphone, analog mic amp, digital recorder and frequency counter and analog output amp) as once more that domestic Jewish terrorism is applied to me and my fridge. The video recording has some commentary by me. The movie captured them applying a buzz of about 115 Hz to my fridge cooling system, which could be resonance jacked up by me by making a ‘u’ sound at the same frequency. It is demonstrated in the movie. They likely create a feedback loop through additional audio capture through my devices and re-injecting it into the electromagnetic manipulation stream. They also at times instead of speech, modulate the sound of an accelerating Sprinter train onto the fridge. I live like a 3 minute walk from a railway station from which trains depart regularly. They projected the typical Sprinter sound a number of times now. There is more about these Sprinter trains which I will show on this page soon. They are of Jewish design and contain an interesting clue in a fight that’s been going on since the 2nd World War and has to do with music tuning.

Further more, one can clearly observe that it is not an ordinary defect of the fridge. There are plenty of times where it doesn’t make additional induced sound. Further more, 115Hz is not a native self-resonance of any of the fridge parts. On top of it all (I had both windows open), I noted a few Ashkenazi in my neighbourhood pick up a talk at the kitchen side window outside and moved the phone that shot the movie to the window. Again, plenty of keywords were spoken out by them: “haribo”, “fucking yup”, “sayanim”, “satanim”, “goyim”, “wall of Jericho” etc. Even a Dutch Jewish politician’s name. (v. Mierlo). The movie is about 30 minutes. Be ware; if you want to hear the audio track as close to reality as possible, come visit me and listen along with me at my place. Listening it from any other source, not in my presence pretty much guarantees you get to listen to a version wiped of damning materials by their digital Jewish A.I. censors throughout the Western world’s digital infrastructure that includes civilian digital equipment as well (PC). Even my local versions are fudged, however, they can not fudge my own biological memory through which I can validate which parts have been fucked over.

The movie link.

I can tell you, I’m getting dead sick of proven Jewish terrorism and reality falsification on own domestic soil.

07/20/2020 – More Audio Frequencies 

As I have told about in several sections below, I’m subject to audio projection technology (through E.M. means) 24 hours / 7 days a week which is a direct assault on my physical health – it causes sleep deprive and I have to use sleeping tablets. The audio content I am being harassed with consists of two things: my own primary truth tree (all my knowledge I possess) and a heap load of Jewish cultural specifics that I have not learnt about in my life before – this entails threats – description of their human sacrifice murder methods – it entails coercion – getting to comply with Jewish culture and let myself be used as an asset by them; allowing myself to be made Jewish in perception (assimilation perception) – generic lore – cloning reproduction method, quest for DNA expansion and God knows what more. They have profilic A.I.s generate narratives based on my own knowledge infused with all this Jew specific lore / knowledge. And those narratives, through text-to-speech units are what I’m being spammed with 24/7. In the sections below I tell more about it.

NOTE: While very tiring for both me and a transcribe, I could in theory sit down and quote the literal lines as they are projected all day long. It is likely though that under a controlled, lawful setup of such a session would it result in silence. The normal operation though is that when I start quoting the thing, it pauses and waits until I finished quoting before it starts to spoon feed the rest of the narrative right after the last word quoted. Including sentences halfway. On top of that, the narrative changes to what their system wants to be propagated into the air through my quoting. It will just enter pauze the second I begin to quote the queued up text and it will continue after quoting right after – ad infinum. Quoting here is the act of speaking out verbally the observed narrative fragment in my own home.

One key mark is the fact that those projected audio tracks are on a monotonous carrier tone that dictates tone and beat. The text is modulated on this carrier tone. Like someone is talking like a robot – at strictly the one and same tone height through out. In the section below, about frequencies I’ve already been able to determine the frequencies used for these carrier tones. Ever since, I’ve been adding a modification to the FPGA project which allows me to hum a carrier tone where the mic pics it up with the device 4-digit number display telling me the actual frequency of the hum. It’s been tested against various sines at various frequencies, from 50Hz up to 9KHz – the measurement is spot-on. And thus, all I need to do is to tune my humming into the carrier tone observed and then read the frequency reading.

Important note here is that I begin humming before turning on the device. I am not tuning towards a readout – I try to ‘hold’ the tone observed and then turn it on. On a few occasions it was 300Hz spot-on. I do not have absolute hearing. You can not ask me to produce a tone for a given frequency. Nor can I tag a tone with a numeric frequency number just by observing the tone. I however do have a relative absolute hearing (accuracy of tone ladder once a base tone has been set, things like octave transpose etc.). NOTE: Newly found frequencies over time will be added to this list over time and won’t receive a separate paragraph in this article.

