The Proof


This section contains the actual proof of the existence of the cabal. It proves general intent as well as intent towards me. It is absolutely critical to have read and be familiar with every chapter in the Chronology section and the terms listed in the Glossary in order to fully grasp the full scope and context of what has been recorded and how it relates to almost two decades of history.

The proof consists of audio recordings recorded by my phone which are made available in their original formats. Besides these original, unaltered, uncensored compressed audio files created by the voice recorder app on my phone, a number of Audacity projects are provided. This is because some of the evidence within the recorded audio is of such low volume, close to the noise floor of the microphone, that it needed to be enhanced to listening volumes and have effects applied for clarity such as a 250Hz high-pass filter to remove excessive bass.  In order to listen to the fragments and navigate the audio within these projects, Audacity is required. Click on any of the Audacity links for the download link and for instructions on how to open the project files and how to navigate the audio within to play the fragments.

The individual pages within this section provide an image of the Audacity tracks along with transcript annotation, an explanation of the terms together with the context of these spoken words and of course the download link(s) to the raw audio file and the Audacity project file. The project files and their data files are compressed into a zip file which needs to be extracted to a target location first.

The Files

More sections will be added when more relevant fragments turn up after analysis. It’s hours of recording and the analysis is still a work in progress.

What It Proves

  • The existence of a mentally nefarious cabal of cannibals.
  • Hints at which inner culture it connects to.
  • Planning of ritual murder.
  • That I am the one they have in mind as a human sacrifice (cannibalism) and why.

What this all revolves around is the so called “Blood Libel” as it’s called by Jewish Virtual Library. My experiences together with the collected evidence proves that this isn’t a fairy tale, but cold hard reality instead. There is a reason for the obnoxious denial of, and the preemptive defense surrounding this so called “Blood Libel”. You will find the Conduct of Evidence below:

Law Enforcement

I have shared my findings with our law-enforcement. Since cabal members may be present within and may have classified my submission of information while presenting alternative truths to cover up this case, this website enables our righteous, honest, moral men and women to still access all the information and regard all contents within this website to be my legal statement since so far I have not been offered an opportunity to make a legal statement. Use the information well and may it be of help to identify cabal members as they can be recognized by their employment of psychological warfare techniques.

Lawful Protection and Immunity – Our Constitution 

This website delivers proof of cultural, heavy crime within Jewdom. As a result, it’s almost guaranteed that people who conduct research into this area, subjecting this to scrutiny, will be accused of ‘antisemitism’ and are labeled a ‘Nazi’ with the risk of facing lawful prosecution.

The use of these lawful means to stem any form of research and turn the blame onto these people with aforementioned allegations is also a well thought out design of this Jewish cabal.

However, our constitution offers lawful protection against any such attempt, next to the fact that nothing can be, nor allowed to be a free-pass to malevolence and criminality where the Absolute Duality would be the true differentiator.

The Dutch Constitution, Article 1
Anyone who resides in the Netherlands, is to be equally treated in equal cases. Discrimination over religion, philosophy of life, political alignment, race, sex or any other basis, is not permitted.

Our constitution enforces the equality principle and is in line with the Absolute Duality completely. This means that the specific exception clause as part of Criminal Law which makes liable ‘antisemitism’, are in direct conflict with Article 1 of our Constitution. Such a clause is not present for all other religions, philosophies of life, political alignments, races and so on. Since all of these form the majority, one can invoke the equality principle of this article and not be subject to liability.