Medical Tribunal


After my findings at FloriSoft and subsequent visits to Zorg van de Zaak where it became clear they were indeed committing to Whistle-Blower Relegation, I filed a case with the Dutch Medical Tribunal. I’m not going to let myself be shoved aside and be mentally neutralized by misconduct of evil cabbalists entrenched in our society. Also not to have the severe importance to society of this case be covered up like they attempt with so many cases in The Netherlands – Holland, Cover-up Land. This time the illusion of the cabal will be fully ripped open so that one can see the malevolence behind the veil.


On 30 august I had written my letter of complaint. Herein I described the complaint and as an appendix I added a link to this website. This, because the website was to serve as reference material and as a personal statement. Because of this, I would need to formulate and document the case only once, together with supporting materials. This was a reference to the English language version of this website originally.


After a short two weeks I received a reply from the tribunal. It appeared that supplying the case materials through the website was not accepted and they asked me to send in a valid complaint argument, clear enough with dates for factoids referenced. I decided at first to simply print the relevant articles from this website. Since these were in English, I then reconsidered whether these would actually be accepted or not. After a short conduct with an employer of the tribunal it appeared that I had to submit the pieces in the Dutch language. So, this pushed me to translate to Dutch all relevant articles as soon as possible. I decided to actually set up the Dutch language version of this website to add to the translated articles, to then print them.

And so it happened. It cost me about a week to translate all relevant articles. I has loaded onto a USB stick the audio recordings to add to the file. A few days before the deadline of their resubmittal request  I had packed everything neatly and made a registered submittal.


Again after about two weeks I received a notification from the tribunal. The complaint argument was accepted and with that, the case would be accepted. I had received back the USB stick with the comment that the paper documents were sufficient. I’m not sure whether they ever listened to the recordings or not. The case would now go to the defendant where the defendant would have the opportunity to file a defense.


A day after this date I again received a letter. It appeared that the defendant, ms. Zevering of Zorg van de Zaak had requested a submittal delay. She received a deadline extension of two weeks, up to the 12th of november. To the left you’ll find a scan of this letter. The case number part shows that influence of the cabal is present, the ‘3-pack’, an instruction for case managers aligned with the cabal to attempt to derail or cover up the case as they see fit.



On this day the defense file of defendant Zevering was sent. I received it in good order. In the accompanying letter I was instructed about case proceedings. I was offered the opportunity to be heard by a judge. Also the defendant was offered this opportunity and from the letter it appeared she was taking up on the offer. It was stated that one of the possible outcomes could be a settlement. I will not cooperate on a settlement; this case is of such civil significance that I did not want to have it ended prematurely. This offered hearing is public.

And, I had asked the secretary to be able to make use of the collected evidence since it forms the basis for the complaint I filed. At the same time, the defense of the opponent was based on total denial and the desire to blame a supposed medical cause with me. It’s paramount this evidence can serve as a decisive argument. I filed within the given deadline and stated that I was taking up on the offer for a hearing as well, with support of my evidence. I called the tribunal to make sure they had received my e-mail with reply. They indeed had received the e-mail according to the employee I spoke to. Now, it’s waiting for a response that will let me know when the hearing will take place, it should be soon.


On this day I received the invitation for the hearing as part of the pre-investigation. The hearing will be on 11/26/2018 at 11 am in Amsterdam.


On this day I was heard by the court investigator of the Medical Tribunal. Ms. Zevering was also present, represented by a lawyer. I had arrived without a lawyer; I represented my case myself.

I was in the opportunity to play a number of fragments from the recordings. They established that they could not hear well what was being said, but, concluded that there were people present at this copy machine who were having talks.

It also appeared that ms. Zevering had quoted supposed remarks of mine in the medical report that I never spoke out during the particular consult on 07/26/2018. It’s about the moment where I pointed at the goblet picture of the sheet I had taken along where I asked her, “You know what this is?”, to which she answered, “A goblet..”. The remarks supposedly were that I explicitly pointed at the foot of the goblet where I stated that the foot had a print of a Jew star and that it would be a symbol of evil, as well as stating that I had said that it was my duty to combat evil. Reality can be replayed from the Zorg_vd_Zaak_20180814.m4a file, position 37min 40sec to 38min 15sec. With this, ms. Zevering provided much more information than I ever stated in reality. I also pointed this out during the hearing as well as pointing out that the star on the foot of the goblet was a pentagram and not a Jew star.

The court investigator took note of all of the information and would send me the report, followed by a court decision.


I received the the hearing report in the mail. After thoroughly reading it appeared that it contained quite a lot of incorrectness and even fabrication could be noted, like statements and words I never said during this hearing.

I then immediately contacted the Medical Tribunal to discuss what to do. The employer told me it was best to clearly formulate any remarks I had and send them in by mail so it could be considered along with the rest of the materials when the case was to be handled.

I then made a very clear and concrete report, referencing the original report and pointed out all mistakes and untruths. The final conclusion was that one can state that there was a high degree of perception bending was realized in the hearing report. Also temporal facts were completely messed up which I corrected into a correct timeline of facts. It was obvious that the report was worded to significantly benefit the defendant.

On 12/07/2018 I submitted my analysis report to the tribunal, awaiting further response.


On this day I received the decision from the Medical Tribunal. Despite the convincing evidence of misconduct of the doctor at Zorg van de Zaak the tribunal dismissed the complaint file.

