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As with everything on this website it is very important to realize that nothing is without reason. This especially goes with the words spoken here that will be addressed below on this page!
The annotations on this page contain vulgar and violent language. Close the page if you do not wish to be confronted with these.

Full-size Authentic Source Recording 

FloriSoft_20180614_01.m4a – 793d8e301e17249f630298cb0d6a6560ee784f0f5bd7844bfe7248a7d7554ddd
FloriSoft_20180614_02.m4a – fc089f12029b258860a59b387f950d0ed3615cba61076529ed89e1092b8039cd

NOTE: Not everything of this audio file has been analysed; more sections may appear. This recording is full of incriminating and case supporting statements of FloriSoft employees from the hallway, the room next door where Jan Paul Netjes and Maurice are and the sports room, that have been picked up by the phone. In the future I will add a floor plan of the building. Annotations with an * (asterix) are not yet final and are subject to ongoing analysis and are subject to change and as such these are not yet annotated.

These audio file span a work day on the 14th of June 2018. The first file is the recording of the morning till about the start of lunch time. The second recording is from the time after lunch till the end of the day.The analysis of these files consists of sections which each cover a part of this day in chronological order. Each analysis between parenthesis contains the source file number, being 1 or 2. They are as follows:

Analysis 04/06/2019 – Beginning of Morning (1) 


This section takes place in the early morning around on a Thursday and take up about 5 minutes. This section appears to contain confessions that describe the full ritual sequence of the draining of testosteron and endorphin, which is then followed by the decapitation, all performed by their Lucifera, Mariël Hylkema / Deborah. The conversations come from multiple rooms, likely through the air duct system and open access between hallways of the first and second floor. There is some reverb in various speech.

Audacity Project Archive

FloriSoft_20180614_01_02.zip – a46fbd60e6f4443fbb54d10e02b3ff25d987277ce231a8f5943fe3fc1e8c4374

Annotations Explanations

‘Gore goyim een helderziende is.’ / ‘Filthy goyim is a psychic.’ 
This employee is Marco K. Here he complains about me (the goyim) being a psychic. It is the low, slow voice. They make many references to my paranormal abilities on other days as well. These will also be added later.

‘Fuck-pleb.. In twee delen.’ / ‘Fuck-pleb.  In two parts.’ 
Here we have another employee describing the execution part of the Jewish human sacrifice ritual. He is looking forward to see me end up in two parts, being pulled apart by Deborah as many other exclamations on this and other days reveal. See here and here. I can’t resolve his identity at this time. Again he uses the identifying terminology fuck-pleb to describe me.

Gore Nazi klaargekneden wordt.‘ / ‘Filthy Nazi being squeezed into cumming. 
This is Jan-Paul stating how I would be prepared for the sacrifice. Mariël / Deborah would be giving me my “Last Evening Meal” as described in the profile of the Lucifera. That my ritual sacrifice is known across Jewdom becomes obvious since at Zorg van de Zaak they are saying the same thing, where an employee also states the exact same thing as Jan Paul says here.

Door Deborah, die tering yup.‘ / ‘By Deborah, that fucking yup. 
Here Maurice van den Berg responds and tells by whom. Indeed, by Mariël / Deborah. It’s the low, soft voice. It’s barely audible, though with focus it can be heard. These guys sort of loathe this particular event as their irritation is explained as a form of jealousy; they would love the treatment minus the sacrificial part. However, Deborah as a mistress is out of their reach, both location wise and customer entry point wise.

‘En goyim!’ / ‘And goyim!’ 
This is Marcel van Steijn replying to Maurice, appending to his expression stating that I am a goyim too.

‘Kut yup dan ook weer blij.’ / ‘Then [the] fucking yup [is] happy again too.' 
Jan-Paul claims how the “Last Evening Meal” would make me happy for a short while. It expresses and affirms the aforementioned irritation about this treatment jealousy.

.. tot ie wordt gerukt in twee delen.‘ / ‘.. until he is ripped in two parts. 
Here the other employee responds again, stating that the “meal” is of short notice until Deborah commences with the ‘decapitation’ which will expose my cider and goulash. This ripping two is made possible because Mariël / Deborah is a top-level security compartment Jewish agent whose body parts are technologically enhanced through nano tech. It’s top-secret knowledge. They use the tech for malevolent purposes, like conducting decapitations though they can also employ it as sex enhancement. More on this in the article [To be written: Technology].

