As my findings since the end of 2015 show with indisputable proof, the identified Satanic cabal occupies various layers of our society. Higher motives for one are to deprave humanity in order to make people more exploitable as well as the conquering of our planet. This means, for one, steady detoriation of standards and values which are of spiritual value to humans such as love and the family unit.

Like explained in the article Absolute Duality – Behind the Veil, members of this mental cult primarily act in the mental world whereas they are not all that easy to identify in daily life. They employ various psychological warfare techniques to achieve objective through positions of power in our societies. As long as one ignorantly follows their agendas by propagating various doctrines helpful to their cause, one won’t experience resistance and harassment. Contrary, it may seem like people experience unbridled prosperity. It’s exactly this that is a result of these doings of cabalists at various positions of power in society. As soon as one begins to stand for justly justice, honesty, values and principles, mainly at the level of (national) politics and otherwise geopolitics, one will note a massive resistance through harassment, inverse profiling and unjustly incrimination; most often attempts at sex based incrimination. Through these means, the cabal attempts to coerce people in these environments to follow the mental bidings of the cabal. This just doesn’t happen in politics but also within justice and intelligence. More so because these branches are the legitimate path to deal with malevolence and (extreme) criminality.

With the discoveries surrounding MH-17 and this (elitist) cabal I experienced first hand their mental doings like the false profiling of my person and their attempts to mentally kill me. Given the fact that a core mission of this cabal is to eradicate spiritual love, I already experienced their extremely malevolent doings in 2001, namely the conscious destruction of the relationship with Claudia I had back in time. By coercion of Jewish cabalist  gatekeepers in intelligence our visa was sabotages by denying the visa that would allow Claudia and me to marry each other, twice. Not just that; they also went to the lengths of trying to eradicate the notion of existence of that relationship by erasing files and records, as can be read on this website in the article My Rosetta Stone.

I reported my findings with our National Police. I launched this website knowing that gatekeepers of the cabal are present within this organization also, to allow all involved to access the provided authentic materials in order to prevent gatekeepers from fabricating alternative truths and lies to cover up everything. In the article Allegations versus Reality a good number of allegations are highlighted which serve to marginalize my person and to cover up reality while whitewashing these cabalists.

If justice is to prevail, it is of importance that gatekeepers within Justice and intelligence agencies are identified and eliminated by means of lawful means so they are no longer able to obstruct and stop the work of righteous, good members dealing with elitist, cultural (murderous, substance abusing, cannibalistic) crime. If  this doesn’t happen, these state systems will no longer be a system of integrity carried by people and instead will become a depraved, oppressing force that acts in the interest of this (elite) cabal, pursuing  objectives that no longer have people’s well-being in mind.

This article outlines what we as a society can do against this enemy in the shadows of society. If we don’t make a stand, the relentless detoriation of all that what makes it beautiful to be a human being will invariably continue.

An Absolute Reference


The Mental Battle Field

[Text]: Truth dissynchronization. Question of Morality.

The Eyes of the Cabal


Spiritual Strength




Long Term Vision 

Striving for a better world won’t work by just pointing out a problem. A solution, a vision is required as much. The cabal that’s undermining a better world has entrenched itself in every facet of societies. This is the reason why J.F. Kennedy formulated his speech the way he did; calling up on every one in every facet of society. Like I explained in the Absolute Duality article I already wrote and published a plan back in 2015 and highlighted it. Despite this plan not having much actual detail, it still paints a long term vision which may help to achieve a better world. The solution:

  • Realize it’s about detriment and benefit, not about countries or genetic strains.
  • Keep our current systems running. We don’t want chaos, but instead, survive and save ourselves and mother Earth.
  • Use your voting power on people that will know when to stand up when they see the proper support.
  • Rely on those that know what to do.
  • People need a hierarchy for efficient and cooperative functioning as a whole.
  • Identify detriment within current hierarchies. Gone is the mystique once you realize the truth.
  • Contain detriment, using existing justice systems, and if so needed, at the global level, introduce new global bodies to put to justice this multi-generational, global crime.
  • Unity of people required for a scope the size of this (See first point again)
  • Unified global truth, through peer review / control both down AND UP the hierarchy.
  • Change and adapt the global human systems by competent, genuinely beneficial people.
  • For a better world, for a lasting future for mankind with its true legacy.
  • And maybe, one day, see other worlds, and perhaps make new friends.
  • About genetic strains? One word: Bio-diversity! Every strain has the right to be preserved as mankind’s legacy.

As for benevolence and malevolence:

  • What is benevolence? Love and compassion. Pursuing life for oneself and others. Malevolence is the opposite of this and detriment loathes this.
  • As there is necessary evil, there is necessary good. Put the big picture together to not mix up the original and necessary bit.
  • Retro apply this abstract to the concrete religion you may follow, there’s no reason to forgo yours once you realize a bread is a bread and water is water.
  • There is an infinite amount of benevolence and there is an infinite amount of malevolence. Neither look at your faith, color, genetic strain, what so ever. They look at whether you allow either one in or not…

A long way uphill? Surely. But remember, the power of the individual is to cooperate and work together as one whole..