And so, ever since I have been able to log a few more frequencies used for those speech modulation carrier tones:

  • 300Hz – This tone height seems by far the preferred tone height for those systems they use. Half of 600, theme 6.
  • 322Hz – This number does not need explanation, see Number 322. It was used once; their system selects different frequencies from this list every so often.
  • 303Hz – Another one-timer. Drop zero and it leaves Number 33.
  • 309Hz – Another one-timer. Drop zero, flip 9 and you get the 3-pack.
  • 283Hz – This one occurs sometimes, their system sometimes changes tone slightly. 283 is 300 – 17.
  • 270Hz – This one also made an appearance. It’s 27. Drop 0. 27 is another way to spell 666; it’s 3 x 9. And the 9 may be flipped over.
  • 207Hz – Another 27, just a different 0 to be dropped.
  • 440Hz – Central ‘A’ tuning tone – modern Western world tuning.
  • 432Hz – Central ‘A’ tuning tone – old world tuning.
  • 420Hz – 42 is a big number in masonry as well; another usual suspect number.
  • 1666Hz – One of the modulated speech tracks that sound like someone screaming at a high pitch. The number refers to the actual century which again has Jewish importance. With this one I whistled to match frequency. My voice can’t get that high.

The logging of frequencies will continue. So far it can be said that with these series of numbers, a technological origin for the holosonic experience is pretty much proven. Together with the content (and the fact that the Jew specific lore and details is not something I know about until I am forcefully being spammed with it) it pretty much tells about the origin of this holosonic spam: top layers of defense / intelligence and then the Jew specific members that under guise of alternate realities run missions on domestic people, to justify the act of this type of terrorism internally. The simple fact that my fridge on a regular basis reproduces the same audio track through modulation of the vibrating of the fridge cooler rig is a clear hint that E.M. is a big tool for a certain few to harass with domestic citizens (and likely officials) when these have learnt of crimes being conducted by those who call themselves Ashkenazim.


Locations where I observe this projection are pretty much anywhere where I go. It’s the loudest and most intrusive in my own home. Though also when I drive in my car between Capelle and Veenendaal where my brother lives. In Veenendaal itself the intrusion seems less, when off the A12 high-way. When on the A20, A12 highway the level of intrusiveness and loudness is still close to what it is when I am inside at home.

NOTE: Once more I state that I consider this perpetual audio projection (since 04/13/2019) and other assorted harassment an act of terrorism. It is without my permission; it is unwanted and undesired and it has a negative impact on my well-being. It is a criminal violation of Human Rights and a criminal violation of Dutch Constitutional Law. See article Assimilation.

07/03/2020 – Landline Dead Again

.. as of this morning, 11:38. It’s rare it happens and it started happening around 2018. See further down this log. This time I want to make a phone call through the land line regarding my home. That’s all I say for now. 12:40 – Resolved through an action of which I know it was not the fix, given the fact that when the line was dead, an automated voice said “The number you dialed is not available right now.” after about one minute of silence.

07/01/2020 – A package sent by Claudia 

As I’ve been telling about on this website, everything that’s going on surrounding me also pertains to the relationship I had with Claudia Cleveland. I think it is now time to post another bit of evidence of the legitimacy of this relationship as well as a legitimization of a U.S. state citizen. We broke up in September 2003 for good. Contact remained for a little while, but it wasn’t with a very positive standing. In september, Claudia sent me a few belongings. Namely, the collector’s edition box of ‘The Sims Online’ with my name written on the box lid on the inside. And, an old Levi’s 501 pair of jeans which was a favorite set of pants that I had left there with my latest visit in February 2002 and forgot about. It has its own little story. And, an episode of the ‘Wheel of Time’ series for me to read. It was the 2nd novel in the series.

The package was sent on the 9th of September, 2003. Below you will find the scans of the dispatch note primary sheet, and the carbon copy backside sheet. In the GLS envelope that held all these documents there was another copy of the dispatch note on a regular A4 sheet.

The following can be noted with this delivery note:

  • The postal stamp – legitimization
  • The barcode: CP 020 322 0 13 US – Numbers / letters of interest emphasized.
  • The primary copy has no number behind the word ‘jeans’. The GLS copied sheet has a handwritten number behind the word ‘jeans’: 62034231. It has not been written by Claudia; the handwriting is different. There’s another number also, not written by Claudia: 18 37 21 0 27.
  • On this same GLS copy, it seems another sticker with a bar code together with the dispatch note was placed in the copy machine. The barcode says 970442401217.

Note that my address listed is the address of our family home where I lived before I moved to Capelle aan den IJssel. Here are the scans of the documents:

Another something I realized a couple of months ago, was my own phone number that was assigned to me in 2007, which I had ever since. My phone number is (minus the region code) 8220562. This can be broken up in the following series:

  • 8 22 – The 22nd of August – Claudia’s birthday.
  • 05 6 2 – The 2nd of June 2005.

These dates crammed into a 7-digit number using the U.S. date format. With all that I have figured out, and together with the passing away of Zeana in the night of June the 1st in 2017, I have this suspicion that Claudia may no longer be alive. There’s something about this night of June the 1st.

