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As with everything on this website it is very important to realize that nothing is without reason. This especially goes with the words spoken here that will be addressed below on this page!
The annotations on this page contain vulgar and violent language. Close the page if you do not wish to be confronted with these.

Full-size Authentic Source Recording 

FloriSoft_20180619.m4a – 57d477d60ff580e7d21172b1a5fa0fcdea1493e3083ef632f7f9bbb561267841

NOTE: Not everything from this audio file has been analyzed, more sections may appear. Some pieces already analyzed that describe in detail ritual murder have not yet been added but will be added later on.

This audio file spans the full working day on the 19th of June, 2018. The original file therefore is quite big, a good 470MB. Most of it is just various talking and keyboard typing as I work. The room is normally occupied by me, Patrick and Chris. There were a number of comments during the day aimed at me, proving the gang-stalking. The analysis for this file consists of sections, each addressing a part of the day. in chronological order. They are listed below.

Analysis 09/01/2018 – The Afternoon 


This section addresses a time span during the afternoon. I had gone to another office where a guy there, Jeroen, needed to explain work related matters with regard to a customers project. I had left the phone on my desk where it snapped critical evidence. The whole case and knowing I worked in the middle of a lion’s den made me think and strategize through-out the day. One of the things thought over was that I were going to have a conversation about the gang-stalking going on, to demand accountability. This was a thought process in between the explanations I received in that office. This is an important fact – it is being referred to by the bunch of people still at the office room I work in.

While I was gone from the office room, more people joined in. The office room was occupied by Patrick and Chris who have a desk there. Besides these, a colleague and three people of two customer companies had arrived. There was Maurice, the colleague who makes an appearance in a recording two days after. And there were one person from one company, and another two persons from the other company. All attendants in the room are fully aware of what the proven cabal has in mind with me.

These recordings also hard-link Mariël / Deborah of ZorgNed to the planned festivity as the center of attention and the center of the ritual to be performed as the explanations with links will explain.

Audacity Project Archive

FloriSoft_20180619_02.zip – 2915655d41a9771fc83bfdc3ff3c5d76d027b251fcb3d2a94a5a9280601589a0

Annotations Explanations

The annotations are explained below. Since they are in the Dutch language, I’ll provide the translation along and will refer to the English translations instead.

‘Haribo de fuck-pleb ook.. Dat ‘ie De Bokaal gevonden heeft.’ / 
‘That fuck-pleb haribo.. That he found The Goblet.’
Chris, who had said before I were “a scrawny bite”, with this statement makes the all-connecting confession. It’s the low-tone voice. The other voice is a customer. It proves cabal terminology. It proves who’s going to be the sacrificial murderess. It proves the method of murder. And it proves, with the rest of the statements made in this session that my blood is up for a drink and my body is up for a dinner. The ‘fuck-pleb haribo’ refers to me as the the recordings at FloriSoft and Zorg van de Zaak show, where the word ‘haribo’ is the connector.

The Goblet

The word goblet refers to its third meaning. Cabal women that are appointed the execution of the ritual murder are called ‘the goblet’ or ‘the goblet bearer’. This is further explained in the article The Lucifera. The cabal woman that manages to get a target submissive and addicted to her is appointed ‘the goblet’.

With this comment, Chris states that I have found The goblet. Meaning here, the nation wide matriarch cabal woman, rather than a local region wide ‘goblet’. Yes, I have found and identified their goblet, at ZorgNed. The article Findings at ZorgNed explains it all. It tells about the identification of Mariël / Deborah and others at ZorgNed and it tells about her conduct as part of the Foreplay of the Lucifera. She has been trying to get me interested and addicted. I’ve also heard Jeroen state to Patrick weeks ago that I was supposedly addicted to ‘the goblet of Deborah’, which is not the case as I refuse to let myself be seduced by memories from the time of ZorgNed. So yes, I know very well exactly whom Chris is referring to and what role she plays within their cabal. The nationwide Goblet that Chris speaks of is no one other than Mariël / Deborah.

The recording from the day two days after the recording of this day suggests the location and method of the sacrificial murder.

