Personal State Log

This personal state log contains personal updates with regards to my biophysical state as well as reports of (mental) observations made and analysis and findings that are not described in article on their own.

08/12/2020 – A Confession and Forgiveness 

Life can be complex. I have spoken about this cabal and their intentions. I’ve also hinted that it has been going on for a long time. And therefore, I have to tell something about closer to home than these cabal Ashkenazi that operate from the shadows of my country whom unjustly abuse state assets turning them into terrorist tools against people. Here goes.

My mother has had a difficult life. She experienced abuse in here youth. Abuse that happened within her family, from her father’s side. My mother has told me reality about her father a long time ago. My grandmother whom passed away in 2008 wat my mother’s mother. She had also endured abuse by her husband, my mother’s father. They eventually divorced and with much love from my grandmother, over time, his abuse lessened over years. This grandfather passed away in 1992 if I remember correctly.

At my age of 6 years old, my mother divorced from her own husband, my father. It was also abuse that eventually made my mother divorce from him. Afterwards they still stayed in touch and me and my brother visited both. For periods of time we have lived with either of them two but mostly we lived with my mother until both me and my brother left the elderly home. My brother left at an earlier age than I did. When I did, it was this place in Capelle aan den IJssel I moved to.

After my mother’s divorce, she had one more male boyfriend. Which was the brother of Geus Ambrosius. And she was a longtime friend of my mother’s mother. It didn’t work out to well, they just weren’t compatible well enough. Before this, my mother had a girlfriend which was later on seduced away from my mother by another woman. Yes, my mother slowly became lesbian. Me and my brother have always accepted that, though not everyone in our surroundings did. After a few, my mother had met with a woman she could get along with well.

And that was Quin. They somewhere in the mid 90’s. And they’ve always stayed together. They lived separately though, Quin eventually was allotted a home in Veenendaal. But they had a close relationship. They stayed together until my mother passed away last year, on the 3rd of August 2019.

And now we arrive at the part where I am involved. When it comes to me, there was a different perception about me that did not match up to reality. I’ve always let this be, however, I have tried to let my mom know I was on to reality with regards to my own life. It was hard to convince so I’ve let that part be also. One thing I told her; “I forgive you and maybe one day you’ll understand”. I’ve never held it against her.

Back to Quin. In 2008 she had a brain anomaly that made her lose consciousness and she fell down stairs. She recovered though. However, during 2019, after my mother’s passing away, she slowly began to suffer brain anomalies once more. Things like becoming dizzy and such. One has to know she was a rather vital woman, despite her age. In her 70’s she still played tennis occasionally at the local tennis club. The dizziness occurred more and more. It’s gotta be said that after my mother passed away, my brother and me kept visiting her. She once had the intention to move back to her former location which was Beverwijk after the passing away of my mother. However, she had changed her mind over time.

Another thing of relevance is that my brother is also on to reality to a degree and he as well has had his own history of setbacks. My brother regularly talked about his view of the world, pointing fingers at where things are wrong in society. Quin however held on to a main stream view of society and reality. Among the discussion items were this COVID outbreak and when I visited I took part in these conversations as well, highlighting aspects of all these things in an objective, rational manner. They could get along just fine and just had a different opinion. It were these conversations where my garnered view on reality became involved as well. I had told about my website. I had told about the court case I conducted. I told her that I was involved in rather big matter and that I was fighting for reality and a better world. Because yes, the (western) world and its social fiber is deteriorating.

Quin did not have much to say to all of this, other than to say that she had given up on a better world, stating that the world was going down the drain anyways and that we couldn’t do jack about it. I then asked her; “Do you know what is the Ashkenazi Jew?”. She didn’t reply immediately. It was as if she was thinking for a second. Then she said with affirmation, “Yes.” quickly. I then asked “So you know what they are?”. With a lower tone, but even so affirmative, she answered. “Yes.”. All I then said was “Okay..”. And we left it at that.

This is where I forgave her for taking part in keeping up a perception revolving around me. This was on a Sunday morning. My brother visited her every Sunday morning around 11 a.m. in the morning. My brother and I left. The week after, my brother visited her as usual. Because that weekend I was late I didn’t visit Quin that weekend. I was like I’ll go over the next weekend when I go visit my brother in Veenendaal which I visit every other weekend and sometimes each weekend.