06/21/2020 – Local Recordings, More Terminology 

I managed to finish up a few things on the audio side of things. I finished up the microphone amplifier prototype and provided it with the lowest self-noise electret microphone I had. I took it from an old head-set and I used a double-shielded microphone cable to shield it from the local 50Hz buzz that infects audio gear in the types of homes I live in. The amp has a gain of about 1000 and enables getting the mic’s noise floor into a line-level full scale range and thus allows for a better analysis of spoken words of very low volume.

Like I’ve said before, a number of Ashkenazis and sympathizers live here that gossip a lot as part of their collective ‘target & destroy’ aimed at me. This simply means that they spew a false profile gossip throughout the region. I have been able to capture two of them talking with the full analog audio setup I had established. The microphone preamp connected directly to an old 70’s Akai tape recorder. It has no chips save two Dolby NR analog chips. So, here I have a full analog chain that enables the recording of low volume sound on analog media. The following sentence fragment has been recorded:

“.. has to prepare the Merino with that pouch bitch ..” / ” .. merino moet preparere met die buidel teef ..”

It apparent refers to their mistresses that conduct that ‘Last Evening Meal‘ for one. The pouch spoken of is similar to that of an opossum and kangaroo; they talk about the inside (the goblet) of these women. With this audio setup I’ve also recorded more of this E.M. interference on my fridge which I spoke of before. The modulation of speech onto the cooling element when the compressor to cool it down is activated. I recorded two cycles. biologically, I observed modulation with only the first cycle. The second cycle was just the steady buzz of the compressor. However, after listening back, the second cycle was filled with what seems reused samples of previous modulation fragments. This strongly suggests they have the ability to inject audio into fully analog audio equipment and circuitry. Suspect connection parts are relatively high-impedance feedback paths and high-impedance op-amp / transistor inputs.

Below pictures of the audio elements used:


05/30/2020 – Audio Frequencies 

Almost a year ago I wrote about the holosonic projection harassment  that I have been enduring for a little over a year now, which started on April the 13th, 2019 after having photographed what looks like high-level Jewish agents in a Porche that came by. As I wrote about, I am keeping my primary truth-tree on lock-down  so that the continuous stream of often conflicting gibberish (jibberish?) has no effect. Except for one thing: tiring me out significantly as my brain does not get the required rest and nor does my body. Forced falling asleep with sleeping tablets at a moderate dose helps just enough to stay above the tire-out-and-die-of-heart-attack threshold. I have to control my waking up and make sure my body gets the time to wake up, notably my blood stream. I have to drink water during the night and in the morning to make sure I have enough water in my body for a healthy blood stream.

The holosonic harassment as I’ve described before consists primarily of monotonous, fixed beat (6 / 6th measure) vocal effects, although all spamming the same gibberish. And now we arrive at what I want to be reporting about this. I have, for my audio amplifier projects, a function generator. It can generate various test waves in the audio frequency range. So I was like, let’s find out about the exact frequencies of these monotonous audio carrier waves being modulated by (A.I.) speech. The device has a knob with which a desired tone frequency can be dialed in. So it would be easy for me to match up to the tone height of these observed carrier waves and dial into them and get the frequency readout. Like tuning an instrument to a reference tone. I hooked up a headset to the function generator at the lowest volume output so I could directly hear the test tone generated by the function generator.

The following frequencies (listed with their harmonics) have been verified:

  • 202Hz. Doubles up to 404Hz, and halves downward to 101Hz.
  • 840Hz. Half of it, 420Hz
  • 720Hz. Half of it, 360Hz.

I have not yet observed other tone heights. The numbers are not random frequencies. They are all signatures and this strengthens the case that the holosonic projection harassment is of high-level, likely global level Jewish intelligence origin. Below a picture of the turned on frequency generator with its probe connected to a head-set. By the way, the circuit on the breadboard is a high-gain, low-noise microphone amp that can get the microphone noise floor region with a few dBs into the full-scale range of a digital line-in connection on the computer for a better audio analysis of sounds and voices close to the noise floor.

04/19/2020 – Definite Proof of Domestic Electronic Harassment And Reality Falsification 

[General Update]

[Experiment / Proof Gathering Description]

Media and source files:

Fridge Cooler Artifical 50Hz Buzz – d0c0b82f59c8ed2fb10e348ef2ac91a50d4e3ccc3a165e7c9e3250186254b990

Fridge Cooler Speech Modulation – 0d26c44ab57a852d58bf46a664b1cabcb8306bdadb97ae8ac396a3a40217ffa2

Hardware Recorder Demo (video) – b30fb6fdd6ce778d9e0dd8bda5e5f9719e84b1e71a3b5602b5973b37c037d578

Hardware Recorder Source Code (zip) – 16c7136eab7b2f4fcb9914b0341e35890e78040bfe3c61ca83be5aa8fd114b6e

