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As with everything on this website it is very important to realize that nothing is without reason. This especially goes with the words spoken here that will be addressed below on this page!
The annotations on this page contain vulgar and violent language. Close the page if you do not wish to be confronted with these.

Full-size Authentic Source Recording 

ZorgNed_20170703.m4a – 83401f1946febb9ef135b4dd8feeb1d5a8b20d0bc978299e790bbe44f95217fd

NOTE: Not everything of this audio file has been analysed; more sections may appear. This recording is full of incriminating and case supporting statements of FloriSoft employees from the hallway, the room next door where Jan Paul Netjes and Maurice are and the sports room, that have been picked up by the phone.

This audio file takes up about 4 and half hours. This file is the recording of my first day working at ZorgNed. It was started halfway in the afternoon, about two hours before the end of the workday, around 3:00 pm. The first two hours are at work. Then the part follows where I leave, get into the car and drive home. Then follows my being at my moms place as I spent time there after work. At around 3 hours in, I am playing the Tyros 4 music keyboard, playing various songs. Afterwards I mumble stuff in annoyance after mulling over observations. Then I realized the phone was still recording and turned it off.

The audio analysis for this source recording comprises the full conversion to the .wav format and as such, the Audacity Project Archive is rather large. The download is over 1 gigabytes. However, it contains the entire wave file together with critical, confessions of various ZorgNed employees AND of Mariël Hylkema.

Analysis 04/04/2019 – Master File 


The audio file comprises the last two hours of the working day, having started the Voice Recorder app at around 3:00 pm. It is the full file. Like said above, since I had not turned off the recording, it also contains the recording of getting into the car, driving home, and spending time at my mom’s place. This audio file contains critical, condemning quotes from the Zionist Jews at ZorgNed, including Mariël Hylkema, their global level Jewish ritual serial murderer / executioner (The Goblet as they call it).

Audacity Project Archive

ZorgNed_20170703_Master.rar – 1d6ba3fa7a4f52da9d58bffa2b6fcf54da59d5b7a543ca5074b8e63d594ff36a

Annotations Explanations 

NOTE: After I had analysed and extracted these quotes, this recording (and others) have been messed with through a backdoor. The most incriminating quotes have been erased by overlapping them with other sections from the recording where nothing is spoken. However, there should be backups. The file has been backed up with the Samsung cloud  since 07/03/2017 until this analysis on 04/04/2019 and I still have copies myself. Plugging them in means they’re going to be erased through back doors again as well so I’ll keep them all detached for now. All the quotes are accurate; they have all been validated through various validation means based on word make-up, (syllable counts), dictionary matching, contextual matching (conversation flow(s)), phonetics matching, tonal matching and more, processing small bits over and over until a section had been completed.

‘Haribo niet op te winden is.’ / ‘Haribo can’t be aroused.’
Here Anton Wellink complains about the fact that Mariël can’t get me aroused for their sex incrimination with the purpose to prove I’d be a guy that just wants to fuck. It’s what they have been trying to prove ever since my relationship with Claudia, after having turned perception into my relation with Claudia being a fantasy of a schizophrenic virgin. He was doing so on day 1 already apparently; together with Mariël in order to forge this incrimination.

‘Yup geen egooo.’ / ‘Yup no egooo.’
Again the same usual complaints about having no ego. As explained in the Zorg van de Zaak annotations, it’s an exclamation of frustration and irritation, because a lot of their mental coercion banks on ego. And it shows differentially their aversion for actual love.

‘Een psychoot die niet heeft geneukt.’ / ‘A psycho that hasn’t fucked.’
This ties in still with the perception they try to purport. The schizophrenic virgin. It’s interesting how non-psychology versed folk make these statements without any sort of authority. It’s just the false profiling of these extremely malevolent Ashkenazim at ZorgNed.

‘Een Azhkenazi’ / ‘An Ashkenazi’
Part of this quote again references the collective of malevolent nature. They are quite obsessed with being Ashkenazim and obsessed with determining whether someone would be a legitimate Ashkenazim or not. As all the recordings have shown, they apparently label Ashkenazim anyone they want for assimilation purposes. There are many ‘Ashkenazi’ references throughout the recordings.