‘Zullen we ‘m nog uitdrukken in formatie’ / ‘Shall we squeeze him out in formation’. 
What Chris suggests here is an extension to the Deed of the Lucifera. What’s being said here is that when the Lucifera has filled up her goblet (metaphor for womb) with the blood of the victim where the victim no longer has blood pressure, her goblet is filled up even more by ‘squeezing out’ the victim. Cabbalists present will then go and stand on the limbs of the victim in formation, holding each other while balancing on limbs. De Lucifera sits in the middle and on top of the victim still. The goal is to squeeze out remaining blood with adrenochrome in the victim through the artery wound of their reproductive organ that the Lucifera keeps inside of her. With this, the goblet of the Lucifera is filled just that bit more so as few as possible blood is wasted.

Here, Patrick grins at Chris’ remark.

‘I found peace in my heart’
Patrick mocks the concept of love and goodness – he did this throughout the day, also in the room where I was present, in English, referencing my former relationship with Claudia, my former fiancee.

‘Is niet zo best’ / ‘That ain’t good’
Chris replies that it isn’t a good thing. The mock and the reply show a bit of their cultural stances.

Chris utters the term. This is a term I used exclusively in my home and in my mind – it’s what I used to refer to extremely malevolent, delusional, cannibalistic psychopathic people. They are aware of my thoughts, no matter where I am. This is proven with multiple key-phrases that I know of they only existed in my mind and or private home environment. See here and here. The annotation that follows below also proves this.

‘oooh wordt wild van het gesprek Tja-ka’ / ‘ooooh the talk makes me wild already, Tja-ka’
Patrick observed my thought while I was over in the other room receiving explanation; when I was thinking about this talk I was going to have with them. There are more occasions where I established that both Patrick and Chris can observe my thoughts. They both use this to intimidate as well, by expelling key-phrases from my thoughts in my presence. The ‘Tja-ka’ is another code word noun they use to refer to me. It was used by other cabbalists at Zorg van de Zaak as well. As written in the Techniques section of the Psychological Warfare article, they all seem to be carbon copies of each other. Like they are centrally instructed on what words and allegations to use against me (or any other targets for that matter). It is no different with the ‘haribo’ allegation. The next series of annotations, together with the above annotation about The Goblet provides the proof I am an intended Cabal Ritual Sacrifice.

‘Gaat een heel lang gesprek worden.’ / ‘Gonna be a very long talk’
Chris references Patrick’s remark, stating it’s going to be a long conversation; although from their perspectives and plans they have something different in mind.

‘Hup, een buffet’ / ‘Okay, a buffet’ 
This is one of the two guys from one customer company that was present. He is well aware; he is of Chris’ kin. Here he can’t resist to mention in glee the planned Cabal Ritual Sacrifice in a more direct fashion by ‘correcting’ Chris and makes the reference that I am going to be their buffet. Their food. With all the referential evidence, this is the proof that a cabal of people plan on ritual murder and cannibalism.

‘Down met die kut yup’ / ‘Down with that fucking yup’ 
These are more battle and victory antics from the cabbalists present.

And more of these.

‘Nou nou..’ / ‘Tsk tsk’
One of them playfully raises eyebrows at the prior ‘motherfucker’ exclamation.

‘Nog geen tijd hè?’ / ‘No time yet eh?’
Another suggest the sacrifice is not yet up on such a short notice.

‘3x appel toevoegen aan d’r adres’ / ‘Add 3 apples to her address’
Here Jelle who had joined the party says to add 3 apples to ‘her’ address. With ‘her’, a reference to the ritual killer – the Goblet as described above, is made. Two days after Jelle makes another occult reference, asking how the two female ritual murderesses would conduct a certain killing act, in the form of an address. All of the direct and circumstantial evidence paints Jelle as an apprentice attendee, contrary to Chris which seems to be of a high ranking though not as high as of Mariël with her nationwide coverage and her role as an extremely capable mistress and ritual murderess (Lucifera) within their cabal. It is rather shocking what’s being said here. From the perspective of Jelle, as he notes that three members of these two customer companies are also attendees to the sacrifice, he tells Patrick to reserve an ‘apple’ for each of these three people as well. Patrick affirms they have already been added.

The ‘apple’ is a reference to a pineal gland from a stock of frozen glands. Procured appropriately, these glands are filled to the brim with DMT. This expression suggest that as part of the sacrificial event, each attendee gets assigned as pineal gland which are then consumed collectively. The ritual executioner likely lays claim to the fresh pineal gland from the victim themselves. De frozen glands are procured from abortions and from the Middle East, shipped to the western world through trade routes. Research points towards this. Besides the sacrifices and the cannibalism, this is one of the biggest secrets of the cabal. This will be explained in later articles.

