Findings at ZorgNed


I’ve worked at ZorgNed from the 3rd of July until around halfway November 2017 as a software developer. This is where I really began to notice the presence of the cabal and their knowledge about me. It is also where I discovered something that set off alarm bells with me. Besides this discovery, I have also learned about the presence of two female Satanists, both members of this cabal. Since I began to realize where I ended up at, I began to do serious network analysis, to map mutual relationships between people and their mental hierarchies. This article addresses my factual findings at this company. I have reported all relevant findings to both the Dutch Privacy Authority as well as the relevant police departments. For the full background story I refer you to the chapter First Encounter of the Chronology.

A National Body Parts and Organs Inventory

WmoNed is a software that facilitates in administrative software for youth healthcare. All sorts of organizations related to youth healthcare and support can make use of this software in a connected fashion. At the surface, this software looks totally innocent. However, I noted something extremely disturbing; ten data entry fields on the last screen tab of the client / patient data:

  • Left side upper arm, lower arm, upper leg, lower leg, all in centimeters.
  • Right side upper arm, lower arm, upper leg, lower leg, all in centimeters.
  • Torso width and height in centimeters.

These totaled ten bio-metric fields about a client’s body with a resolution all the way down to a centimeter. For this software I built an export for the Dutch CBS, a state organization that takes data from all over the country to run statistics on. The export I worked on was pretty basic: it was about exporting budget and revenue data per type of healthcare facility. We’re talking about things like wheel chairs and crotches but also about immaterial care like house keeping support.

I can tell you, none of the facilities tracked in the software in any shape or form require the bio-metric data as recorded with a client. Wheel chairs come in only a few sizes, same with crotches and they are all adaptable to a client. Nor were the actual data fields referenced in any sort of algorithm inside the software. And, tracking these body part sizes down to the centimeter do not benefit the client in any shape or form.

Nothing is without reason, ever…

So if there is no benefit to the client, the software or the service, then what is the purpose? Nothing is without reason. If it’s not any of the aforementioned, it must be something else. And that can only be evil intent. These bio-metric fields enable extremely heinous crimes related to human- and child trafficking as well as organ harvesting, trade and trafficking. This information, together with the age of the client can provide a few more details about the body of the client. Namely, the size of organs of a client. And, it tells how much organ and body part growth there is left.

With these fields, a national database of body parts and organs is enabled without having to confiscate clients and having to store their parts and organs. People with access to the databases with client information, whether it be the databases hosted by ZorgNed themselves or by cities and counties, can query the database for body part sizes to query for a desired selection of clients that would yield desired organ sizes. Queries would be ran manually using database management software without the use of the WmoNed software.

Secondly, WmoNed tracks a client’s relations network in great detail. With this information, ill minded people can, beside querying for body parts, query for clients that have the smallest possible relations network easing any of their confiscation missions. A criminal case about the disappearance of a son of an immigrant mother is likely to go unsolved a lot easier than a case about a son of a well-known entrepreneur.

So yes, all together this caused my alarm bells to ring and I took note of it. They plan on rolling out WmoNed nation wide and even go as far as trying to get WmoNed to be chosen by counties over existing competing software these counties may have deployed. They plan to do so with Mariël’s qualities as a Weaponized Woman to get ‘targets’ at counties to accept the WmoNed software and get them to sign for it. I have seen her gloat about how she would get WmoNed rolled out in Rotterdam during a work meeting. Network dynamics made clear that the other Jews revered Mariël; they knew they could let her handle that. The counties Zeist and Bunnik were a push-over I understood from a previous meeting.

As explained in the article Absolute Duality, a primary objective of evil minded people is to stay concealed. Thus, yes. They would go to the lengths of setting up a very legitimate company, to supply fully functional software for a target market like youth health care. Only to sneak in those bio-metric fields at a later date after the software has become reasonably established. Long term planning.

Presence of Jewish Satanic School of Thought. 

