Domestic Biological Anomalies


When I left DataQuint in 2016, I was left with a gift from a guy and a woman. a good 4 years later I can conclude they cooperated with Mossad / Jewish intelligence. It appeared to be a microbial gift. Not just that, it appeared to be a DNA bound microbial gift as it affected just me all the while after 4 years nobody else I interacted with got infected. And, as the photo series down here will show, my immune system took care of it. Though that was not without some help of my mother’s dog she owned, which now lives with my brother after her passing away. His name is ‘Binky’.

Post Infection

During that time, I also got an infection on my tongue, which didn’t seem to want to go away with the typical treatments for yeast like candida albicans. These were a Nystatine Labaz treatment, a Daktarin treatment and one other of which I forgot the name. I also had a second opinion with the Amsterdam Medical University, the sub organisation that covered dental medics. This organisation is called ACTA. I knew it was a yeast infection and talked about it with my dentist at the time. She didn’t have an immediate clue as to what the infection appeared to be though they said they could refer me to ACTA to obtain a second opinion. And so I scheduled an appointment with them. I already knew it was a yeast infection and I wanted to get rid of it. I already had conducted some online research and through picture analysis I concluded it was a nasty form of candida albicans. This was not to be confused with the “hairy tongue” phenomena. Well, after I went in for an examination they told me what it was. And what do you know… ? They claimed a “hairy tongue”. Needless to say I got duped and brushed off. However, I just left it with that. The invoice I received shows quite clearly I was on to them. Below a picture of this invoice. Note the 6 lines that suggest a 5-minute consult/explanation time for a total of a 30 minute advice, each 5 minutes costing me €12.06. Note the 12 and the 6?


It is now 05/09/2020 and I’m still not sure whether I got rid of it. My saliva still doesn’t seem to be the same as it was before this ‘gift’.

Next to this manifestation, the infection also manifested as a sort of bloody blister on my nose. Without going too much into detail, I can tell I touched someone’s cheek with that part of my nose a month or two prior to the activation of this infection.

Shit Hits The Fan

It was March the 20th, 2016. I had left DataQuint only a short while ago, early that month. I spent that weekend at my brother’s place and was staying over at the night between Saturday and Sunday, the night of the 20th of March to the 21st of March. I had gone to bed around midnight. It was only like maybe 15 minutes I had been laying in bed, trying to fall asleep.

All in a sudden, it felt like my head was under a high pressure. A sort of burning / stinging inside my head as if everything in my head began jolting. I immediately knew something was wrong and I raced for the bathroom. My saliva had a weird goo-y taste and I spat out bit by bit. Parts of it where white transparant like normal, but there also seemed to form a pinkish blob in there. As it ran for the sink, it seems the pinkish blob slid in there first as if it was repelled by the white translucent saliva. My head was still pounding and I decided to call the emergency phone line, 112 at that time. This was like 10 minutes later after the initial event. I explained what was up to the woman as I requested an ambulance. I was refused an ambulance. I told her she would be complicit to murder. She still refused and told me to visit the local hospital. During the phone call, the sensation in my head had stopped completely, like something was turned off.

After mulling over the situation for a while, I decided to drive to my mom’s place as my brother was getting a bit agitated over the happenings. I decided it was in my best interest to not go to the hospital in a neighboring town 10 kilometers away, driving alone under this condition. I arrived at my mom’s place and spent the remainder of the night there. Meanwhile, the sensation in my head came back and subsided slowly, though the condition of my saliva underwent several transitions. The intensity level of all of this had reduced much after the sensation had been turned off completely during that emergency phone call. As if my immune system had taken the opportunity to deal with whatever was activated and now de-activated, beginning to deal with whatever got activated in the first place. I made it through the night relatively okay.

During the Sunday after, all seemed relatively fine as well. I was staying over at my mom’s place. Throughout the day I began noticing something irritating to my nose. It began to turn red across a surface and touching it caused an irritating burning sense throughout the entire area affected. No matter where I touched it. I had noted Binky the dog became a bit antsy towards me during that day. I got through the day pretty okay again and spent the next night at my mother’s place as well. It turned Monday, the 22nd of March. That morning I settled on the couch, not feeling all that great, being rather worried about the state of my saliva and the taste of blood plasm at times. I was watching morning T.V., a channel called ‘Max’. Some talk was going on between two people, a host and a guest. The guest was a woman in a bright red dress that had black hair. She talked about “bringing two worlds together”. Later that that day, news flooded in about the terrorist attack on the ‘Heart of Europe’.

It was this morning where the dog jumped onto my legs. All the while that infection on my nose turned more red and became bubbly, being highly sensitive to touch. While I was watching T.V. the dog then tried to crawl across my chest to my face. He was still young at that time, maybe a year old. I barred my face from him, pushing him back a little. I was fine with him sitting on my legs, but he seemed to want to get to my face. Binky kept trying to do that. After about three times I realized that the dog was trying to get to the infection on my nose.

That’s where I decided to let him do whatever he wanted to do and I leaned back to the pillow and closed my eyes tightly to prevent him from accidentally hurting my eyes, giving him room for whatever he wanted to do, giving in to him. The dog crawled onto my chest again and then I felt him clench his mouth around my nose. Pinching a pointy tooth into my nose slightly. The dog seemed to be holding the infected location between his teeth, along with some dog saliva and he let go and clenched a few more times. All of this took about thirty-some seconds up to a minute. Then I noted him jump back to the other end of the couch, to my feet. I opened my eyes again and tilted my head forward again and saw the dog sitting there looking at me as if he were saying “Ha! I finally got to do what I wanted to do.”.  After this event, the dog never bothered to get to my face again.

Through out the week the infection changed over from being bubbly, integrated with my skin towards a more common crust, though not dark red colored like most crusts. By the end of the week, the wound appeared to be a colony of microbes that were repelled from my nose. It almost fell off my nose on its own. I waited for it to come off. It took almost an hour but it did come off completely on its own; well, when I touched it ever so slightly. It left a pristine nose skin. It wasn’t a normal wound to begin with. No traces of new skin that had regrown. I packaged up the organism and cleaned the table with my saliva for its anti-microbial function. I still have the organism today, wrapped in toilet paper which was repacked into duct-tape.

Below you’ll find the photo series of the development of this infection:

YouTube Cover-Ups

This is why they put buckets of dollars into creating professional-grade media productions about the so called “Morgellons” which they litter all over YouTube in order to incriminate people with mental health conditions and other sorts of “conspiracy nutter” allegations over biological anomalies people may experience as a result of defending reality and love.

[More may follow]