Analysis 03/04/2019 – The Afternoon 

This is an appendix to the above analysis. The whole of the audio fragment has been scrutinized further. With this is becomes clear that Patrick van der Plas responds to my train of thoughts twice while I am in the other office as I receive an explanation surrounding a project chapter. These quotes have also been tagged in this analysis. In addition, choice of words point out the fact that I’m referred to in an identical fashion both at FloriSoft and Zorg van de Zaak. Also, the new quotes show that both Patrick and Chris together oversee the assignment of pineal glands for attendees present at the sacrificial location. This seems to suggest that at FloriSoft an administration surrounding the sacrifice is being kept. The image has been updated to reflect the new quotes.

Annotations Explanations

‘I love it, fuck-pleb’ / ‘I love it, fuck-pleb’ 
Like explained earlier above with the expression ‘‘ooooh the talk makes me wild already, Tja-ka‘ by Patrick, also this expression affirms that Patrick verbally replies to / comments on my train of thoughts while I am in the other office receiving explanations from Jeroen Lambrechts. The reference ‘fuck-pleb’ is the identifying factor and is cited on this day by 3 people, namely Chris, Patrick and an employee of a customer to FloriSoft, like annotated below. Also at Zorg van de Zaak this reference is cited multiple times by a number of employees there. This again points to the fact that cabbalists posses technology that enables them to eavesdrop them mentally. Also the expression of Chris two days later when I was having a smoke points towards this as he says ‘Too bad eh?‘. This is explained further (together with external scientific articles) and reasoned in the article [To write: Technology].

NOTE: A lie is stated that says that Patrick supposedly responded to a chat message of mine. THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT TRUE AND IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE. I was receiving an explanation in the office of Jeroen and at that time I was leaning backwards against the wal. I was NOT chatting, I did not even have access to a computer. Contrarily, I was thinking during this explanation.

‘En ook een fuck-pleb’ / ‘And a fuck-pleb too’ 
The employee of a customer of FloriSoft that noted before I was going to be part of a buffet expresses the same wording to reference me. He does this after a remark of Maurice who speaks of the ‘kissing of a B.O.P’, ‘looking for an enemy’ and something about a ‘snake’. These expressions have not yet been annotated and are still subject to a more thorough analysis.

‘Maar we hebben allemaal punten voor “combined forces”‘
‘Die is Jeroen aan het uitleggen nu tegen Arno’ /
‘But we all have items for “combined forces”‘
‘Jeroen is explaining them to Arno right now’
Here Patrick says what kind of work is still to be done. The expressions prove indeed that I was not present in my own office where Patrick and Chris were together with customers, where I normally sit too. This statement confirms I was in the office of Jeroen, at the opposite side of the building at the other end of the central hallway through the building on the second floor.

‘Tja dat was een heldere uitleg’ / ‘Well that was a clear explanation’
This is the moment where I return to the office of Patrick and Chris. I state with this that Jeroen explained the “combined forces” chapter well. By the increasing volume of my expression one can hear that I am approaching my desk (and phone).

An exclamation from Patrick who notes I’m entering the office.

‘Back in business’ / ‘Back in business’
And Chris van der Luyt adds his contribution to the notion of my return.

‘<Overdenking>’ / ‘<Mulling>’
This is a sequel to the statement of Jelle who states Add 3 apples to her address. The sound corresponding with the label ‘<Overdenking>’ comes from Chris, a typical sound someone makes when they express a mulling over something. Chris apparently wonders whether these 3 appels have already been added for the 3 customers or not and apparently would want to register them or check up on it in a document or application. Patrick responds to the sound of Chris’mulling:

‘Luytje, 3x appel toevoegen stond er al.’ /
‘Luytje, adding apple 3x has already been registered.’
Patrick observes Chris’ mulling and tells him that the 3 apples had already been reserved for the 3 customers of whom Jelle noted they would be attendees as well to the upcoming sacrifice, seeing as how they were taking part in the earlier sacrifice related conversation as well. I was already in the office when this short discussion about apples took place. They however assumed I would have no clue what was being said. This is exactly what occultism is about; an extra layer of communication on top of regular communication.