11/29/2019 – Continued Audio Evidence Destruction, End of Job 

It’s been a while since the last update though a lot has happened in between. First off, as the section below says, plenty audio evidence (both realtime and recorded) was observed about the ongoing gangstalking and framing plans of this certain collective. I knew what the collective was up to. Perceptional assimilation to their outside and attempting to make me complicit to their internal collective crime. It is important once more to know higher ups in their hierarchy lie as fuck and make up whole stories in an attempt to create a reality towards various target groups, preferably with as few as possible physical intervention. To say it simply: I was not planning on staying in the middle of an Ashkenazi infested establishment of which the local cell was trying to make claim to a confiscation through seduction attempts of their female members. Secondly, like I said, it was a miracle that I got this job after 8 months of unemployment. Not just that; I was hired with the purpose to migrate their software to a new database (from Paradox to Microsoft MsSQL Server). To this end the first week I had to pay a visit to a third party software company in Steenwijk, the Netherlands for the purpose of becoming acquainted with the software and database. I stayed at a nearby hotel. Also there I’ve witnessed gangstalking activity and caught conversations with damning content from the rooms surrounding me. Also during dinner time in the main restaurant lobby of the hotel I observed sayings like how “Ceriel would just fuck goyim and change them over”, hinting at employees within the AVIM police department. They were talking about having this woman change opinion on this whole thing through sex coercion. It is the same woman I identified as the Lucifera of this cabal back in 2017. She makes addictive people within these agencies and lines then up as described in the article The Lucifera.

There are about 40 days of 4 – 8 hours of recordings that are full of once more of these cultural terms like ‘goyim’, ‘Ashkenazim’, ‘troika’ and more. Also people part of the Dutch ‘jet-set’ were referenced and talked about with relation to my ongoing case and being a subject to this cabal’s eyeballing. At the end of these two months of my labor contract I knew enough and decided I wasn’t going to stay there. I also filed once more a case with police in my country in an attempt to inform them of this planned framing. I had consulted with social security before I resigned and they let me know that under this circumstance I was allowed to resign without forfeiting my right to social security. I resigned on the 15th of November.

It is now one and a half weeks later. Within these two weeks (which by content of information observed), Ashkenazim top compartments operating under Mossad or under guise of the nation specific agencies like AIVD, MIVD and so on have been constantly bombarding me with various intimidation, coercion and many other types of indoctrination that have a complex purpose to compartments that have a mental network security clearance. These purposes simply said are:

  • Incriminate me towards non-Jews (goyim) as either being an Ashkenazim, or as a Satanic cabal member or even both.
  • Attempt to present me within their community as a Mossad agent; depending on how I resist them mentally (or going back to my daily doings like coding) either as a ‘righteous Ashkenazim’, an ‘Isaiah’ or as a ‘Satanic Ashkenazim’.
  • Attempt to claim obsession over ‘Mariël’ / ‘Ceriel’. while constantly injecting indoctrination with the purpose of attempting me to get off on her and have fantasies. To them it supposedly would be their ‘ultimate factoid’ to claim both complicity within their Ashkenazim collective and an affirmation that I would not be a mental widow for the purpose of whitewashing themselves from having destroyed my relationship with Claudia by their doings.

Incrimination towards non-Jews are of a hand-full of systematic allegations. They try their hardest to claim ‘schizo’ (as usual) using various non-causal logic. They try their hardest to claim the following:

  •  ‘Apathy’
  •  ‘Aspartame obsession’
  • ‘Morgellons obsession’
  • ‘Obsession over esoterics’

As you can see, a huge amount of obsession calls. They also try to ricochet the semantic I maintain with regards to use of specific terminology that I was not aware of before. Trying to claim their hardest to prove I would be an Ashkenazim Jew by virtue of words used. Mind you; it’s all about mental incrimination. Their authorized compartments are able to read thoughts and present them to lower compartments. However, with this, they employ extremely sleazeball tactics which I’ve explained before, here. The core of this incrimination lies within inverting 1st and 2nd person view of phrases I observe through their mental writing which they read back. I am addressed in 2nd person view, which they propagate as phrases from 1st person view. Similarly they cut, copy, paste and fabricate information streams from both my mind and electronic equipment, for example the video stream of my T.V, turning it into stills, to claim apathy while in reality I go around and do stuff. Their primary doings are the bending of reality to fit their desired narratives.

