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Observed Terminology


As I have discovered through observations and recordings, there is a mental network of Ashkenazim globally. High-tech makes it possible and it is what they use to coordinate. It is further explained in the [To write: Technology] article and it is proven through a number of sections from all the recordings made, notably the recording of the local confiscation attempt, which has been analysed and annotated partially, which you can find here. Modern smartphones are able to pick up this mental network through their magnet readers as well, also proven through this website, addressed in the following articles. The links reference the relevant sections within these articles:

Top level compartments control whom or what is switched through to a target.  There are a number of persistent profiles. I gave each of these mental entities a letter code for the sake of distinguishing them and keeping individually built truth-trees for these profiles. They are either live Ashkenazim, or A.I. profiles whose communications are forced up on me. Communication is two-way (dialogues). This technology has read / write capabilities when it comes to brain waves. The keyword here is transhumanism. Most self-conscious Ashkenazim know about this as well as non-Jews that are in with them, the so called “shabbos” goyim in higher atmospheres; the network is not limited to just intelligence. This section is dedicated towards observations made from this mental network for the purpose of analysis. I have been observing this mental network for some years now; though at that time I had not yet realized whom those profiles were and ignored them pretty much. Nor did I have any evidence to prove the legitimacy of these observations. That has changed over time. The article Allegations versus Reality describes many allegations observed through this network. Three specific allegations address the Ashkenazim mental network: Allegation 1, Allegation 2 and Allegation 3. I have been accumulating a database of various quotes from various profiles throughout since late 2017 and early 2018. They can now be published and I will add them to the observations list below. Any new useful observations will be added as well.


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Table of observations; the last observation comes first.

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8/26/2019 Profile ‘P’ : ‘Ceriel is ook geen schizofreen met imago meer’. [Ceriel is another alias for Mariel / Deborah. Maurice referred to her with he spoke that ‘Ceriel likely doesn’t like Passoa’. The core here is: Ashkenazim use their most powerful ‘schizofrenia’ psychological warfare tactic on their own too, but then it is to immunize them from prosecution.

8/11/2019 Profile ‘P’: ‘Dat Ceriel dan en-passant ook de achilles hiel van Mogadishu is, ze is al meerdere malen afgereist naar Mogadishu. Ze realiseren zich dat zij met adrenochrome [in her goblet womb] weer terug komt in Nederland.’

8/11/2019 Profile ‘P’: “De top compartimenten weten dat ie door de A.I. bestookt wordt [met mentale auditieve profielen]”.

8/11/2019 Profile ‘P’ “Die ‘Ashkenazim’ samples (geluidsfragmenten) zijn helemaal geen werknemers van FloriSoft” – Comment: I still have the employers page from the FloriSoft website. I’ve got their names. I know which voices belong to which guys. Ashkenazim intelligence in  AIVD / Mossad trying to whitewash their arses through the use of more and more lies and alternative truths. I’ll shred them in a heads-on discussion with supporting evidence. Unfortunately I am not allowed that oppertunity to physically face all these fuckers on their mental network where they crawl like creepers in the back where you can hear them but not see them. There is a reason why I’ve never been heard.

8/1/2019  Profile ‘P’ “Hij is helemaal ingesloten dat lijk” – Comment: Locked in by the local Ashkenazim cells at my mom’s and own place.

8/1/2019  Profile ‘R’  “Ze weten nou dat ‘ie door het oog van de naald is gegaan daar in die WC.”
8/1/2019  Profile ‘R’  “Hij laat ons geen keus…  grovere maatregelen.” Comment: Dit overste profiel wil me met alle geweld in zijn gareel hebben. Dikke middelvinger.
8/1/2019  Profile ‘T’ “Hij is nou geen Eureka meer, maar nu weer de staatsvijand nummer 1 van de Nederlandse Ashkenazim.”
8/1/2019  Profile ‘T’ “Quin heeft het niet meer nu je gewoon Mariël gaat aanvallen.”
8/1/2019  Profile ‘R’ “Hadden gehoopt dat ‘ie met dat Verilog terug in zijn schulp zou kruipen.”
8/1/2019  Profile ‘T’ “Hij is geen haribo meer voor Ceriel. Hij is nu een dead man walking..”
8/1/2019  Profile ‘R’ “Ceriel opeens geen oprechte Ashkenazim meer is.”
8/1/2019  Profile ‘R’  “Marjo probeert weer naarstig te bewijzen die ie alleen maar een lekker neukertje terug wil hebben.”
8/1/2019  Profile ‘R’  “Hij krijgt zijn belasting ook niet meer naar rato terug” – Comment.
8/1/2019  Profile ‘R’  “Dan is Ceriel dan toch begaan met zijn moeder.. Dan krijgt die gore goyim dan toch uitstel van executie van Ceriel.” – Comment

Observed Terminology 

This is a list of words a number of these mental profiles use heavily. By virtue of these words may be leads towards the actual identity of the Ashkenazim Jew(s) behind it on the ‘other’ end of the mental network. They reside in the Dutch upper sphere and are part of the dutch ‘jet-set’ as well. This list may be extended as more specific, broadly identifying terminology is used persistently like these.

Van wereld proporties
Verrückt, verrukt, zowel in Duits als Nederlands
Meridiaans(e) – Schaal op de absolute alignment: Metino (good) – Meridiaans (neutral) – Ashkenazim (well, this is how they differentiate the evil side. Either one’s Merino, Meridian, or well Ashkenazim). They are highly absolute alignment oriented in their appearances.