Then, during that second week after my last visit I got a phone call. Quin had fallen unconscious and had been taken into the hospital. I was called by a friend of my mother whose daughter lived in a street almost next to Quin. I immediately tried to inform about her condition but initially the hospital nurse didn’t want to say a thing. I wasn’t a representative for her. So I then said them, is another person the current representative? No they said. Then I said; then I am the representative until someone else would claim to be a legitimate representative. I based this claim off of Quin’s relationship with my mother. She was still in the emergency room and the doctors had just finished examination when I called. The nurse told me to call back later. Which I did. Then I got to hear she had brain damage and was unconscious. It was a bleeding in the brain stem. I received the room number and so on. Meanwhile people more closely related to Quin from Quin’s perspective took over and kept me informed.

With these people I arranged the first visit for my brother and me. This was on a Friday. The 26th of June 2020. Her condition was bad. She was unconscious and occasionally stretched an arm or leg when she was talked to, or when being touched. My brother cried a little. After my mother’s death, despite of differences, he was the one that visited her the most. I held her hand. She sat in a wheel chair with a head support and an oxygen supply. She began to stretch her arm and tried to lift her head as it hung to the side a little. Like if she tried to wake up. She didn’t open her eyes though. However, to me it felt like her inside tried to reach her senses, her periphery. Much like someone in a coma. I had a suspicion that maybe with some time of recovery, she could possibly recover towards becoming conscious again. Doctors at first had said that she might recover and had to go through revalidation. Her family had visited her too days after.

A few days later I heard that she was going to be taken off nutrient support, suggesting that she would no longer recover. They told she  had gotten pneumonia as well. There was no mention of COVID.  My brother and me did not get to visit her again. On 01-07-2020 (European date format) she passed away.

Later on at the 8th of July, my brother and me attended the church where a religious service was held, named, “Word and Prayer”. She was a Catholic. After the service, my brother and I left where I spent the remainder of the day with my brother.

End of legal personal statement.

09/14/2019 – State Update

Well, it’s been a while since the last state update. I can now take a breath again as all the aftermath of my mother’s passing away has been taken care of in a good, orderly fashion. It surely put the tax on me as I feel exhausted and drained, not to mention legs that feel like they gave up. The coming time will consist of gradually going through all of the belongings of my mother and give everything a nice place and or store it. Not only this has been taking up the majority of time. Like I’ve told about before, the upcoming Monday I will resume with a new job and in that sense, immediate risk to my income and or coding career has subsided. However, I can tell, nothing is without reason and obtaining this job isn’t either. I’ll keep my eyes and ears out.

Having inherited much of our family’s former life in the form of objects, notes and documentation has made me go through my own stored stuff that I had stored in my storage room in my apartment. It’s the room with the balcony. I once intended this to become a hobby / electronics workshop although I never got to it and began using the room as a storage room. Interestingly, paperwork and other documents of my past were stored in there as well in between the mess. And having cleared out the room in order to still turn it into this workshop with enough storage provided by cabinets, I found something that made me cry, once more. I found all the real, original boarding passes of my two flights. I found the ticket receipt of our visit to ‘Ocean World’. I found developed photographs of the pictures that we took of each other; Claudia’s daughter taking the pictures. And… I found the fiance petition letter we both signed when she first filed the fiance petition with the INS. You can read it here.

As for bodily anomalies like the agitating sense to my hipbone and leg bones has been gone for quite some time. Ever since I stayed with my mom since 07/09/2019, these anomalies seemed to have disappeared in a sudden. Only recently, the past Thursday and Friday the sense had returned to the topside of my thighs. The global proxy statement does have effect; they can’t just relentlessly harass me with their EM and or bio-warfare crap anymore lest things may get noted. So, so far so good.

The coming time I’ll spend time to sorting out heritage, this new job and taking it easy in between, trying to rest as much as I can. However there are a number of articles that I do want to write and they will be written in due time. Oh, and I already established an initial contact with the NFO – the dutch forensics institute.

And last but not least; the actual date of the Medical Tribunal court trial is now known: On 10/10 this year, at 10 am. You see the three equal ‘symbols’ in one straight line.. ? We’ll see how it goes. The relevant article will be updated shortly.