During my work at ZorgNed, I had to work on code pertaining to invoices. When testing for a potential bug in the code I noted something. The condition I was looking for was that an invoice line could refer to only one invoice line of another invoice. If two invoice lines would refer to the same invoice line of another invoice, it would be a functional bug. Technically it was not a bug, it was a one-to-many relationship in the database. Functionally however, it was supposed to be a one-to-one relationship. When I ran a test query that would show me duplicate invoice lines pointing to the same invoice line of another invoice, I got a hit. The functional bug was there; however, it was for just one invoice line. I pulled up the two invoice lines pointing to the same invoice line of another invoice and guess what? The second line had as its primary key the number 666. After further inspecting I was able to establish that the line AND the primary key value had been entered manually.

A devilish invoice

You can click on the screenshot image to the left to view the full-size image. It is a screenshot of the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio tool. My account name is visible. The red squares signal the 666 cabal signatures. The NUMMER column is the primary key column. It is a normal numeric field, NOT an auto-increment or identity field which means that the database would generate the sequence number for a new record. It can be manually edited / inserted. Secondary, as a method of primary key generation they use the method of having a table, named NUMMER_UITGIFTE, that stores the current sequence numbers for other tables. When a new record is added to a table, the current sequence number for that table is taken from the NUMMER_UITGIFTE table. The sequence number is incremented and written back into the NUMMER_UITGIFTE table. It is application program code that does this; to the database this NUMMER_UITGIFTE is no more than just another table. It is a common technique to improve database interoperability, thus have the application be able to support different database brands which is the case here.

At the time of the manual entering of the line with the cabal signature, the sequence number for the table was at 192. The green rectangles show the data that tell about the creation date for the two lines as well as shows the sequence number for the last record added at that time, which received sequence number 191. This was on 20150319. The blue rectangle shows the sequence number of the invoice these two lines belong to. When I noted this cabal signature as the record number I went to see whether it was by intent and not because of a natural sequence number hand-out. I ran a number of queries:

The first line selected the two invoice row belonging to a supplier code. This code was pretty much synchronous with the invoice number, 1339 in this case. This is where I noted the cabal signature. The next query selects all the invoice rows whose sequence numbers are below 600. I wanted to see what was the last given out sequence number. It appears the last line in there had a sequence number of 401. The teal colored rectangles show this, along with the dates of creation for these two lines. Then the next query basically queried the same, though now all invoice lines with a sequence number below 700. It would show me if there were any lines with numbers past 666. And no, there weren’t. Just the line with 401 as its number, followed directly by the line with 666 as its number, and no lines following after. The last query pulled up the invoice belonging to the invoice lines.

It wasn’t just this invoice line that had this cabal signature. Also the BSN, which is a Dutch social security number, shows the same cabal signature embedded into it. These BSN numbers can’t be just made up. They must conform to a simple formula for these numbers to be valid. This means, that someone actually put in some effort to reverse-calculate the number in order to get the 666 into it. So, the number didn’t appear in just a database primary key (sequence number), but also in the social security number used for that line.

With this analysis one can conclude that at ZorgNed, a Jewish Satanic school of thought is present. It was an intentionally defined primary key and BSN number by manual means. This was the development database and NOT a customer database. For a further explanation with regards to my database expertise see the article Database Expert.

Identified Jewish Satanists 

In the morning of the 17th of Augustus 2017 I drove to work. I already had this suspicious feeling and thought to myself: “You’ll see.. one shouldn’t look surprised that something’s going to happen today [geo-politically].”. I arrived at work and like after an half hour or so, Gerda entered the office. She wore a bright red coat. She never wore flashy, attention drawing clothing during the time I already worked there. It was always a neutral pastel like color scheme. Since I already identified Gerda to be a Talmudist while conducting research already and the given fact that this day was a seventeenth, I knew immediately what I saw: The Kiss of Death. This incited me to let Gerda know I was on to her. She had gone back to her office by now and I decided to go do a sigaret and walked past her office. I saw Mariël standing over there with Gerda, next to her as Gerda sat on her office chair. I then made a remark, “Why you look vibrant today!” as if making a compliment about her clothing. Her reaction was one of denial, acting in innocence: “Huh? What.. ? What do you mean?” “Well, your bright red colored coat..!” I answered. It was clear she recovered and answered, “Oh! Yes, thank you.”. Her appearance, coming across in denial and then followed by pure innocence after recovery told me enough. I went to do my sigaret. When I came home that day and checked up on news sources, it indeed appeared that something took place on a geo political level: The Barcelona attack. On the 18th, another 3-pack, another attack followed. With all of this, Gerda was the first identified Jewish Satanist.