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Analysis 07/16/2018 – At The End of the Work Day 

The sports room gloating


This is the time where a number of employees gradually gathered in the room next to the room I was at – it was a private sports set-up with press benches and weights and all. Most of the time a select group goes in after work to train. So does Patrick, the TEO and my direct ‘superior’. The recording had snapped the talks of those guys in the room, even though the audio level is extremely low. Patrick joined them a bit later, although he walked by the sports room entrance a number of times before he finally joined up. I kept working on a little to finish up things and then went home. My hearing already picked up a few word strings, although not complete sentences. It was hard to focus. However, the phone picked up plenty.

Audacity Project Archive

FloriSoft_20180619_01.zip – e0f584c614b0b12f5f418a0df60f1f7904c5e736d8266916a278e3b157399e00

Annotations Explanations

The annotations are explained below. Since they are in the Dutch language, I’ll provide the translation along and will refer to the English translations instead.

They have been discussing whether I was a legitimate Ashkenazim or not – the cabal got in in their heads to assimilate me and create the perception towards the outside world and the inside of their community that I would have been assimilated. There is quite the complexity behind this that will be explained in the article Assimilation. It has to do with preparations for their planned confiscation mission.

‘Een yup met libido die klaar gekneden wil worden’ / ‘A yup with libido that wants to be pleased’.
Here they iterate the false profile this cabal has been crafting around me for the past decade. They have been trying to bolster this false profile of someone who wants to just fuck and couldn’t possibly know what is (true) love through various means. One of those has been (and is) by invoking excitation through external, artificial means, making it more difficult to keep working. This is discussed further in the article Sex Incrimination. The deliberate logical fallacy of the cabal is that I would have forgotten my experience of my relationship with Claudia through which we shared true love where I would no longer want to be striving for such experience again.

‘Troika wil je goyim’ / ‘Troika you want goyim’ – ‘nee’ / ‘no’ 
My findings surrounding the take-down of MH-17 and the subsequent actual discovery of the cabal for real at ZorgNed has caused them to actively turn on me. I have been rather active on various forums to point out the deception and lies with regards to MH-17 and getting to the bottom of this using and perusing online resources. The trace leads towards the troika which is part of this cabal. Here they playfully offer me up to the troika, but the other guy answers with a ‘no’, implying they want to ritually sacrifice the goyim and merino themselves.

‘kut yup’, ‘tering yup’, ‘vuile kut yup’ / ‘fucking yup’
These are general expressions of disdain towards me. Apparently to them I have the appearance of a ‘yup’ which is an abbreviation for ‘young urban professional’ – an office guy.

‘haribo is hee’maal geen wiz-kid’ / ‘haribo is not a wiz-kid at all’ 
Here they refer to me by stating I would not be a wiz-kid. During my job application I was asked by the the CEO and TEO how I would describe myself. I replied; ‘Some people have called me a wiz-kid.’ Apparently this began to lead its own life within the company. The statement is part of marginalization of my person and skills in this case. ‘Haribo‘ is a brand of kids’ sweets. With this they further attempt to marginalize and discredit my person. It is another recognition marker since cabal members use this a lot because they think it is an effective way to marginalize my credibility. It is yet another signature of identification of cabbalists; the allegation was used since April 2018 as all the while they are trying to create a ‘majority truth‘ so they don’t need to rationalize the allegation. They find it an effective way to marginalize and to undermine credibility.

Deborah is the woman that works at ZorgNed. The cabal uses their women as Weaponized Women for the purpose of seduction and worse. She’s one of those. Her name makes an appearance in the Zorg van de Zaak recordings as well. One objective was to bolster the false profile of someone who just wants to fuck and couldn’t possibly know what is true love, as described above.

I’m also referred to as a merino. They loathe the morals and values coming with the good side of the Absolute Duality. It is contrary to their cabal values which are to be found in the other column when you follow the link, the ‘Serve Self’ column.

‘(nooit) een hoer geneukt’ / ‘(never) fucked a whore’
They find it interesting I never had sex with a whore. This is the one truth they state about me. I’ve told this to one guy at ZorgNed as part of a semi-personal conversation. And the cabal knows about it. They use it for various reasons like as an excuse to use the word ‘schizophrenic’: ‘he is a schizophrenic because he never fucked a whore.’. Of course, there is like exactly zero true, rational, relational scientific logic behind that. Just so long they don’t have to address the real reason: I just have no interest in such; what I have experienced with Claudia is what is of value to me. One doesn’t visit whores for a deep spiritual, mental relationship for life based on true love after all.