08/01/2019 – Several Items 

Since a week or two, basically since staying somewhat permanently at my mom’s place all the phenomena to my legs, hipbone, ankles and feet have disappeared. Food and eating patterns have been no differentiator. Nor have been the consumption of nutricient support like a few select vitamins and anti-oxidants. It was just gone like that. The phenomena are described in the Dutch version of this article and will be translated and replicated here. The electromagnetic (EM)  and or microbiological harassment has seized. As per observations, Ashkenazim intelligence and domestic warfare couldn’t continue too much in order to not make the harassment too obvious. They didn’t want to permanently damage my tendons or other tissue and merely constipate tissue in order to make my leg bones, hip bone and feet bones brittle. They call it the “tjap-tjoy” treatment – the weakening of bones in preparation for molestation during a confiscation mission.

At my mom’s place, in the home of my now deceased grandmother, the mother of my mom, an Ashkenazim lives who actively blackballs me and my mother in her neighborhood. He hasn’t lived here for very long though, a couple of years. He has a buddy in the same flat block who does the same thing. However, there are good hearted people here as well countering their gossip. These two act like ‘neighbourhood overseers’, oppressing this attitude on people around the neighborhood. They engage into talks, act very amical and spew their narratives for the purpose of local narrative control. The bicycle shop near by is one too, who has his work shop at the back along the street. I’ve observed all of them in on the gossip. All the usual key words came by; ‘Ashkenazim’, ‘goyim’ and various other case related matter. They all collude together.

As far as my mom goes, it’s going bad and we’re preparing for her pass-away. I won’t be updating much on the website right now, nor am I too busy with audio analysis itself. I however made another load of recordings. Another little project I’m working on between is a hardware audio recorder on an FPGA development board. In theory this method should prevent Ashkenazim intelligence from fudging with the recordings made. It works for home surveillance; it’s no mobile equipment unfortunately. But at least I can determine whether this method appears tamper free or not.

07/10/2019 – Audio Evidence Modifications 

I have discovered that in recent times my original audio files have been modified by unauthorized entities. This has been done through back doors. I have identified a number of ways Ashkenazim intelligence uses to destroy evidence. Since this case is now becoming a credible report of Jewish Ashkenazim horrible crimes. they are hell-bent on disabling damning evidence by ruining audio recordings made. This section describes what they are doing and how they may be doing it.

Around the beginning of the year I generated hash-codes for the original files on my phone. These are SHA-256 hash codes and are a lawful valid way to ensure the uniqueness and authenticy of a file. When the appeal to my case with the Medical Tribunal was accepted, I noted that a number of audio files were no longer as I remembered them. Both the Zorg van de Zaak files as well as the ZorgNed files has been tampered with. The audio no longer reflected the annotations I had added in the Audacity Projects. Yet, the files generated the same hash-code associated to the file. When I first calculated the hash-codes for the files I made a list of them and made a hard-copy of them to avoid tampering with them. The observations below were made:

  • Audio sound fragments in the Audacity projects were overwritten with noise / silence sections from elsewhere in the recording to erase damning speech.
  • Some Audacity projects now give an error when opening them; stating a lot of orphan blocks had been detected. This suggests the modifications were done in the project data files directly where Audacity itself was not used to apply the modifications.
  • The original .m4a source audio files on both my desktop computer and the phone have been modified as well to reflect these alterations in order to erase damning evidence.
  • The modified source audio files on the computer and the phone yield the same hash-code with respect to the untampered with audio files. This suggests a security breach in the SHA-256 hash-code generator algorithm embedded in the platform OSes on the respective devices. Microsoft .NET on the desktop computer and the Android OS on the smartphone are both compromised.
  • It is likely that both OSes in their hash-code generator software employ a hash-code lookup table that allows the algorithm to look up a hash-code by another hash-code and return that one instead for a data-stream. When hash-codes for the tampered with files would be mapped to the hash-codes of the untampered files it will look like the tampered with file would be the original file.
  • I still have the original untampered with files on both a USB stick and on a hard drive that is currently not in my system. I have it stored in a pile of old hard drives to shield it as well as possible. With this evidence, the hash-code override on both the Microsoft .NET platform and the Android platform for file streams can be proven.
  • They go as far as fudging the memory contents of the Samsung Voice Recorder software. When I record in real-time speech from the local Ashkenazim cell that lives in my neighborhood and catch them on ‘tape’, it doesn’t take long for the recording to be modified. The same deal here; the damning, identifying sections in the file are overwritten. Since the app writes to a temporary file on long recordings they also modify the temporary file. I’ve heard the name of the investigator that handled the Regional  Medical Tribunal case be spoken out loud a number of times and snapped it on tape.
  • The modifications are rather sloppy. For instance, on one of the recordings the word “Ashkenazim” has been cut off in part and not in whole. What was left was “Kenazim”. The first bit was overwritten. They also use sound bites of what seems to be recordings of their own of malevolent scenarios. Vaginal sounds can be heard in some sections. They also have a speech generator that uses voice profiles to have these profiles say new things they don’t have full samples of. It’s clearly recognizable. Some of these were found in the Zorg van de Zaak recordings to make L.C. Zevering say phrases she never said in reality.

