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I have tried to contact various state venues to share with my findings. However, it was like I hit a wall. Being transferred, being referred to to in the end, end up with nothing. Then I decided to contact the Malaysian embassy in The Hague. I marked my e-mail with a priority marker as well as a read marker so I would know whether my e-mail would have been received and read. I never received such notify. Nor have I received a reply or otherwise response that suggests they received the e-mail. I attribute this to information control by cabalists in our state services whom try to keep on tightly the lid on their false flag. Here you will find the e-mail for further analysis and research:

An attempt to contact Malaysia to share with findings.


Bellingcat Photo-shop Fraud –  Snizhne 

One of the discoveries was the total fraud of the materials brought forth by investigative journalist Elliot Higgins of the research collective Bellingcat. Below one of their photographs is shown. With the image below I prove how the photograph showing the BUK missile launcher near Snizhne is a fraud by applying basic light-ray physics rules. Bellingcat is not what it seems. Is is an organization which has been set up as a front by intelligence agencies in order to fabricate an illusion.

Laws of physics, in this picture, rule out from being a reality the BUK launcher near Snizhne.

Bellingcat Photo-shop Fraud – Volvo Truck 

Not just the picture near Snizhne is a Photo-shop fraud. The Bellingcat agency released more pictures that were to suggest that a BUK transport took place via an alleged route. The French paper ‘Paris Match’ published photos which suggested that there was a video of the transport in Donetsk in existence. An investigative journalist named Sergey Mastepanov conducted an analysis for these publicized photos in a blog article.

In these photos, through drawn lines, he proves that trigonometric rations and lines do not match up with reality. He also makes note of the blurry appearance of the BUK launcher on the trailer that indicates that also here the laws of physics are violated. It can be seen quite well, given the fact that the Volvo truck and the dashboard of the car from which the video was taken are sharp and in-focus. Those familiar with graphics and graphics operations would recognize that the BUK launcher is scaled up, showing the so called ‘pixel-blur’ as a result of scaling up in size a source image.

Furthermore I have been able to retrieve the type and model number of the Volvo truck which allowed me to prove that the bar visible behind the cabin isn’t located properly either in these images, apart from the fact that this bar seems to have moved between the pictures in Donetsk. Also the picture of the combination taken in Luhansk, seen from a right angle shows the bar to be located inappropriately. This bar is a signature artifact for this Volvo truck model. All three images together suggest that the bar seems to shift optically from almost all the way on the left side towards almost all the way to the right side behind the cabin. An optical shifting like that as a result of the viewing angle ( ‘parallax-effect’ ) is not possible in reality given the fact that the bar is mounted to the truck frame and nearly positioned against the back of the cabin in reality.

Below you will find images of the same Volvo truck model, seen from the back under an angle that’s even bigger than those in the Luhansk and Donetsk images and you can see that the bar is centered behind the back of the cabin. And it doesn’t even reach up as high seen in these Bellingcat images. The model of the Volvo truck is the FH 420 6×2 Euro5 ADR. The cabin backside wall profile is identical and can be used as an excellent reference surface for all other metrics, as is the air inlet duct.

The Volvo FH 420 6×2 ADR with the bar, here with electricity wiring attached, seen from a left view angle.

And here the Volvo truck from a right view angle.

By putting side by side these photos with the Bellingcat photos and comparing this, one can instantly see that the Bellingcat photos are fabricated pictures. All the work of Bellingcat is a fraud. A BUK transport by the purported truck combination never took place.

An Occult Message From The Troika 

The troika speaks

On the 15th of January 2014, Christine Lagarde of the troika was privileged to tell a message to attendants. In fact, two messages are being conveyed. The speech designed by the troika itself, and an occult message layered into the speech. It tells, relative to the date of the speech, of an upcoming event that the attendants ought to be anticipating on. She starts off the speech by talking about ‘numerology’ and the ‘magic of the number 7’. Furthermore, she states 2014 is going to be ‘a magic year’. With this, she instructs the audience on how to decode the occult message. Nothing is without reason, and putting in this gig about numerology and magic numbers is not either.

The following string of numbers and subject sections are conveyed. Each section yields a number:

  • A reference to the 1st World War. 100 years ago, it started in 1914. Drop the two zeros. It leaves: 1.
  • The birth of the IMF, 70 years ago. She emphasizes this section. Drop the zero. It leaves: 7.
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall, 25 years ago. She emphasizes this section also. Apply the numerology (2 + 5). It yields: 7.

Then, she skips over by telling about the emergence of financial markets, it contains a 7 but it is not emphasized. However, now something else gets emphasis: ‘optimism is in the air. It again, is followed by the magic year 2014. Now, a sequence of 7’s follow, closed by a 2:

  • Speaks of 7 miserable years. Then..
  • Speaks of 7 strong years. And..
  • Speaks of the G7 having something to do with ‘it’.
  • Or maybe even the G20. Drop the zero, it leaves 2.

Then she ends the sequence stating she hopes the IMF has something to do with ‘it’.

Decoding the Message 

The following series emerges: 1 7 7 7 in the air 2014 7 7 7 2. If one’s to take an initial hint at what the numbers are supposed to mean, one would note the year. 2014. It is then likely, a date is suggested. If we then look at the first series of numbers, a date can indeed be formed: 17/7. The 3rd 7 was the one that did not receive emphasis. There is more information hidden: The optimism in the air. When one looks at the numbers following the year, it’s a series of 7’s and a 2. What could be related to something in the air with that kind of number sequence? Well.. that would be a Boeing 777 which has 2 engines.

It seems the 3rd 7 of the whole sequence didn’t seem to add anything. This may be intended. This number would be noise to the signal to make the whole sequence only slightly more confusing while not nearly confusing enough to scramble the message too much. After all, other trojka members present are still expected to pick up the secondary, hidden message without too much puzzling. It may be that the 7 still means something, like a runway number or an intended hour of departure. The number then becomes signal rather than noise. The message is as follows:

On 17-7-2014 something will happen involving a 777 aircraft.

And, so it did. To the cabal it would be an optimistic event. The enabler for the incrimination of Russia, hoping that with enough fancy fabrications of illusions, it would pave the way for expansion through an attempt of invoking NATO’s Article 5, if incrimination could be pulled off. Since the plan already existed on the 15th of January, one can expect cabal think-tanks to have thought over it long and hard to set up such an elaborate scheme. A scheme that includes having a purported research collective no one heard of before, all in a sudden come up with “evidence” that would suggest a BUK transport took place.

One thing is for sure, they do not like people finding out about this and making noise about it.

More Occultism

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External Event Time-Alignment (Planning) 

  • Select a field of interest that would draw people of intended nationalities / professions.
  • Organize an event or multiple events for this target group.
  • Select a location for the events that would imply a desired flight route.
  • Select a date for the events that would make the desired flight route pass the false flag location on the desired signature date.

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Too Stupid to be True

  • Release of satellite image by the Russian state T.V., supposedly obtained from British intelligence. It shows MH-17, and a fighter yet. The image after analysis can be identified as a fraud and it has been identified as such in research communities.
  • Russia would never consciously release a fraudulent satellite image for it would mean perceptional self destruction and a legitimization for intervention. There is still a thick layer of command between the president and a T.V. broadcast opening possibilities for out-of-control release of materials.
  • Retraction and scrubbing of materials would suggest guilt.

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