‘.. Dijsselbloem een fuck-face genoemd.’ / ‘.. called Dijsselbloem a fuck-face.’
This shows they already knew about my anonymous posting on ZeroHedge with regards to the statements made by Dijsselbloem. As explained in that article, for the Ashkenazim it is an attempt at Inversion of Guilt as part of a Target & Destroy mission (collective effort of Ashkenazim to down-talk, discredit and isolate a target) as is all the false profiling surrounding my character.

‘Ceska’ / ‘Ceska’
Ceska has been a former employee at a software company I worked for from 1999 to 2004. It’s someone that I had a positive standing with. Some issues happened at that company by a malevolent employee that tried to undermine this amical standing. At that time there was a period of time where I had interest for the woman; however there has not been a relationship what so ever and we never had intercourse. After these issues she changed employer. I never met or spoke her after. It was before I met Claudia and grew into a relationship with Claudia.

‘Ceska de hoer en een patsie’ / ‘Ceska the whore and a patsy.’
Here Ceska and I are referenced. At that time it was suggested she was a private mistress, though she never told me herself. Hence her being referred this way by these Ashkenazim, Anton Wellink in this case. It ties in with the next quote. I have not yet been able to reverse engineer (reconstruct) the reason for us being mentioned together in this statement as I have not yet analyzed more of this audio section. According to observations Ceska would no longer be a mistress.

‘Ashkenazi een Subaru moet rijden.’ / ‘ Ashkenazi has to drive a Subaru.’
Here Anton Wellink comments on the fact that I drive the Subaru. Ashkenazim are of a certain alignment and they have an aversion for something. It is differential to their own alignment. And it is what the brand name for this Japanese car stands for. The name itself translated means ‘Unity’. The logo represents a star system in the Taurus constellation. It’s the Pleiades star system which has a prominent (spiritual) meaning in cultures around the world as does the ‘Orion’ constellation. It is interesting that Anton uses the group binder ‘Ashkenazi’. The psychology, considering the possible analog differentials, is this: He’s not using ‘him’ or ‘Arno’, or ‘a ZorgNed employee’ to express his apparent gasp about an individual driving this car. But instead puts up driving this type of car with respect to the collective of beings that consider themselves ‘Ashkenazim’. And thus, the gasp about this particular car becomes related to this group as a whole.

‘.. liefde is. Onze achilleshiel een tja-ka is.’ / ‘.. is love. Our Achilles Heel is a tja-ka.’
Here something about love is stated. No further analysis has been conducted on what comes before. It’s then followed up by stating that a ‘tja-ka‘ is the Achilles heel to a collective denoted by the dynamic group binder ‘our’. The Ashkenazim collective is suggested by the use of the word ‘our’. With the statement they refer to their ‘Ashkenazi world order’.

‘Bewezen CTB’ / ‘Proven CTB’
The CTB is an abbreviation for words I observed being used as far back as 2016, that gave rise to this abbreviation being formed. The first word observed was ‘Carpaccio’. It’s an Italian appetizer that’s popular among the corporate when going out on dinners what so ever. When I worked with DataQuint we had one such company trip in Amsterdam. One item was the having dinner in an old Dutch Amsterdam restaurant. Most selected carpaccio as their appetizer. I never had it before, so I was like.. well let’s see what all the fuzz is about and I ordered it too. I ate it too. But I’ve got to say, I liked the main plate better. It was the only time I ate it; I wasn’t too moved about it (no offense). Ever since, this was in 2015, later on I began to note being called a ‘Carpaccio’ on this mental network. Since it was used in disdain to describe me, the implication made through allegation was being a yup and thus, someone who wouldn’t know what is love.

Not much later, because of my personal rants at home at times at this global menace that now appears to be the full Ashkenazi global collective, being proven cannibal murderers and killers of spiritual love and bonds, I noted being called a Tokkie as well. The linked article should tell the generic gist. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to realize the series was developed to indoctrinate the Dutch collective with a word for a specific class / group of people, so people could imply the whole slew associated to the word ‘Tokkie’. It was observed during 2015 and 2016 plenty times, alternated with the ‘Carpaccio’ word, depending on what they tried to imply.

2015 was the year where in a sudden a DataQuint female employer had a heightened interest for me and tried to get into my mind-sphere. This woman is (I suspect) of Italian descendancy and her name was Marjo. This started to happen shortly after my MH-17 and other findings towards the end of 2015. I wrote about this already in the chapter 3.1 Out of the Wood Works, paragraph 5 and “3.2 Out of the Wood Works” in a thread on the VOAT forum. She incited interest with me and I have conversed with her only small bits. However, nothing further happened as I left DataQuint early 2016. However, during that time I began to have little fantasies (normal loving fantasies and no rude or derogatory thought) at times. This is where observations now noted yet another word. Since these fantasies I was labeled a ‘Berlusconi’, after the former Italian premier. It probably doesn’t take much fantasy as to why that was. This woman being of Italian descend coupled with the fantasies it gave rise to being called such.