NOTE: The audio files have been untampered with for a long time, leaving damning speech. However, I think they have erased the most critical damning sections though they did not regard the magnet reader crossover mental speech since that’s so close to the noise floor. They likely also considered that there was no further need to tamper with my files and raise suspicion thinking I had no where to go, nor would be able to make credible the case arc. It wasn’t until recent the active tampering began. They are hell-bent on covering up evidence of the vastness of their Ashkenazim network through out the country up and including the local cell at my apartment as well as covering up evidence of their mental network system, which one of the recordings at my home indisputably proves (the phone recorded the magnetosphere, the cross-talk of mental speech was audible in the audio recording, where after one guy in the apartment next to me literally spoke out loud a fragment of the phrase recorded from the magnetosphere).

07/10/2019 – Change of Location 

This morning I went to my mother. I was called by my brother who was over at her place, telling me things weren’t going so well with her. She is terminally ill and she won’t have long to live. I have moved over for an undetermined time though I may go back to my own apartment in between. I’m now doing site updates at my mom’s location while helping her as best as I can. So no, I have not disappeared with the sun-set.

06/24/2019 – State Update

The past month I’ve made a number of recordings when I again heard suspicious talk which can be denoted as gang stalking. Well it appears that the neighbor in the apartment below me who also took personal belongings from my home and has keys to a number of apartments here was discussing with visitors the confiscation mission they were planning. The neighbor is complicit to the confiscation mission however from the recordings it seems something new to him; he was instructed on various human sacrificial acts by his visitors. One of the visitors seemed to be a plumber, he was messing with the hot-water pipe that runs into my apartment as well. That is what drew my attention. I could hear the guy working the pipes and their talking; this prompted me to record them by placing my phone close to hot water pipe. The first few minutes they were silent as they knew through their mental network I started recordings. However I went on about my own business and so did they, forgetting about the phone recording them, exactly as I anticipated. It caught highly damning speech that revolves their confiscation attempt with three whores in total, all with known names to me and whom make an appearance on this website. Here the links to the audacity project file and the original video: – d5802b75078b66b5c792e42d2e32cee0f7b852892526e6c31bdc1bc915af2723
20190607_095454.mp4 – 02fc89a139f005e23d2d97bd7721b1b0ffbd01355520f0487527c2378d3fe079

05/17/2019 – State Update

I’m under a worsened condition as of now and I might pass away soon. I don’t know. I do know that I made mistakes on this website, not always the right choice of words.

05/16/2019 – State Update

Spraak_040_20190414.m4a – 6e7844d2c47c280499c1ce30f7d3bab65104026d034c69f0683750784b10c495

00m45s – 02m11s – “Die gore typhus merino die Deborah Hylkema onze Lucifera heeft geneukt met liefde en al die Ashkenazim walgden er van.”