The following has been observed over the past weeks:

  • Crazy word count on the word ‘Ashkenazim’.
  • Crazy word count on the word ‘Esoteric(s)’.
  • Crazy word count on the word ‘Bioroid’.
  • Crazy phrase count on the phrase ‘A very fat succubus’, where they reference Mariël / Ceriel.
  • More murder methods in detail which I visualize while they describe them textually, in order to preliminary (in)validate them through feasibility checks.
  • References to ‘World Police’ (They mean InterPol by this. They call it ‘World Police’).
  • References to the case ‘Oude Pekela’
  • References to a supposed case ‘Boskoop’
  • References to a supposed case ‘Purmerend’
  • References to a supposed case ‘Spaarnwoude’
  • References to a supposed case ‘De Koog’

The case references were all used in how either ‘Ceriel’ was the Achilles’ heel in these case, and conversely how these cases would be the Achilles’ heel of ‘Ceriel’. DNA research and autopsy is involved; the murder methods leave specific marks to the skeletal remains. In some of these cases the purportedly assaulted were either Christian entrepreneurs or foreign intelligence employees, or members of our national police / intelligence departments. Another supposed glaring issue is the exceedingly high amount of ‘schizo’ diagnosis of police / intelligence employees in our national system whom have been or are involved with this case and or (cold) cases from the past.

Further more, I’ve been making recordings in my own home as well; it’s clear that there are Mossad agents nearby in my neighborhood and or Ashkenazim sleepers within national agency surveillance. Plenty of ‘goyim’ and ‘merino’ use of words have been observed. I physically heard some of these things. One thing I did was to hit hard the table on which my phone was laying for the purpose of creating a visual bookmark for when I would visually process the audio file and find back the location of the damning phrases observed. The next morning, my own comment “That was a book marker to find back this location; my quotes are 10 some seconds back”. My own spoken out sentence had been scrubbed the morning after. The slam on the table was relocated to an earlier point in time (copy/paste/alter). And there was nothing left of the damning phrases. It was pretty clear Ashkenazim intelligence of Mossad and otherwise under guise of our national agencies are actively tampering with my recordings in an attempt to erase associative evidence. I’ve also observed that people in my neighborhood have observed ‘Mariël’  hanging around in my neighborhood.

Then there  is the common theme with all these mental bombardments that form a specific pattern. Their agents (or A.I. or both) keep saying phrases like “The Hopi Indians say that….” or “The righteous Ashkenazim say that …” . And the ‘that’ is any comment where I am addressed in 2nd person form. Basically, it’s the Ashkenazim that say that XX says YY. They read back my mental quoting (and I sometimes even visualize all these injections as clear white text with a black stroke, like they often use with memes) and then obviously invert the 2nd with the 1st person form in order to ‘prove’ and ‘present’ evidence of what they try to pass off as my own thoughts.

As for my physical state; since I was unemployed again since the past one and half a week, I all in a sudden suffered trouble sleeping, as if my melatonine production was inhibited; being kept awake. Luckily I do have ‘Temazepam’ tablets to aid sleeping when needed, which I can legitimately use since I have had a prescription for these before. Again I had two days wake with only 3 hours of sleep. I didn’t suffer anything of this during the two months I was working. Another anomaly was that since the past week I seem to lose a lot more water in my body as I sometimes woke up with a dense head suggesting a water shortage. Which was enforced by a dried out nasal tract and throat. I had to drink a lot more water right after waking up. However, I do not suffer as much any of the anomalies during the March through July time-span earlier this year. Maybe my proxy statement has something to do with that.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that I am subject to mental and physical terrorism through domestic modern warfare. This whole case isn’t a small thing.

10/09/2019 – More of the Same and Proof of Human Family Sacrifice

Well, as I’ve been telling in my last Personal State report, I were going to see what it was going to be like at the new job. In one phrase: More of the same and entirely expected. Being put into a confiscation position. The tapes collected demonstrate proof of again the Jewish human slaughter and the subjects are both me and my brother. One quote says “Erik is then finally turned in tjap-tjoy, (blood)vein filled with pink. Pink matter.”.  The tape is ‘Spraak 136’, followed by some random letters and is being uploaded to the internet provider web space as I write. The starting position in the audio is at 2 hours, 36 minutes and 16.676 seconds. They talk about me being roped up and gassed and smoked, they intend to ‘smoke’ me. This is in a literal fashion – my extracted DMT after killing me. The scenario at this employer is complex, which I can explain entirely by now. There are a number of so called “tjap-tjoy” mistresses. Their matriarch is a tall, long black-haired woman. I by far have not analyzed the entire audio; but at this point I invite over for analysis and review all of these materials our ‘Landelijke Eenheid’, our ‘AVIM’ and any other officials that can answer to the Question of Morality. Those who can not are not welcome. All these materials are censored to hell and back by clandestine distributed A.I. computer to locally wipe materials through anti-pattern generation. Not all materials have been wiped. But as soon as the web is involved, it is censored to hell and back. Only a visit at my location will reveal to you the reality of these tapes that are not accessible through a network connection. Action required. Tomorrow there is the court case and it seems they want to prevent this cours case from progressing with me being present.

09/23/2019 – Landline Phone Dead Again

As I am trying to finish up administration for my mother, I am noting this morning around 10:10 pm that my landline phone has gone dead…. again. This usually never happens. There are no provider issues; internet works fine through the same provider. The phone is VOIP. Further down this log I reported about a dead phone before. Looks like a cut-off once more. Ziggo is the provider. A reset of the Panasonic phone base station doesn’t alleviate the problem. We’ll see for how long the phone remains dead.