‘tering grotto, we zetten ‘m op die pleb’ / ‘fucking grotto, we’ll stuff him that pleb’
Here the guy expresses intent on what to do with me, rather, my body, after the sacrificial murder. It suggests the desire for a trophy. The use of the word ‘grotto‘ is specific. With it, this guy expresses dismay about the fact that because of not leaving my house much, it is harder for their cabal network to conduct a confiscation mission. Someone who’s on their way home over a deserted road at night after a party can be much easier abducted than someone who is at their own place inside.

‘Ben je aan’t hallucineren’ / ‘are you hallucinating’
Here Patrick the TEO just came back into room I was working in. At this point in time he had been going back and forth a few times now and probably caught me focusing my ears to the bits I could pick up.

‘.. tering yup beter niet komt ..’ / ‘ .. fucking yup would better not come ..’
The guy expresses a warning that I’d better not come with the company team building trip that was scheduled three days later, on the 22nd of June. I was already weary of attending, given the possibilities it would give them as far as the confiscation mission goes. It so happened that day, my car’s navigator decided to go all bonkers and while I before decided to attend still, I now decided it was probably a better idea to call it off instead and so I did. Mind you, at this time I had not yet scrutinized this audio section.

‘.. die yup wordt uitgehold’ / ‘.. that yup will be boned out!’ 
Here more ritually murderous expressions, telling what they would be doing if I would attend.

This is Patrick slipping into the sports room, with an ‘ah.. finally’ exclamation. This means, he is present with all the speech afterwards, the annotations below.

‘.. kut yup met libido de achilleshiel van Deborah is .. moet omgelegd worden.’ /
‘.. fucking yup is the Achilles’ heel of Deborah .. needs to be iced.’

With this, the link is sealed between Deborah (Mariël) of ZorgNed and these guys at this employer. Not just that. By stating I am the Achilles’ heel to Deborah, they make an incriminating confession that affirms my knowledge surrounding Mariël / Deborah as well as my knowledge of various sciences and Satanism which identify her as a nationwide ‘Lucifera’. With this statement, my knowledge is affirmed from the perspective of insiders. The prior incriminating statement about having found their Goblet and my earlier findings at ZorgNed underline this even more. They express that I need to be killed for this.

It is important to realize that this Jewish cabal is aware of my online activity. That includes they are aware of my research into and analysis of matter surrounding (Jewish) Satanism through online global research forums. Also the case R. Osterwalder (The monster of Jura) has played a role in this.

‘.. patser is ..’ / ‘.. patsy is .. ‘
One thinks I am a patsy…

‘Geen patsertje is.’ / ‘Is not a patsy.’
… and another doesn’t.

‘Barones ‘Mud-kip’ heeft genoemd.’ / ‘.. called Baroness ‘Mud-kip’.’ 
This is critical information. With ‘Baroness’ they refer to the partner of Jacob Rothschild, a troika member. On a research web forum there was a post that questioned whether James Alefantis would be genetically related to Baroness Rothschild. After performing a mental 3D facial wire-frame comparison, compensating for sex difference (male versus female) I concluded that they are genetically related. I had placed a reply there under my forum handle, ArtificalDuality. The forum has killed the embedded image but I found it again. It’s the picture to the left in this section.

During this process, for some reason, the shape of the face incited a comparison to the character ‘Mud-kip’, a groper creature. It is important to know that this has never been spoken out loud. Through their technology, the cabal can read people’s minds, digitize it and process it in their computer systems. It goes beyond the scope of this section, but I will address this in its own section later on. In any case, it further connects cabal people and organizations in relation to my MH-17 findings.

‘.. kut yup Dijsselbloem een fuck-face genoemd. ‘ / ‘ .. fucking yup called Dijsselbloem a fuck-face.’
Here we have the ‘fuck-face’ reference that I explain about in the section Babylonic $&^@!#.

‘.. heeft nog nooit een hoer geneukt.’ / ‘.. never fucked a whore.’
Like said, it fancies them enough to repeat it multiple times.

‘Tering grotto ..’ / ‘Fucking grotto ..’
Here there is more expression of annoyance, by the use of the word ‘grotto’, in regards to obstruction of their confiscation mission.

Yab-yum .. .. Yab-yab-yum’
This is more of the inverse profile they maintain. Yab-yum is a former famous Amsterdam brothel. I’m referred to as a ‘yab-yum’ which is related to one of the women that crossed my path at the employer I worked for by the end of 2015, early 2016. To be written.

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