05/09/2019 – State Update – How It Works 

Since the 13th of  April, the visit by the Porche, I’ve begun to notice something rather irritating. Highly irritating. And I’ve been able to analyse the phenomena and am getting through it sanely still. Besides the mental observations made in the past and spoken of in the Allegations versus Reality section, I now begun to observe distinct profiles (as I call auditory vocal manifests) that exhibit an irritating fashion of manifestation. It is a slow, monotonous appearance of all kinds of matter said. The ‘measure’ ticks varies, as if it’s text being sung to a song. It is not sung though, it’s monotonous. Subjects ‘injected’ vary from events and experiences throughout my life, even going back as far as my child hood. Next to this, a lot of ‘goyim’, ‘merino’, ‘Ashkenazim’ and alike. It is forced assimilation and I’ve deducted this mental hearing spam to be A.I.’s. All these profiles exhibit reverb, an echo.   I still observe profiles that I observed before, and those are like ‘normal’ appearances without echo. They have identified themselves as Mossad more than once by now. However, these A.I. things do something very very irritating. They ‘inject’ a phrase which I cite mentally. Then their system begins reading my heuristic continuation paths. What I mean is this. When someone talks to you and is looking for words or whatever to finish a sentence, something people finish the sentence for them. This is where people’s heuristic continuation paths come into play, based on the subject, known data and so on. Their system reads mine, and then feeds it back to me as mental hearing, so I basically hear my heuristic path being replicated with some lag. I can interrupt the thing or hang it, by halting my thought / replication thread on a syllable or letter. Sometimes they themselves interrupt the feedback by injecting a new phrase. It tries to continue on my heuristic paths as long as possible though they may inject a new phrase on a new subject any time. It varies from a second to something like 10 seconds or even longer before something new is injected.

The volume of this is rather low, but clear enough to distinguish and make up the various profiles by their auditory profile. When I am idle it irritates to no end, but when I play music or occupy myself with something, I don’t note it much if any at all. Music overpowers the low volume mental hearing and occupying myself puts focus on well, what I am doing. But when I am idle, it’s irritatingly there, drawing me into conversation and or arguments. More often than not the profiles attempt to speak for people or groups.

Since I can not validate anything I do not take anything for true what I perceive mentally, however I put it all into a big hypothesis to then intervalidate differentially all content applied while summarizing this content. Content so far are ‘goyim’ murder procedures of all kinds and other Talmud law and stuff. They also inject phrases about what certain types of aliens say, what certain groups of people say in response to my own thoughts and even talk about demons. Also sex related stuff about what this woman or that woman (known to me) would do. They want to assimilate me hardcore and also use it to intimidate and scare me. It doesn’t give my cognitive dissonance since I simply regard it all hypothesis. I have locked down my primary truth-tree.

What Mossad does is then read my own thoughts which are most often replications of these observations, whether they are the injections or the feedback of my heuristic continuations. They use it in an attempt to inverse profile me continuously and or to incriminate me by my mental phrases monitored. It’s likely passed down the top level hierarchy to lower compartments and passed of as ‘the truth’ about me. Well here you’ve got reality. Their A.I. system that replicates my thoughts to other people connected to their mental network receive A.I. inversed phrases. Basically they also receive an inverse profile. They clearly distinct themselves as Ashkenazim, while talking about non-Jews as goyim, as in “FBI goyim”, and “AIVD goyim”, “AVIM merinos” etc. The echoing, thought feedback A.I. system seems to be a test on creating credible narratives based off of people’s human terrain (truth-forest). Many narratives fail and I often throw in the word ‘chocolate’ to fudge their replications to signal I’m being spammed with well.. bullshit. Oh and ‘Rollos’, Dutch types of chocolate candy. It seems they are trying different A.I algorithms to make crazy people and or break down their primary truth trees.

I can live through this mental hearing terror but it is highly irritating and I do need the sleeping pills to have a chance of actually falling asleep while these bombardments continue.

NOTE: Important is that I’ve observed after publishing this bit that they have been trying to present me as having been Jewish. Well I’ve never been Jewish. See the article Infinity Framework and Assimilation for what is reality. I may have interacted with them from a job perspective but that is as far as it goes. Never once one identified themselves as such to me.

NOTE: All of this is of a high security clearance matter. It may not be known or credible to lower compartments.

04/27/2019 – Recording At Home Analysis

I wanted to test whether the phone records the magnetosphere or not and conducted a test by putting it in a box. Today I analyzed the result. Listening tip: listen at very high volumes after determining a range is without noises decently above the noise floor. Certain sections may contain environmental noises from my living room, including one phone conversation. The magnetosphere recordings are cross talk onto the microphone audio channel and are near the noise floor. The text file contains the position where the quotes listed in the text file are to be found.