Now we have three words. Carpaccio, Tokkie and Berlusconi. So here we have the CTB because they apparently didn’t give up the implications of the other words, and rather than using them arbitrarily in a mix, they just made up this abbreviation.

With this allegation AND with this woman, Ashkenazim in Dutch intelligence tried hard to incriminate me as someone who just wants to fuck. She’s known to be a mistress among them as per observations from their mental network. Being called a ‘CTB’ continued for the better part of 2016 and early 2017. And that is where the quote from this tape refers to. Albert Post seems to be excited about their Ashkenazim intelligence collective having some how some way proved me to be a ‘CTB’, where the overall suggestion is that I would care about sex only and would not know what is love, so that the Mossad and Ashkenazim in our AIVD could be cleared from mentally murdering two people in 2002 and 2003; me and Claudia by doubly rejecting my visa. And as usual with them, they tried no more than to use mental fantasy factoids to claim all these things. They attempt to use factoids obtained from mental thought and create narratives around them to target and destroy people. Their observations through high-tech are then propagated down the chain of command within intelligence, along with their desired narrative, where the system is like where the lower compartments can not and may not question authenticy and legitimacy as well as rationality. They just have to suck up what ever bollocks is fed into their primary truth trees through authority of the higher compartments.

Fancy words

I had been registering these mental observations and words used by intelligence on the other end of the mental network to describe me. At that time I still presumed the mental communication was from top level AIVD compartments with the purpose of incrimination after finding out things about MH-17 and my own past. ‘Ashkenazim’ and other Jew related matter was not in the picture at that time, but there was a suspicion already. Over time, more words joined in on that mental network that suggested Jewish involvement through words as ‘Goyim’ and ‘Ashkenazim’. Today I know the mental network is of exclusive Jewish, Mossad high-tech origin. All the profiles observed are all ‘anti-Merino’, or in abstract sense, ‘anti-good’. And their members infest our AIVD and MIVD as well as other state systems. Through this mental network (which has a global span), diaspora around the world form an exclusive horizontal platform with one another. To the left is e-mail that I sent to myself in 2017, a draft describing the terms they used to address me for incrimination and blackballing purposes.

.. fuck-pleb Arno‘ / ‘ .. fuck-pleb Arno
Here my name is used in one breath with the ‘fuck-pleb’ allegation. It affirms the individual being addressed through the allegation, making it an identifying allegation.

‘Haribo de fuck-pleb ..  Haribo’ / ‘Haribo the fuck-pleb .. Haribo’
And it adds the ‘Haribo’ to it.  Even back then  I was already explicitly targeted.

Arno wordt geofferd dan neem ik aan.‘ / ‘Arno will be sacrificed then I presume.
Here Albert Post inquires for an affirmation on me being a Jewish ritual human sacrifice for their Ashkenazim collective. It was clearly spoken and easily recognizable as spoken by him. It affirms my suspicion near the entirety of ZorgNed was one Ashkenazim cell.

Merino onze Satanische offer wordt.‘ / ‘Merino becomes our Satanic sacrifice.
A soft female voice identified as Mariël Hylkema alias Deborah. She says ‘Satanic’, but it’s a disassociation deflection. We’re talking Ashkenazim out for a human sacrifice here. Satanism is integral to this collective. She would be the one to conduct the gory execution. as future recordings prove.

Tering haribo niet op te geilen is want hij heeft geen hoer geneukt, de fuck-pleb haribo.’ /
Fucking haribo can’t be made horny cause he hasn’t fucked a whore, the fuck-pleb haribo.

This proves the method by which Jews try to incriminate people through the facet of sex. They attempt to arouse targets in the hopes they will start to have interest and eventually have fantasies. The sex side is exceedingly oppressed through all kinds of body language. Then they take a run with the brainwaves and push their desired illusion trees down the chain of command. The specific bit of her comment is that I haven’t had sex with a whore yet, and as such have not been indoctrinated with their potential pleasure abilities. And as such there was nothing for the woman to trigger with me and have a greater effect arousing.

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