UPDATE: By the end of the day I gave the line another try and it was back up.

09/01/2019 – Head over Heels


08/28/2019 – Activated Cell

I have identified at my mother’s location a whole slew of Ashkenazim sub-cells; an individual home/apartment I would call a sub-cell. Especially the bike shop owner and his men talk openly about Mariel / Ceriel and total case related matters. Keywords part of this whole case are readily observed. I have made plethora recordings, with two especially long recordings, 10 hours each for the past two nights (from 26-27, and night 27-28). During the day on this 28th, more recordings have been made of conversations of the sub-cell right below my mother. Near every home now in these two flat blocks apparently are all Ashkenazim Jews that guess what: are planning a local confiscation (abduction) for the purpose of human ritual slaughter. One specific, all inclusive damming quote is the following:

“Alleen al om het albedo van die kut yup het een volle bak wordt.” / “Just because of the albedo of a fucking yup it’s going to be full-house.”

It is contained in the file ‘Spraak 93’ on both my phone and on my notebook, folder ‘D:\_EDPN\Opnames\Kalanderij 79\20190827’  The file ended at 3:58 PM, the location of the quote is from 2:45PM and on, relatively early in the file. After they say it, they drive away a little later. The conversation was held at the apartment below my mom outside on the street side. My mom lived on the 1st floor. Hashcode for Spraak 093_sd.m4a  is:


Ant thus, here we have it. Any intelligence in the world whom wishes to obtain evidence of the set up of Jewish human slaughter missions by Mossad and compliances: My mom’s address, where I reside now, is Kalanderij 79 in the town Veenendaal. It’s abuzz in the hood with this entire Ashkenazim cell in this town that used to be a Christian town.

NOTE: Additional information: They thought they could launch a confiscation at my mom’s place because I do not have internet access from here. Only for today I bought a daily data plan for unlimited access during this day. It runs out around 3pm on 08/29/2019. Isolation of the target is a big thing for them. For long term future sacrificial prospects of interest they’ll just ‘build’ an enclave surrounding the target over a time span of years. Old folk go out, Ashkenazim go in. People move; Ashkenazim go in and so on. Apparently this happened around my mom’s place and this is the case in my own neighborhood in Capelle aan den IJssel.

08/26/2019 – Filing for Ritual Murder

I have mentioned it on this website only briefly as part of the medical tribunal case, but I will mention it on its own too in this section: In September or November 2018 I have filed with our Police my report of planned ritual murder on me. Right now I don’t have the exact date, I have to look in a phone calls list. I first went to the police station in Rotterdam, the Police Unit Rotterdam Head Quarters. My thought was, filing this at a big station of a big city could make a difference with a case this size and scope. However, I was referred to the police department in my own town, Capelle aan den IJssel. In Rotterdam they could not file my report for murder.

So, off to the station in Capelle I went. After waiting, I finally got to talk with someone of investigation. It appeared she had been part of a MH-17 research team too. I got to know this because what I did was to have the officer visit my website from the police station. I told her to read it all, that it would supply everything. From motive to evidence. I also brought with me a USB stick with all the audio files and Audacity analysis. The woman told me that she wasn’t getting what I was trying to tell as she was asking questions to build her mental frame.

She realized quickly a number of things. For one, that she could not handle this further. She would inform the experts within investigation. She did not want to take the USB stick. Maybe later. I pointed out to her the MH-17 Photoshop fraud as well to which she responded indifferently. In the end, she said she would hand it all over to investigation and I might be contacted for more information and evidence.

The day after, I was called at home in the evening. It appeared to be one of the the local urban officers (“wijk agent”). I tried to introduce him to the matter and referred him to the website for all the backgrounds. He would read it and call me back, it was going to take a few days since he realized there was a lot of matter conveyed through my website. Well, that phone call never came. I called him back to ask once more but he never replied to his voice mail and he never called back. So here I am with a failed murder report.

So I’m going to handle this differently. I will use this website to file a report of ritual human slaughter murder framing. I file this report (the website can serve as the report) with Inter-Pol, FBI and all relevant Dutch investigation authorities. This report can be seen as my legal statement as if I were under oath. And I can answer to the Question of Morality.

I may still file again at the local station and make sure I won’t get brushed off. Gate keepers.. ? One thing is for sure; we’re dealing with Ashkenazim Police in my country and not with Dutch Police. There is a serious conflict of interest at play here.