04/17/2019 – State Update – Critical

I checked facebook, around 7:15pm local time and observed that for the last one or two days the communications of both my mom and brother are not their usual way of communicating. My mom would 100% NEVER say “boemm!!” (“boom!!”)  and on my brother’s facebook page shows an occult message. The black litten held by a woman with bright red fingernails, 3 of them (troika). I fear the worst.

04/17/2019 – State Update

This is the second day the phone has been cut off. It was during the day yesterday. The provider website (Ziggo) stated that there was a malfunction on my postcode this morning. However, it’s a VOIP phone and internet still works. Strangely I was called at around a quarter past 2pm by a recruiter because I had missed the appointment at 2pm. Before that I had no signal and neither afterwards. It only seemed to work incoming. The phone itself is not broke. I’ve been checking multiple times and will continue to do so.

04/16/2019 – State Update

Very hard night, night from 04/15 – 04/16 I had visitors at my apartment door. File Spraak 43 has it (at the bottom)/

04/13/2019 – 3:35 pm local time GMT+1 State Update 

CRITICAL ALERT: They came back with the Porche. Just the 3 henchmen, the woman was not there or sat in the car still. The temp license plate is HH-72-99, pictures below the text.

HH, 2x 8th letter in alphabet. Thus, 88. 72 = 2 x 36, thus 2x 666. Sum an 8 and 9, twice. 8+9 = 17, 8+9 = 17. There is 4x 666 in this plate.

When I was walking in my home, I heard a conversation down on the parking lot on the inside area of the L apartment block I live in, the opposite side of the block of where the other parking lot is where I park my car. If one would take that porch entry and walk straight through, one would get at this backside. The conversation was a woman talking to a guy sitting in a silver gray Porche Boxter or 940, could not see it very well. A modern model year. It had a green license plate which means a temporary license, from a car dealer to allow for test drives under a temporary plate. The woman said “I will wrap my legs around him and squeeze him in to cumming…” and apparently stepped into the car, finishing whatever she was saying. Likely “And then decapitate him”. I didn’t hear the guy. The Porche drove off. While it was standing there the guy revved a few times. I tried to view the license plate number but it was hardly visible, too dark, with the black on dark green. They are planning a confiscation for tonight. Observations let me know it was Deborah supposedly but I can not affirm; I did not see the people as I couldn’t look down that steep down from my window.

04/13/2019 – State Update

Observation density keeps increasing and these women, now including Marjo as well (is also connected) attempt systemic excitation through stating what they would want to do sexually. Some of it I replicate mentally and or verbally as quotes. Today is a 13th. There’s three things this cannibal cult tries to do. Have me subvert through these women, which claim to be coming by where I would not be able to resist them (I told them I can). Secondly, they want to make me complicit perception wise (create “involvement perception”). Thirdly, incriminate Maxima and also either T&D and or make complicit in perception. Today I’ll translate the Through the Gate article and will work some on my frameworks while phasing out spam and spew from their mental network.

04/12/2019 – State Update

Deborah / Mariël is trying to arouse me mentally through their proven network. The purpose is to try to declare me schizophrenic one-sided over a possibly incited fantasy which they will not get. Then have me taken out of society and claim I fabricated the recordings. They make me aware that to the “outside world” I already would just be a “schizo with libido”, while making this “outside world” think the recordings are fabricated. The “outside world” is the opposite of Jewdom, their gang on their little mental network. As they call it, their “Wall of Jericho”. Within that Wall of Jericho, Deborah / Mariël is trying to make me submissive towards her so I would willfully open my apartment door for her, enabling a confiscation mission. This is planned for today, tomorrow, or any day leading up to the 17th or 18th. It’s a chess game with evil filth.

As far as the recordings go, they are over 70 hours of recordings which I could never feasibly forge to the detail they are. Secondly, I already published the hash-codes long before I added new analysis done without ever changing hash codes of the source files, meaning that all the evidence surfaced from the source files have always been of the same source file. To be continued.

04/11/2019 – RED ALERT

This is an exceeding serious message. Further analysis of 14th of June at FloriSoft file has revealed quotes that lead towards queen Maxima being in serious imminent danger. In short, the cabal had not completed full subversion and failed at it. Because of this, she is now in danger of reprimands and possibly death / disappearance from / by the cabal. Updates will follow; my recommendation is to not lose sight of her for a millisecond.

