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As with everything on this website it is very important to realize that nothing is without reason. This especially goes with the words spoken here that will be addressed below on this page!
The annotations on this page contain vulgar and violent language. Close the page if you do not wish to be confronted with these.

Full-size Authentic Source Recording 

FloriSoft_20180611.m4a – e7a38dac5c5fce4a7035fbef244f3ba8278f362993053cc38d577ad7fb258cdd

NOTE: Not everything of this audio file has been analysed; more sections may appear. This recording is full of incriminating and case supporting statements of FloriSoft employees from the hallway, the room next door where Jan Paul Netjes and Maurice are and the sports room, that have been picked up by the phone.

NOTE: Although not yet documented, this recording also indisputably proves that I developed the “registrierkasse” module; a complex piece of software that makes used of a smartcard reader, a digital signature, WCF, multi-threading and a QR barcode output. They try to uphold the illusion that I had not developed this module. I had to be a “schizophrenic with image” after all.

This audio file contains the last two and half hours on the work day of the 11th of June 2018. The original file is rather big, around 150MB. The analysis for this file consists of sections that each cover a part of this day, in chronological order. These are as follows:

Analysis 03/10/2019 – End of Working Day 


This section takes place at the end of the day where a number of FloriSoft had gathered in the sports room. At this time I was still busy finishing up a piece of code. The core of the conversation was about the cocking up of the confiscation (abduction) and the looking forward to the human meal after the ritual murder act and the serving would have taken place. The recording on the 14th of June 2018 explicitly describes this murder act by Deborah (Mariël).

Audacity Project Archive

FloriSoft_20180611_01.zip – 3b11e39cca7522736ac355599cd8c12499a368d3d5de728bfc2afed68dc7e82c

Annotations Explanations

‘Zeker een sandwich.’ / ‘For sure a sandwich’ 
Here Jan Paul Netjes talks about a sandwich. So far the context is not yet clear within the main line of the ongoing conversation in the sports room.

‘.. want niemand denkt dan aan Deborah.’ / ‘.. because then nobody thinks of Deborah.’ 
Before Jan Paul Netjes speaks out this statement, Maurice makes a suggestion, namely, to present a perception in which it would be ‘all love’ between me and Deborah. This perception would be held up among Jews across the country, including at Zorg van de Zaak as evidenced by the statement made of the doctor which says ‘a fucking yup is in love with Deborah‘. Take note, I don’t participate in this at all; with these people it’s all about fabricating illusions and perceptions towards fellow Jews as well as the outside world. Jan Paul then answers with the annotated statement, acknowledging that no outsider would then suspect Deborah of conducting the ritual murder. They are cocking up how to apply MDP to Deborah.

‘Aan Deborah.’ / ‘Of Deborah’
Maurice repeats the last part of the Jan Paul’s statement, tasting the word ‘Deborah’.

‘In een goederentrein’ / ‘In a cargo train’
This statement is spoken by another employer (X). Preliminary this may suggest how they plan on getting rid of my car, the Subaru.

Employee (Y) exclaims repulsion towards me with the word ‘merino‘.

‘Cider en goulash’ / ‘Cider and goulash’ 
With this, employee (X) apparently seems to look forward to the buffet that will take place after the sacrifice. With ‘Cider’ the blood of the sacrificial victim is referenced, full of adrenochrome and stripped from testosteron and endorphin. With ‘Goulash’ the victim’s intestines and meat are referenced. Also the employee at Zorg van de Zaak makes a similar remark, congratulating ms. Zevering with the gained right to drink from victim’s blood through the statement ‘And cider!‘.

‘Van een pleb naar een guru’ / ‘From a pleb to a guru’
Here employee (X) states how the narrative is adapted concerning the perception towards outsiders in support of the MDP applied to Deborah to deflect any suspicion towards Deborah (Mariël).

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