Mariël was fully alignment synchronized to Gerda, thus like two peas in a pod (network dynamics). I already realized at this time that Mariël occupied herself with ulterior motives, namely sex incrimination and as I realized later on, the Foreplay of the Lucifera. After the identification of Gerda, my suspicion raised considerably with regards to Mariël being a Jewish Satanist as well. She arrived at work before with her own car and the license plate letter combinations made me suspicious already. However, obtaining a ‘custom’ license plate depends on connections so as of yet it didn’t weigh in a lot and it did not yet form a basis.

Occult signatures

It was a few days later where I went to actively look for and search the web for anything on Mariël for the purpose of building a profile. With my discoveries it was confirmed that Mariël also was a Jewish Satanist. And not just one. An elite Satanist which also suggested she was an elite mistress within the Jewish community. This was confirmed later by Patrick van der Plas of FloriSoft. It is the Twitter profile together with her LinkedIn profile specifically that provides this information. The image to the right is a screenshot of her Twitter page as well as a Google search result. Below the analysis of the (elite) occult signatures:

  • Number 17
    The LinkedIn profile displayed 17 employers. Together with the number 33 and further context this was affirmed to be a signature. There has to be willful intent in that case. The number of jobs on a LinkedIn profile can be maintained by someone easily. One can keep the number at 17 by omitting jobs or by adding jobs, being more liberate on job history. Especially the 33 signature is an amplifying factor:

  • Number 33
    The number of Twitter followers. Also this number was part of the license plate. Also with Twitter followers, the number can be manipulated by a user. One can create and add fake accounts and remove them again when a real account begins following. When one looks at the Twitter wall content, one can see that the tweet frequency is exceedingly low and isn’t very personal at all. The account doesn’t really entice active following and doesn’t look all that interesting to follow. And as such, it’s easily kept at 33 followers.

    Almost a year later, in May of 2018 I checked up again. The count was still at 33. However, in June it was at 34 followers. I observed that the account was actively kept at 33 followers and after no more face accounts were available to be removed to get the count back to 33, the count surpassed the 33. The number of followers was actively maintained at 33 by her or henchmen.

  • Leather
    The leather sheets suggest the sexual aspect, especially together with the car (and the What’s-App profile photo). All this together conveys that she suggestively hints at being an elite mistress towards a target group: the Jewish cabal. This was affirmed at FloriSoft as said before.

All these contextual factors together identified her as a Jewish Satanist. Especially after applying statistics to the number of jobs on LinkedIn (the chance someone displays 17 jobs and keeps it at that), the number of Twitter followers (the chance that someone has and keeps exactly 33 followers over such a time span), the positive alignment towards another confirmed Satanist (the chance of this happening). And, because of this synchronized alignment to Gerda, adding in the statistics for Gerda: the chance that someone wears red for only one day, on a 17th, communicates the Kiss of Death, all the while with a high profile terror attack occurring that day. I didn’t even include in these statistics the database line with the 666 primary key, nor the BSN number with the 666 in it. If I am to do this, the chance for the manifestation of the combination of all factors will decrease magnitudes. I did not include with these statistics the license plate with the letters for the sex-drug (GHB) and the number 33. It would decrease even more.

The rough calculation resulted in a chance ratio of 1 in 400.000.000 (400 million) that the combination of factors would manifest. And with this, a fully conscious intent was affirmed, indisputably identifying both women as Jewish Satanists where Mariël at the minimum has a national reverence as the ‘Lucifera’ within the Jewish cabal. And as such, I had found their Goblet. Later observations let me know that she is the Global Goblet (Ritual Executioner) for international Jewdom.

Also her last name seems to be associated to a group of Minervans. I also noted that the ZorgNed computer network hosted actual Minerva software. Anton W. showed me this. I did not look at the software nor did I do anything with it.

Network Dynamics Analysis 

[To be written] -> Mariël is the mental matriarch of members at ZorgNed. She’s also a nation-wide matriarch. When I was at the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam, I’ve also observed her influence – her name was spoken by a radiologist, and she was referred to as a Satanist by another hospital employee. It will be thoroughly explained when the Erasmus Hospital section is up for writing that will address the kill-switch invocation that ultimately failed, along with Mariël’s notable interest for (cleaning up) my blood.