As a result I will now publish all documents; no black bars will be present. The documents will be published in full, uncensored. The collected material more than enough proves conspiring between various involved people, including judges of the Medical Tribunal. Seeing as how Holland has been significantly subverted by this Jewish cabal, I now transfer all materials to the human global collective through publication of these materials. This would thus include justly employers in our judicial systems. Thus, within investigation and AIVD. Meanwhile, I will appeal the decision and rip open this stink hole.

Below the links to the file articles. Each article lists the pages of the respective files.


The appeal is formulated the coming time.


On this day I finished the appeal. I filed an appeal on all three complaint elements, along with a complete reasoning. I also resubmitted again USB sticks with the original recordings of the two consults, with a request to actually use the materials this time. Two copies of the appeal were submitted to the tribunal that had processed my case by registered mail. Each copy had attached a USB stick, together with the SHA-256 codes to validate the authenticy of the files supplied so that it wouldn’t matter which copy would be sent to to central tribunal.


The appeal has now been published for 3rd party analysis.


A month after submission of the appeal it has finally been accepted and resubmitted to the Central Medical Tribunal on 03/26/2019. Now it’s waiting for a notice of action from this tribunal.


I received a letter from the central tribunal about the submitted evidence sent in before. They were not able to open the media files and it seems by their wording that files were missing; they suggested that they couldn’t find any sound recordings on the USB sticks. They requested me to resubmit all relevant audio evidence along with relevant transcripts. Here is the letter I received:


I am now compiling a new set of files and am working on the supporting transcripts and annotations. For this I listened to the full audio files of the two consults once more, where I did a startling discovery. This will be addressed later in its own section. I am also including the original defense file of the defendant that was copied to me from the regional tribunal in Amsterdam as this contains audio evidence supporting statements of the defendant. The deadline is May the 7th and I will submit the compiled package before or on Saturday.


The transcriptions and other appendixes have been completed and submitted in the afternoon. Three copies of the dossier have been sent, each with a USB stick containing the audio files and additional materials. To the side the reciet from the postage.





On this day I received an affirmation from the Central Tribunal after I sent in the three copies of the evidence with transcriptions. Defense can now file a defense. I’ll be informed on how the case progresses afterwards. Below you will find the letter. The employee will not be revealed. Depending on the case outcome, the previously submitted evidence file may be published still.


After a little less than two months I received the invitation to the court trial that has been scheduled to take place on 10/10/2019 at 10 am in the morning. Below you will find the invitation letter:




Past Thursday at 10 am on the 10th of October the case with the Central Tribunal proceeded. Both parties under the watchful eyes of the judge and practitioners were allowed to further comment. However, not much has been said. Defense didn’t have anything to add. I myself had a few comments to add, mainly aimed at justly treatment of the case for the sake of reality and truth finding. The final verdict will follow within 8 weeks.


I now have received a decision notification. The decision is going to be publicly announced on the 5th of November 2019 at 2 pm. I will be present myself to hear about the outcome live. Below the notification:

11/05/2019, 11/29/2019 

11/05 is the date on which the verdict was spoken out. Due to work and timing issues I were unable to attend as I were working overtime to accomplish a complex database migration for old software for my employer at that time. I do not know whether the verdict was spoken out publicly or not. However, I was told before I would receive a report of the verdict. So far I still have not received the report and I am still waiting on this. When it arrives I will update this article with at least a notification.


Today is “Sinterklaas Avond”. A Dutch traditional festivity for children (and parents alike). A few days ago, I picked up the final verdict from the Medical Central Tribunal. However, I noted that the actual verdict was decided up on early November already. I didn’t find the file in my post box until late November. Below you will find the verdict in full.

Decision Central Tribunal

Below you will find the pages of the medical file that L.C. filed with Zorg van de Zaak, which contains the damning reporting that served as a basis for this court case.

Medical File Zorg van de Zaak

In this document there is the following section: “Client heeft ook andere kopieen meegenomen. Een met een bokaal met een jodenster, waarbij de client wijst ‘dat is het symbool van de kwade organisatie waarvan u lid bent’. Het is aan mij het kwaad te bestrijden. U verzaakt uw beroep, ik ga een klacht indienen bij het TC…”.

Translated this says: “Client took with him other copies. One with a goblet with a Jew-star  (Star of David), at which the client points ‘That is the symbol of the evil organization that you are a member of’. It’s my duty to battle evil. You are betraying your profession, I’m going to file a complaint with the Medical Tribunal…”.

None of this has been said by me. Nor did I suggest such a thing. This is flat-out, fraudulent reporting of the consult back on the 14th of August. It however does show an exceedingly preemptive stance that tells Zorg van de Zaak is aware of certain matters. Regardless, this reality anchor is indisputable and has not been acted up on.

Below you will find the additional file with evidence I sent in, which contains the key transcriptions of what has been said during that consult. 3 copies were sent in, each sealed systematically through stapling, with a USB stick attached to the marked location on the third page, fully covered by and stuck by transparent tape. It also highlights the audio modifications that I’ve discovered, apparently applied to the audio file by an external party that identifies themselves through the gigs within this audio modifications. Also a reference to the dog that licked my nose in 2016 is made within these transcripts: Binky. The dog’s name is mentioned together with the woord ‘sporen’ which translates to ‘spores’. It’s our family dog that now lives with my brother after my mom passed away.

Evidence Submittal And Transcription

My comment: “Sinterklaas is vandaag wat eerder langs gekomen voor ons Hollanders”.

[To be continued…]