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Analysis 03/10/2019 – Morning Snack Lunch (1) 


This section takes place in the morning around 10:30 am on a Thursday. The Thursday is the day where FloriSoft always orders bread rolls and snacks with a local snack bar. The snacks are delivered at the counter in the reception main hall and are consumed in the lunch room on the first floor. This is no alternative to the regular lunch which starts around 12:30 pm in the afternoon. It is an extra lunch halfway the morning. De recorded speech are of employees picking up their snacks and are making their ways back to the lunch room with kitchen. The door to this lunchroom generally is always opened and the noises can be observed from the second floor; there are no doors or walls in between and around the stair case. This is a fully open stair case. This recording shows that almost the whole of FloriSoft is aware, especially those employees that work on the first and second floor. Support employees eat their lunches in their support room.

Audacity Project Archive

FloriSoft_20180614_01_01.zip – f3ec76a8367da80d82ddd7b17285e7b6f1f48fc24af0f0cf821f513dbc909a7e

Annotations Explanations

‘Euro Kabaal’ / ‘Euro Cabal’ 
Here an employee speaks of the Jewish cabal itself, or at least, the European branch of the Jewish cabal.

‘… als Deborah die vieze fuck-face en wiet-pleb open trekt.’ /
‘… when Deborah rips open that filthy fuck-face and weed pleb.’ 

With this statement the FloriSoft employee mentions how Deborah would conduct the ritual murder act. It is one of the highlights of the ritual. The ripping apart and open is done through the ‘Hedge Scissors‘ as described in the profile of The Lucifera. This exposes the intestines which they describe as ‘goulash‘.

‘Troika!’ / ‘Troika!’
They reference the troika and how my work on various forums could be the Achilles’ heel to their troika. Now with supporting evidence like the statement above, about the ‘Euro Cabal‘, it has become clear what the Jewish cabal actually means with the word ‘troika‘. The glossary will be updated to reflect this conclusion.

‘Libido van een merino.’ / ‘Libido of a merino.’
Here, Marco speaks of the het libido of a merino. He references my supposed libido. It is not yet clear what is the context of this expression.

‘Gert-Jan duimt voor die typhus yup!‘ / ‘Gert-Jan roots for that fucking yup!’
Another FloriSoft employee talks about one of their support employees. I worked together with this employee for a brief time, pertaining to the part of the software that implements EDI invoices. For the customer ‘Gebrüder Cox’ an extension was required which would enable facilitation of a specification of a chain supplier ( ‘Markant’ ) in EDI messages. I implemented the adaption for this entirely correctly using documentation supplied by Markant. Apparently Gert-Jan is partly aware of the false profiling by other FloriSoft employees and is possibly aware of their framing of a ritual murder by Deborah. It seems both his hands are tied. Gert-Jan may possibly become a sacrifice himself.

‘Nu!’ / ‘Now!’
This seems to be part of a sound-bite. It belongs to the expression down here:

‘What-ever-barbecue wordt van reuzel als Deborah die yup rijt in tweeën!’ /
‘Becomes a whatever-barbecue of fat[intestines] when Deborah rips in two that yup!’ 

Also this statement suggests in what way Deborah will be conducting the ritual murder. However, this statement together with the ‘Now!’ expression above seems to be part of a sound-bite. This full sound-bite can be heard again at the end of the second recording of that day. However, the surrounding audio is completely unique and is not the same as the audio of this section. It is explained further in the analysis that will address the second recording of this day.

This sound-bite apparently is played as soon as they note that I try to observe their conversions coming from the lunch room through the staircase from my room. The replaying is possibly for intimidation and scare purposes. It may be possible also that they are collecting dirt on each other to blackmail or incriminate each other. In any case, it is used to intimidate and acre me. It is important that I could not discern the conversations very well. This analysis for the first time provides me with what has actually been said so far.

It’s also possible that it is not a sound-bite where instead it is an employee that repeats the statement identically. It’s is to be further determined. That they can observe me mentally (mind-spying) with their technology is evident from various statements made by Patrick van der Plas, like the ‘I love it, fuck-pleb‘.

‘Van pleb naar een guru’ 
‘Van een pleb naar guru, magistraal’
‘Van pleb naar guru’ / 
‘From pleb to a guru’
‘From a pleb to guru, magnificent’
‘From pleb to guru’
These sentences are expressed by multiple employees apparently. It coincides with the perception creation of a positive standing between me and Deborah. For this, within that perception I am supposed to have a ‘worthy’ appearance: that of a guru. See the statement ‘because then nobody thinks of Deborah.‘ spoken on the 11th of March.  Back then already one employee spoke the words “from pleb to guru”.

‘Ashkenazim!’ / ‘Ashkenazim!’ 
Also here an employee references the collective that is part of this Jewish cabal. See the glossary for the word ‘Ashkenazim‘. It is spoken on the 19th of March also, in the sports room, where they are debating and labeling me an Ashkenazim for the purpose of assimilation.

Analysis 04/09/2019 – Just after Lunch (2) 



This section is right after I got back from my lunch break. I was still alone in the office where Patrick also works. He was still down the hallway where I heard him say something. It is described in this analysis.