Gang-Stalking And Confessions Observed 

The gang-stalking at ZorgNed was quite prevalent. This section will present the factoids. Some of the gang-stalking was based on ‘throws’ I had strewn in the final month I worked there, in the month of October of 2017. The first observation of gang-stalking listed was by far the most significant to me. To me, this one was the ultimate proof, the revelation, that I had found them. In light of this case though, all of these are important. The first was conducted by Anton under command of Mariël.

Anton “Olifant” W. 

Anton spoke out and pronounced the word “Olifant” exactly the same way as I pronounced it to Claudia on the phone 16 years ago, as I were teaching her the pronunciation by slowly emphasizing each syllable back then. It is the Dutch word for ‘Elephant’. He did so the moment he walked into the door between the office and the kitchen. The door was open. Anton with a few others walked in. I happened to face the door opening as I heard people come in, so I observed him speaking out the word like that quite clear. It was obvious the exclamation was not related to any other conversation going on. It was a mere 2.5 meters from where I sat in my office chair. It was clear it was supposed to land in my truth tree as an intimidation attempt. It did not intimidate me. What I felt is hard to describe. Like said, it comes closest to a revelation. He went to sit at his chair, his desk was positioned perpendicular to mine. I simply said the word ‘vliegtuig’, which is the Dutch word for ‘airplane’. It was the other word Claudia found funny to try to pronounce. I spoke it exactly as I did 16 years ago on the phone. None of the workers, including Anton, responded. Those aware knew I had understood the jab.

Here is a morning note from Claudia, dated 29th of January 2002. We sent each other these morning notes every day. Each other’s words were the first to be read each morning; the next best thing to waking up next to each other. Hannah is her daughter. From the backup:

Hi baby! Did you sleep good last night? I hope so.

Well, Hannah and I played around on the computer tonight and we came across a site that teaches languages so we played around with learning Dutch. hehe we weren’t very good. we learned a bunch of words.. my favorite being olifant. hehe Alot of words we couldn’t pronounce and we laughed alot cause we sounded funny. We were having so much fun that I lost track of time. When I finally looked up at the clock, it was already past 9:00. I scooted the kids off to bed and then remembered I was missing my movie. It was already half over. Hannah asked me if she could stay up tonight until you got up and say good morning to you. hehe I explained that would be quite late for her.

Now I’m watching part II of Stephen Kings movie. There is one more part to go. It’s really a good King movie!! I think you would like it alot. The commercials are saying that the book is in stores now. I might have to pick up a copy of it.

Wel, baby, it’s just about 10:00 here now, so I should go to bed. I wish you could come with me. It’s cold in the house tonight, so we could cuddle up and get warm 🙂 I can’t wait to see you tomorrow hun. You have a good day at work, and I’ll see you when you arrive home. I love you!! *kiss*


They have all the phone recordings between me and Claudia and her children from 2001 to 2003 through their AmDocs network.

Berend “Yab-yum is angry!” K. 

About a month and half into my contract with ZorgNed, I noted two women gossiping about me. They were Marieke and Liesbeth. Marieke appeared to be the instigator of the conversation and made references to the false profile they’ve been keeping afloat about me, like those that can be found in Allegations versus Reality. It made me a little agitated. Gang-stalking can be rather agitating. I thought something along the line “That annoying gossip wench”.  Important here is that I never spoke out these words, they were a thought exclusively. Not a minute later, Marieke moved over her office chair to Berend’s desk. Their desks were close together. She whispered to him “He called me a gossip wench..”. Since my focus was on her already, and them being like 9 meters away from me, I could pick up her whispering relatively easy. Berend was facing her and then spoke out relatively loud: “Yab-yum is angry!”. With this I knew he was referring to me given the entire sequence. He did not face me. It further built the network dynamics picture for me. This issue is referred to at a later time during my work for them.

Albert “I didn’t expect your return any more” P. 

In the first week of the job I already noted the false profile going around. By the end of the first week I mulled over multiple times to leave this employer and find a different one; I wasn’t planning on knowingly sticking around in such environment, but I really had no choice given an income requirement. I would see. Over the weekend I decided I was going to look for work elsewhere.