04/10/2019 – Observed Quotes

NOTE: These are observations observed from their mental network system that will be explained in the article to be written ‘Technology’. For now I already add key quotes I observe; the mental profiles I keep of the entities observed I have lettered. Not all profiles have been lettered, only the most prominent and present ones.

“The guy with the Subaru leaves us no choice, he’s gotta be iced conventionally” – Profile ‘W’ (A royalty) – Pertains to a new analysis for the recording of the second half of the day on the 14th of June at FloriSoft. My comment on this new analysis already: she has been a captive by the Jew cabal at the royalty level and was forced to their ways. More follows.

More observations: Mariël’s execution count is now 643 on 04/10/2019 21:46. She had to go past 600 out of necessity, Back in 2017 I would be her jubilee 600th execution. But she had to continue.

<Collection of quotes> – Mariël is switched in  as well Is a high-ranked ‘weaver’. Apparently the Jewish cabal plans a confiscation mission for me this night, within an hour of writing this note. 9:09 pm local time. They would bust the door, replace it up on leaving, use chloroform to subdue me and take me to a Synagogue. Most likely Barendrecht. They are in the catacombs of whichever Synagogue they are at. That is where Mariël is at right now; apparently they make the matzo live at the Synagogue with the blood of victims. Full details of the victim preparation are known too now. 1 ) Breaking legs by folding and pressing together. 2) Press Hipbone, 3) Decapitate spine + break lower arms, 4) Turn body on back and pop sword bone of rib cage and snap upper arms. This they call ‘making ‘tjap-tjoy’. All between the legs, aided by helper Ashkenazim who depress down the legs of Hylkema after she crosses them behind the body, legs turned 90 degrees. The heart stops beating at 4).  This way they ‘hedge scissor’ those 4 locations of a victim’s body with her legs together with the help of helpers. Then she will bury the head between breasts to suffocate, to have oxygen depleted from the blood so it doesn’t dissolve built adrenochrome. This causes the suffocation death. This procedure is done in several seconds and death sets in in about 5 – 10 minutes. All together this yields maximum adrenochrome. After these procedures the reproductive organ is sucked into the vulva after which it gets perforated and the sucking dry begins. However, this message may have them cancel this planned confiscation. It’s rather likely. More to follow.

04/06/2019 – Warning

HEADS-UP: Through observations I learnt that their global ritual executioner Mariël and Jewdom all together want to “take the ultimate revenge” on me. This would entail the sacrifice of my former other half (Claudia) and possibly those associated with us, namely Dorothy and Jessica. They supposedly were already “designing” the confiscation mission to remove them from society. They are to be executed by Mariël.

03/29/2019 – Case Rundown

See for the Conduct of Evidence here; this is a summary of what had been planned to begin with.

  • Mariël Hylkema is a proven GLOBAL Jewish serial killer human sacrificial executioner. She is their “Global Lucifera”.
  • I hadn’t gotten the “bullet” because Mariël Hylkema already claimed me as her own long before and didn’t want to have the sacrifice ruined by a premature death by a bullet.
  • Jews get together in synagogues in closed meetings to conduct their human sacrifices.
  • The FloriSoft employees responsible for my abduction would become “Goblet Grantees”, meaning, they would be allowed into the closed Synagogue meeting and join the blood consumption.
  • The FloriSoft employees would get me to a Synagogue in The Hague, close to the WTC there. They would gather there under guise of an evening prayer.
  • Because of the scope of this case, international Jewry would attend the human sacrifice. Because of this, a location close to the WTC was chosen to provide a cover for international Jewry to be present in Holland, like being around for business.
  • In the Synagogue, Mariël would rape me and undo me from testosteron and endorphin. Then she would continue with body molestation; breaking bones to generate adrenochrome.
  • Finally, Mariël would rip me in two using techniques as described in The Lucifera.
  • International Jewry and the eligible goblet grantees would then feast on my blood and body parts; Cider & Goulash is their code phrase for this.
  • Then they would all crawl out of the Synagogue again, as if nothing happend, back home / back to work.
  • Jews do this systemically. Closed meetings in Synagogues are a precursor to human sacrifices and consumption.