Audacity Project Archive

FloriSoft_20180614_02_01_01.zip – 756c89f1bb3488c384bb45865035ebf88c3584318d94b4d1e11c1476a303dd9c
FloriSoft_20180614_02_01_02.zip – 21d4817f3acb16d17771790a5869a6defe79e7bbed65e28bed4053f84478ad48
FloriSoft_20180614_02_01_03.zip – aa35f2a4468952ef972063b5e0e010d4f97cc13f7d85d82e6a38cf7424d28c6c

NOTE: The 3rd Audacity Project has now been uploaded with the full quotes added. Each quote is split in multiple parts, denoted by a prefix between ‘[‘ and ‘]’. The full quote is annotated by an equation that identifies the quote by a letter and the sum of each section identifier. For example, quote ‘a’ is labeled as ‘[a] = [a1] + [a2] + [a3] + [a4]’, indicating the quote consists of four parts, each part labeled as shown. The download hash matches the upload hash; I kept open the archive locally during the upload. On a second note, the first two archives contain the same project with the last update sequence number being ‘_01’. The project in the third archive has the corresponding update sequence number of ‘_03’.


“… helderziende guru en die typhus mentale merino en Prins Bernhard en Koningin Mabel en Koning Willem Alexander en Koningin Beatrix kunnen niet wachten tot Koningin Maxima samen met die helderziende guru in de vulva van Deborah fijngemalen worden tot tjap-tjoy en dan hebben we weer een feestmaal voor pascha en dan hebben we de overwinning op de goyim weer behaald.”

“… psychic guru and that fucking mental merino and Prince Bernhard and Queen Mabel and King Willem Alexander and Queen Beatrix can’t wait until Queen Maxima with that psychic guru together are ground into tjap-tjoy in the vulva of Deborah and then we have a festive meal for Pascha and then we achieved victory over the goyim once more.”

Time span in the file: 1min09.58sec ~ 1min55.68sec

Please note that with all of this, the Question of Morality will make the difference. I personally am totally baffled over this and I’ve cried in sadness when I first uncovered parts of these quotes.

Annotations Explanations

04/24/2019 – New analysis on this section – How Deborah would grind me in her vulva into tjap-tjoy for their festive meal.

‘x’ / ‘x’ 
The quotes from this analysis indisputably prove that appropriately ranked Jewish cabal members can mind spy others. The quotes prove indisputably that they mind spy Queen Maxima, for the quotes are of such nature that she would absolutely not talk about the subject involved. She is a low ranked member on their mental network. This high-ranked cannibal Jew filth can mind monitor the Queen, while she can not mind-monitor these higher Mossad compartments. Their tech works two ways. I can observe a number of Jews as well, INCLUDING Mariël Hylkema. All my observations from this Jew scum network are legitimate. They assimilated me on that shitty network for assimilation, intimidation purposes. They thought I could never make this credible. But I can. And it is backed by the ultimate evidence. They are fucked.

She may be in danger; the demon filth took revenge by taking out her sister. When that news appeared, given the circumstances and the face of her sister on a picture, I knew it was not suicide. It was a face that expressed determination, vigilance. Not a face of depression. Then there is another picture. Of Beatrix in the back, Maxima in the middle, and Willen in front. Taken during the church service. The face in the back expressed sadistic satisfaction. The middle face expressed extreme sorrow, the front face expressed uncomfortable indeterminacy. I analyzed the situation / case at home, speaking out loud. And came to the conclusion she had been murdered. Apparently the Queen became aware of my analysis through Jew filth. She knew I was talking truth. Jew filth and likely some royalty tried to convince her it was suicide. And apparently Jew filth called Maxima schizophrenic over it. Listen to the original tape my full comments. This is the situation / case the quote from the Audacity project refers to.

NOTE: It is likely that it was not sound pressure audio that has been recorded and that instead, the ‘magnetosphere’ has been recorded – the smudge of magnetic waves in all directions at micro, nano, pico and femto range (amplitude, strength) have been recorded through 3D miniature coils realized on-chip or through PCB coils. The audio signals derived from that may have ended up on the sound pressure audio channel through cross-talk. When it is sound pressure audio, it means that the participants have had to be close in each other’s vicinity to keep such kinds of conversations. Some of the participating voices are not located in the same room as dictated by individual’s job functions. On this note, I’ve had prior experiences with devices picking up thoughts by noting the very specific targeted advertising on subjects I never spoke out to begin with. These recordings may be actual evidence of magnetosphere recordings and thus thought readings from the magnetosphere. Note that not all quotes across all recordings would me magnetosphere recordings – there are actual sound pressure recordings as well as suggested by a higher volume level without reverb.

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