However, by the end of the weekend itself at the Monday morning that followed, I decided to go to work after all. When I arrived at the office it appeared I had forgotten my key, so I had to ring the doorbell. Albert P. came down to open the door, and with a rather arrogant attitude he exclaimed “Oh! I didn’t expect you to return at all!”. This was an immediate confirmation of the mental eavesdropping by employees of this company. As the other sections show these cabbalists have this ability through technology. To mask the use of technology, some of these cabbalists are purveyed to be physics. Also Albert P. was allowed to fulfill such a role as appeared with later cases within this company.

I made a remark about this, under normal circumstances, strange exclamation of Albert P. After discussing it, it was passed of as Albert P. suffering from some sort of a communications deficiency.

Hildo “Can’t be denied” d. B.

This was in late September. I knew Hildo was a legitimate PhD math and was authorized to teach math. For this ‘throw’ I played his ego: “Well, being a math guy, I’m sure you know all about angles and trigonometric functions!”. The guy lit up and said “Why yes!” and iterated a number of math and angles related terms. He was just sitting at his desk as was I. I could watch his, but he could not watch mine. On my second screen I then opened the image that shows the BUK near Snizhne is a photo-shop fraud. It was just the image with the annotated red lines. Not the surrounding yellow box with the text. I just left it up, clearly in view. Then, Hildo had to pee or something and after that, he returned. Upon return, he could watch my second screen as it faced the office entry door. I knew he watched the image, and when he paused briefly from walking by me, he stated. “Hmm.. That can not be denied.”. No, the photo-shop fake can not be denied.

Not much later today, Hildo and Stephan sat in the kitchen room. I overheard a fragment of that conversation. Hildo stressed to Stephan “Don’t you worry!”. From an earlier conversation almost two months prior, I had this conversation with Stephan where I spoke of a number of things. The one thing was that I stated I never used a mistress, as part of a semi-private conversation. I also told a bit about my former relationship with Claudia. The reason for this was to counter the false profile that was floating around. The other thing I stated that I had been conducting research into MH-17. To which he replied “Oh, I know all about it! I have been there.”. I asked, “Where, the Ukraine?”. His reply was “Yes, I’ve been to the Ukraine.”.

Stephan “Jewish values” H. 

I caught this same Stephan talking about me, again in the kitchen room. This time his conversation partner was Björn. The question Stephan asked him was, “Do you think he has Jewish morals and values?”. I noted this, and while I knew they would likely not hear me, I softly spoke, “Well, you will first have to define them.”. Maybe Helgo or others noted both their conversation and my remark. In any case, it was affirmed by me that the group of people at ZorgNed were attempting to either assimilate me or mentally terrorize me. It appeared to be part of a coercion scheme to get me to align to Mariël, as the above chapter on Network Dynamic Analysis explains.

The assimilation conducted was not for beneficial purposes. It was part of the Foreplay of the Lucifera scheme, something that I researched and reverse-engineered later on. It is an aspect of their weaponized women of their Jewish cabal.

Björn “No more than a passoa to me”. 

When I hadn’t yet identified Mariël / Deborah, going along with her expressed interest, one of the colleagues there named Björn, a Zionist as well, called me a ‘Passoa’. It was a reference to occasional fantasies I imaged during this time of initial interest for Mariël.  Imaginations of an intimate, loving passionate being together. However, after realizing soon enough ulterior motives that played at ZorgNed, I completely retracted from this woman. It was exactly a dat after this retraction where Björn, Berend and Albert got together and were gossiping apparently, where Björn expressed the sentence “To me he is no more than a passoa.”. It was clearly audible to me, I was focusing on the group. And it was also the queue that suggested that Jews get involved with this collective gang-stalking at an early age.

It is important to know that I did not talk about anyone about this initial interest. But as other experiences at ZorgNed indicate, they were aware of my mental endeavors. This ‘passoa’ stamp is going to stick; much later at FloriSoft it is repeated and the reference is to be found at the Zorg van de Zaak recordings as well.

Anton “Nothing positive about that dude!” W. 

