Sex Incrimination

[To be written, items below. These will all be reworked into articles/sections. This website also serves as a legal statement and information source for various authorities I’ve filed cases with, and as such they need mention before I get to write it all up in an accessible and organized format]

  • False profile bolstering through accusation of motive opposite from reality.
  • Applying cabal private culture projection onto target (lustful sex / swinging is part of private cabal culture). Saul Alinsky tactic (Rules for Radicals – accuse target of own conduct to put focus on target)
  • Sex is completely separate from true, spiritual love. There’s a reason why almost every language separates them two by two different words. Cabal perversion and subversion attempts to make these two words synonymous.
  • Male biology functions in a one-way direction – needs relief to undo excitation. This is exploited big-time, by the employment of [to be written: Weaponized Women] performing targeted seduction in combination with “The Savior” psychological warfare technique.
  • The “hockey stick” graph of certain attention from certain females at employers, coincidentally since the third quarter of 2015, after research into and obtaining findings around the take-down of MH-17.
  • Application of the “Perspective Shrink” and “Hyperbolism” technique: maximum focus on a singular subject, through which attention is taken off a case as a whole. In this case, maximum focus on the inverse profile (all sex, no love, no conception of a spiritual mental bond) – attempting to falsely explain obtained factoids (visual cortex read-outs).
  • Relevant items are being moved to¬†Allegations Versus Reality.

This is what they (the cabal) destroyed by negatively influencing the visa- and the subsequent appeal procedure, causing the “Eternal gushing blood”, a metaphor for the metaphorical wound caused by a half torn away.

Yes, I am trashing the mental cage the cabal put around me since the late 90’s.

External Excitation Log 

For a while now, on and off, I am being externally excited. It can sometimes be quite irritating. However after the completion of translation of a number of articles since yesterday (03/26/2019) it seems to take severe forms and it has been present since yesterday evening. High ranked (in intelligence) Jew filth uses it in an attempt to get me to fantasize about certain females to then use those factoids against me. Since I know my speech is totally censored by this filth, I will now keep an update log on when these external excitations manifest and when they disappear in order to help the righteous synchronize presentation of “evidence” with the time frames of excitation.

03/26 – Since the evening.
03/27 – So far through the day.
03/28 – Early morning / morning – Gone; late morning – some; Afternoon – none; Evening – some.
03/29 – Morning – some; afternoon – severe.
03/30 – Morning – a lot; Afternoon / Evening; some.
03/31 – Morning, afternoon – severe (at family visit), attempt to claim “libido off his mother, armadillo”. (This filth needs a handling); Evening – none
04/01 – During the morning / afternoon – some; Late afternoon, evening – significant.
04/02 – Morning / afternoon – significant / evening – minor
04/03 – Morning – some / afternoon – none / evening – significant.
04/04 – Significant
04/05 – Significant
04/06 – Morning, till mid evening – none, minor / Mid evening, past midnight – severe
04/07 – Morning, early afternoon – severe / Late afternoon, evening – none, minor
04/08 – Night, morning – none.
04/09 – 04/13 Gradual increasing severity.