04/09/2019 – Permission Statement Samsung

I grant Samsung as a whole the permission to share all the recordings I made through the Samsung Voice Recorder application and the permission to share the recordings stored in the Samsung Cloud storage associated to my Samsung account, which includes all backups they may have made,  in order to retrieve and share the earliest backup of each audio file in existence with respect to the date of recording of each file. The files can be matched by date; all the files listed on this website have a date component which corresponds to the date on which the file was recorded. Below the identifying information for the phone that made the recordings including the invoice from the shop I bought it at:

03/11/2019 – Issuance of Statement to Web-host for File Sharing Permission 

I’ve issued a statement to my web-host that hosts the recordings and other materials for the sharing of all these files and website contents with local Icelandic authorities as well as with foreign authorities. I’ve also stated that all of the website content and disk space may be shared with embassies of all nations in the world located in Reykjavik so that all nations can obtain an uncensored, untampered-with copy of all files.

I also have made available the complete datacache pertaining to my relationship with Claudia that this statement applies to. This information can not be accessed through the website itself and can be obtained from the root of the assigned disk space in the folder ‘claudia_cleveland’ only. Specifically, through Iceland, American authorities can obtain an uncensored, untampered-with copy of all files pertaining to my relationship with Claudia. These also include the full hardship dossier as scans. All these files are uncensored.

04/06/2019:  Added scans of two Western Union money transfers to Claudia, they were to help her out at that time and were also part of the immigration lawyer fees. To be found the sub folder “Western Union”.

Israëli authorities are exempted from this statement. Likewise I also exempt the Israëli embassy from obtaining these materials

Heads-up to Reykjavik : Local Jews will try to push the inverse profile, like trying to claim I would not be a legitimate software developer. Their entire truth-tree can be destroyed by real-world evidence as presented on this page, as well as by my own merits – creating software at request. The filth attempts to abuse truth dis-synchronization and make you believe shaky, non-rational, non-causal logic based fake truth constructs. Martin Luther – On The Jews and their Lies. This is what this good man was referring to; the crafting of illusions and falsehoods. Any authorities are welcome for a personal visit and coffee for talks, demonstrations and anything else that would solidify reality rather than the Jew-Spew they’re trying to push onto justly people. The article “Allegations versus Reality” contains all the allegations they may attempt to push. Each entry provides the debunk for the respective allegation. They have to be translated though. The date column represents the date the allegation first manifested.

Jews suffer a severe mental condition that makes them unfit for any positions of authority, namely:
Delusional Rationality Deficiency Syndrome (DRDS) – Creating and living delusions that are completely absent of rationality. It is schizophrenia redefined. It’s also referred to as “The Quirk”.

The web-host is:

For American authorities: I have observed input that let me know that for years the company Roto-Rooter has tried to claim that Claudia unjustly blocked an insurance claim for the payout to Roto-Rooter. Reality is that Claudia had the insurance company justly block the claim by Roto-Rooter. She wrote a letter to the Roto-Rooter company that explains in great detail the misconduct by the company. The evidence surrounding this whole issue can be found in the Outlook XP e-mail database backup also uploaded to the web-host diskspace. Look for the e-mail with subject “Hi babycakes *kiss*”, dated 04/10/2002 (en-US date) in the “Claudia” folder. It has as the attachment the letter she wrote to Roto-Rooter. Secondarily, the file “history.txt”, which is the ICQ log of our conversation history,  also provides information surrounding the days of the 10th of april. This should clear my former other half.

02/10/2019 – Issuance of Statement to Globally Recognized Authorities 

As this website makes clear, we are dealing with a highly despicable collective of systemic liars. These people totally do not care about truth and rational, causal logic and instead care about crafting desired perceptions with regards to people and motives. Truth dis-synchronization between organizations, departments, regions and security compartments is severely abused in order to keep up these fabricated perceptions.

To deal with this and to take away from this despicable collective any opportunity to fabricate all kinds of perceptions across compartments, departments etc. , I had issued a proxy statement to our AIVD by phone to observe me, and gave permission to access my devices (computer and phone) for the purpose of reviewing my personal data, work, projects, recordings etc. This should prevent rank and file and overseers from cherry-picking factoids and from fabricating totally different perceptions surrounding these while rank and file within lower compartments unable to validate these different perceptions. This avoids high ranked overseers from freely fabricating illusions surrounding cherry-picked factoids or quotes or otherwise obtained visuals in order to create completely biased falsehoods.

I completely consider it possible that this statement issued by phone to the AIVD secretary wasn’t event registered and further processed. That Jews within this service suppressed this verbal statement immediately. That’s why I now, through this website affirm this statement and state that the statement defined in the following clause can be considered a legal statement, just as the section The Proof can be considered to be a legal statement.

Hereby I, J.R. van Harskamp, declare that all globally recognized intelligence and investigation agencies across ALL security compartments are allowed to 1) freely observe me and 2) freely access my devices like computer, TV and phone for the purpose of reviewing data, as well as to 3) observe through built-in media devices like microphones and cameras. This proxy statement applies to read access only. No permission is given for the writing of data (for the purpose of communication or otherwise).

All relevant matter pertaining to this case can be found on my desktop computer in my living room, in the following folder: D:\_EDPN\_ToAIVD. In this folder the complete digital history of my relationship with Claudia can be found. This includes the ICQ log of 55.000 messages across 1.5 years and the e-mail database (Outlook XP) with 1472 e-mails as well as shot photos that show Claudia, me and her children. All recordings, Audacity projects, reports and other findings can be found also.