At a given time, Anton and Helgo were in the Kitchen. The door was open. Anton loudly speaks, in an agitated fashion: “There’s nothing positive about that dude!”. It was clear it was to land with me. Fact is that I didn’t have any attitude of predisposition to any one as part of professionalism; nor had I been invoking anyone there. In fact, I had decent surface conversations with Anton about various technical stuff. I have been kind to everyone. I had also been working on source code, that had replaced and upgraded some of his work. It was an Excel exporter component using the Aspose library that I had made for them. It cleaned up a lot of duplicate source and it introduced SOLID principles to the Excel export domain, making it easy to maintain and extend. He went back to his seat. Then I said “Well, there is nothing positive about assimilation as it is a detrimental act, it doesn’t respect free will.”. No reply, from any one. Not even a question asking what I was talking about. Anton is the guy that tried to debate with Gerda and Mariël on whether I was or was not a ‘hairy Esau’, which tells of involuntary assimilation attempts by labeling me as such.

Charles “Schizophrenic with Libido” W. 

On Friday the 8th of September 2017 at the end of the day I had to go to the bathroom before I would be going home. When I was in the toilet, I overheard Charles the CEO talking to Mariël in his office. I heard him state the remark that I would be a “Schizophrenic with libido”. Mariël denied this. Also here one can speak of the Savior technique. I flushed the toiled, and agitated as I was over this Zionist gang with their false profiling, I walked by those to in the office and spoke out loud, “So I was a schizophrenic with libido, wasn’t I, mister Charles?”. And I continued moving on, down the stairs towards the exit at the end of the stairs. Charles got caught off-guard and when I was already downstairs he ran towards the stairs and yelled “No! No! Not true!!”. I walked out the door, pulled it close behind me and got into the car. He didn’t chase me any further. Going by his reaction it was clear he was caught off-guard to the point that he couldn’t expel more than a flat out denial, having no time to formulate a different expression that would question my mental health like it is the case with gang-stalking usually. It appeared to be the last day before his supposed holidays also. I thought, “Let them sit on it for a while.”.

Mariël “Are you looking for enemies?” H. – Sexual Intimidation 

On the 11th of September 2017 I had a conversation with Mariël in her office. First the issue on the Friday before with Charles was talked about. Charles was on a holiday this week so he was not present. Mariël told me that it was not done to make a fool of Charles like I did on Friday. I then proceeded by stating that under normal circumstances, that no, that’s not done. However, these were not normal circumstances. She didn’t say much to that. I told her it’s not done to mentally harass people either and talk bullshit on them, especially when it’s based on bullshit to begin with. It allowed me to continue and address the harassment of the other employees as well. I basically enumerated all the observed gang-stalking from various colleagues and I talked a bit about previous employers. I made clear that I were getting quite irritated with the continued push of false hoods. I had given her a USB stick with a picture of Claudia’s family, as well as the letter she had written to my mom that paints my real me. Not coincidentally at all, this was on the 22nd of August, Claudia’s birthday. The purpose of this was to indoctrinate her truth tree with the reality of my past. I already knew through the Network Dynamic Analysis that she was in mental control of the people at ZorgNed. And at the time of this conversation I had already identified her. Any malicious conduct of her could here by regarded as willful acts given that I had given that USB stick with reality on it. Then I confronted her with observations about herself, pointing out fallacies in there to let her know I was on to her.

Then she asked me, “What do you want.. are you looking for enemies?”. She affirmed with this that I was on to her. I then stated: “No, I’m not specifically looking for enemies. I am on the good side of the line, someone who cherishes good values, so….. “. I was suggesting by this, that if there were going to be enemies, it would be those on the evil side of the line and that I didn’t see her as an enemy explicitly. Given the fact of Anton stating “Olifant” after these events took place, it was clear Mariël knew about every detail of the relationship with Claudia long before.

After that, I asked Mariël two questions. The first was, “May I ask you about what religion you follow, if any?”. The answer to that was “No… no.. That’s  personal, but stuff like twitter is ok.”.  Then I reformulated my question: “Do you believe there is more between Heaven and Earth?”. That question she did affirm. She practices Jewish Kabbalah. Also, Mariël was not able to answer to the Question of Morality, twice. She didn’t want to.

During this conversation, notably the sections where I was talking about and explaining the gang-stalking, she was leaning forward, rather close to my face. It was summer time and she hadn’t been shy to show bits of her skin. During my talking she then began to slowly lick her lips, circling around her tongue, alternating and then moving up the tip of her tongue across her upper lip as I was speaking. I knew instantly what she was doing. But, I ignored it completely; I was unmoved and simply continued my statements and didn’t let myself be derailed mentally. She was actually sexually intimidating; trying something. When she noted it did not offset me she stopped. The conversation continued like normal. Also this has been part of her objective to get herself “embedded” in my mind in an attempt to make me submissive and addicted to her. It will be explained in the the article Weaponized Women and the article Foreplay of the Lucifera. This is what she was doing in reality and she had started this from the first work day onward as a preparation on my intended relocation to this region.

When I walked into the office the first day of work there, Mariël invited me into her office and began an overly long and almost exaggerated introduction conversation that almost took up 30 minutes. It gave me the impression that she already seemed to have prior positive knowledge about me, showing interest right off as she was telling about her personal history. It certainly was not normal for an introductory conversation.

Berend “But he called Marieke a gossip wench!” K. 

After the conversation where I went back to work, Mariël had apparently invited Berend to talk with him, in the kitchen room. Not in her office, no, in the kitchen room where I could overhear bits of the conversation. I didn’t know they sat there as I was working with my back to the open office door that connects to the kitchen room. But I heard Berend exclaim: “But he called Marieke a gossip wench!”. It was over the remark Berend made somewhere in the beginning of August. At this moment I knew Mariël was holding him to account over my complaint the day before and she had quite a weighty dominance in that conversation, considering how Berend responded to her. I wanted to make sure and so I got up for a smoke, to walk past the kitchen room. And yes, they both sat there. Mariël and Berend. I looked Berend in the eyes with an expression that let him know I was darn well on to them. I smoked and went back.

Facts here are, I never spoke out loud that Marieke was a gossip wench. It was strictly a thought at the time of observing her annoying gossip. Secondly, this let me know Mariël was now conducting the The Savior technique. She knew darn well I have a well functioning hearing and I was supposed to observe her taking this measure. Also this was to further coerce me into positive alignment and get me submissive to her as part of the Foreplay of the Lucifera.

The time was closing in to a half past noon. They had ended their conversation. All of this was still on the 11th of September. And this is where shit hit the fan, or rather, blood got spilled. This is discussed in its own section Artery Blood Convulsions below and has a time span of about four weeks.

After I had gotten back, at about the second week of October, I had also noted that Hildo was like invisible and had stopped making remarks completely. It looked like Mariël had a talk with him about his mental harassing as well. All this together affirmed her mental control over these males at ZorgNed.

Gerda “Shit hitting the fan with these Muslims” E. 

Gerda was still on her holiday when I started my job with them. A week or two later also Gerda returned back to the office. It was her whom Anton was arguing about whether I would be a ‘hairy Esau’ or not. One of the things Gerda noted was, “It’s attributable to him in large part that shit didn’t hit the fan with all these Muslims.”. I knew what Gerda was referring to. It was during the time where this Turkish official was arrested here in Holland, when she had almost reached the embassy. It was during the time of the so called Gülen coup in Turkey. At this time, RTL-Nieuws (news broadcast) still allowed Facebook messages to their new articles. I had posted a number of articles to comment on the situation in Turkey. I received positive reactions to these as well. A quite from a Facebook user which had sent me a message, likely of Turkish heritage given his avatar:

Fer Di
I read your responses about the coup in Turkey, I had to say that you are the only one who knows what he is talking about and knows how to substantiate this decently; hats off for your conscious awareness of what happens around you. Too bad the rest come to their conclusions dis-informed. 🙁

I do not attribute to myself what Gerda said. They were the words of Gerda. But I did know what she was referring to. Gerda wanted to make me aligned to her this way.

Gerda “Not letting our beautiful religion being ridiculed” E. 

A week or so later when I began to realize the ulterior motives of Mariël, also Gerda took a turn. At a given moment she made the following remark towards a colleague: “I won’t let our beautiful religion be ridiculed by him!”. It was probably Anton she talked to. I picked up this remark. I knew instantly what it referred to. There is only one religion of which I pointed out the reality behind this religion, pointing out the malevolence within numerous verses from the works of this religion, in a research forum. I did this under an anonymous user. It was about the Babylonic Talmud. The article Religion highlights these verses. Thus, all of this let me known that indeed here at ZorgNed I was dealing with Jewdom. This is an important core element and is directly related to my identification of Gerda and Mariël as Satanists as described earlier.