10/21/2018 – Findings, experiences with and observations of Jewish intelligence / investigation

By now the following illusions of Jews and their Sayanim cohorts in our intelligence and investigation agencies have been completely busted, blown up and destroyed, showing their malevolent, deceptive, true nature of their core. It is all proven by irrefutable evidence.

  • For over 16 years having been labeled by them as a ‘schizophrenic virgin’. – A True Love
  • For over 16 years they maintained that my relationship with Claudia was schizophrenic babble. – A True Love
  • The letter to my mom written by Claudia was supposedly a fabrication of a schizophrenic. – A True Love
  • The backup recovered in April of 2018 would be a fabrication based on an internet download. – My Rosetta Stone
  • The database frameworks I’m developing supposedly were supposedly taken from GitHub. – Database Expert
  • They have ALL phone taps of conversations between me, Claudia and her children. – Anton ‘Olifant’ Wellink

Furthermore it can be concluded that these mental predator demons in humanoid shape vehemently attempt to achieve the following objectives through a plethora of psychological warfare tactics:

  • They vehemently try to retain their  delicatessen’ inventory; namely, the bio-metric fields in the WmoNed software which record limbs down to the centimeter.
  • They vehemently try to cover up the factuality of their Jewish Human Sacrifice & Slaughter (= cultural (elite) ritual cannibalism; Satanism is their schaduw religion) by attempting to marginalize both the evidence and the person through numerous false / inverse allegations.
  • They vehemently try to coax and fool our Dutch intelligence and investigation agencies.
  • They vehemently employ their Sayanim in the medical branch to neutralize both people and evidence in order to take out whistle-blowers.
  • They vehemently attempt to apply sex based incrimination by employing their mental cultural mistresses and technological means. They also try to reduce a case with a time span of over 20 years to a single factoid surrounding a sexual act through Perspective Shrink and the Inversion of Guilt technique.
  • They vehemently attempt to ‘prove’that mental spiritual love is a placebo, attempting to wipe out the notion of love.
  • They vehemently try to maintain that the word ‘Merino’ would mean ‘schizophrenic Muslim’. – Merino
  • They vehemently try to keep attention off and away from the MH-17 Bellingcat Photoshop falsifications.

Concerning my relationship with Claudia I would say: Either cough up those phone tap tapes of the conversations between me and Claudia and her children, or have authority be retracted immediately from Mossad followed by a thorough investigation into sectarian criminal conduct. Those tapes are no danger to any national security. They contain everything discussed between me and her and will reveal what truly transpired between me and her during the final stage of our relationship. It’s time for action and rationalization. I trust completely all justly, righteous, honest service men and women as well as officials that are involved or will become involved one way or another with everything surrounding this case.

03/26/2019 – Events on 03/22/2019 (322 Events) 

To the Germans:
On 03/22/2019 you foiled a serious terrorist attack in the making and execution. This is exactly the event that the cabal would execute for their 322 annual anniversaries. The commander responsible for this timely intervention is to be commended. Observations let me know that he acted against his superiors. This is not strange. The (crypto) Jewish superiors did not want their assets be taken out before they would get to shoot up people and have their carefully orchestrated false flag foiled.

My suggestion is to question the suspects for something specific; it should reveal how Jewish top-level security compartments direct false flags of these types: Query the suspects about mental communications. Whether they have been mentally conversing with phenomena that presented themselves to be of Islamic prominence like for instance, the ‘Voice of Allah’, or the ‘Voice of Prophet Muhammed’. People wouldn’t just go and commit to terrorist attacks that have no degree of surviving it. These ‘assets’ must have been mentally molded into committing such act. Top level Jewish security compartments could accomplish this by employing non-intrusive mental hearing technology, having ‘worked’ the suspects for several months all the while impersonating themselves as the aforementioned figures. This would drive these assets into committing such acts, when made to believe they act under direct command of ‘Allah’ and are promised lush rewards for doing so. I am rather sure you’ll get a positive on the fact that they have been mentally communicating with such perceptions induced into them.
About Roelie Post:
Ms. Roelie Post is a whistle-blowing former European Commission civil servant who was occupied with the investigation of criminal child adoption networks as well as child trafficking networks. On 03/22/2019 I noted she disappeared off Twitter. The account got scrubbed. She already made known to her followers that she was hiding and was subject to potential harm. Since she did not leave any sort of message on Twitter I began to worry. I contacted her NGO to find out more. It came to my ears that she is in a worrying condition, but, still being alive. My suspicion was right; I think it can be said that she had been assaulted by the Jewish cabal where the attack botched, enabling her to survive. She needs protection and needs to be regarded an important witness. My suspicion is that she was assaulted as part of a confiscation mission, on this very special annual Jew day, 03/22.