Charles “What was it like?” W. 

After I had recovered some after the surgeries dealing with the lung bleedings and had gotten back to work, Charles came over and sat down crouched next to me. This was somewhere halfway October. Assuming he came to inquiry about my condition, I listened to him. He asked me, “What was is like? How was the experience?”. I couldn’t immediately place the question, it wasn’t a question that asked for a well being. I then asked him realizing that he was asking about how I experienced the bleedings themselves, “What do you mean.. the sudden bleeding and the possible notion of dieing, like where one sees their live go by before the eyes?“. The answer to that was, “Yes! Yes, exactly!”. Again I found this to be odd. I then answered, “Well, concerning that I just remained cool and didn’t panic. As far as dieing is concerned, I have already experienced the most wonderful that a human being can experience and as such could die peacefully any time without having a sense of having missed out on anything.”. With this I was referring to the relationship of true love which I shared and experienced together with Claudia, and secondly I let on that the blood convulsion events didn’t intimidate me. I knew long before these bleedings were no natural phenomena. Charles didn’t ask any further and wished me the best, apparently not getting the answer he hoped for possibly.

Helgo “I can see bodies float already” v. B. 

In the month of October of 2017, with all that transpired I had a pretty solid view of the cabal presence here. I had also discovered that Satanic database record. I decided it was time for another ‘throw’. From an online research forum about crime related to Satanism, child abuse and trafficking, I had pulled up a thread. Its title was: Satanic alert : Oct 13 – 30 – Preparation for all Hallows Eve! (Halloween). Includes Abduction, holding and human sacrifice!!. I put the browser on the second monitor and zoomed in the browser to make the text readable from a bigger distance; big enough for anyone to walk past me to read what the thread title said. To not make it too obvious, I put another browser with work related documents over the other one but in such way that it did not obscure the title of the thread. I left it up like that for a good while. It didn’t take long for a response. Since they knew I had already identified Mariël and Gerda, putting up this thread was even more an indication to them I was on to them.

Helgo, who sat like 2 meters away from my desk behind my back at a desk against the wall separating the kitchen and the office room, then made a stand-alone remark. It was loud enough for me to hear it: “I can already see bodies float..”. It was intended either as a threat or as a warning. Considering how far this whole thing had developed, I’m pretty sure it’s the former. And to me it sealed the deal on a Satanic cabal being present here that has a nation wide outreach in which Mariël plays a significant role. She’s nationwide revered within the cabal.

Helgo “Discussing our taboo” v. B.

I picked up a line from Helgo. It sounded like a stand-alone remark, which stated something about whether a taboo was up for discussion or not. They are aware of the level and depth of the research I have conducted over the years.

Artery Blood Convulsions 

NOTE: This section provides shocking media. View it at your own discretion.

The day was the 11th of September 2017. After having had this conversation with Mariël and after that observed her having the other conversation with Berend in the kitchen room, the shit hit the fan at around 1 pm in the afternoon. I am a smoker, and it isn’t unusual to cough up small bits of slime. Suddenly I noted something was off in my lungs. While exhausting breath I noted a ‘gurgling’ inside my lungs at the bottom; having liquid in my lungs. I coughed up and kept it in my mouth. Blood. I instantly knew it was trouble. In February 2017 I experienced the same thing. This will be documented later on.

I stayed cool, took my phone and went to the gentleman’s toilet immediately. The toilet cells for ladies and gentlemen were in a larger toilet room. I closed the door of the gentleman’s cabin. When spewing into the toilet the accumulated liquid it indeed appeared to be blood, bright red. The gurgling deep inside my longs persisted and I coughed up a few more times bright red fresh blood. I didn’t hesitate a second and called the emergency number, 112. The ambulance would be sent over. Below a video I shot of the blood inside the toilet as evidence. This was right after calling the emergency line. After I had gathered enough footage, I opened the door. In the film one can see how Mariël comes into the toilet room and asks if all is okay. Below the film:

09/11/2017 – Footage of blood from the lungs at the toilet.

[More to write]