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As with everything on this website it is very important to realize that nothing is without reason. This especially goes with the words spoken here that will be addressed below on this page!
The annotations on this page contain vulgar and violent language. Close the page if you do not wish to be confronted with these.

Full-size Authentic Source Recording 

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NOTE: Not everything from this audio file has been analyzed, more sections may appear. Some pieces already analyzed that describe in detail ritual murder have not yet been added but will be added later on.

This audio file spans the full working day on the 21th of June, 2018. This is one day before the team-building excursion would take place and two days after the first recording that contains quite damning evidence. The analysis for this file consists of sections, each addressing a part of the day. in chronological order. They are listed below.

The Afternoon 

Discussing part of the act and hinting at where it takes place.


This audio file spans the full working day on the 21st of June 2018. This is one day before the team-building excursion would take place and two days after the first recording that contains quite damning evidence. It was halfway the second half of the work day. I went for a smoke outside. Shortly after, these talks started. I returned at the moment the timeline is near the last annotation; I was walking through the hallway. The door to my room was open so the guy standing in my line of sight noted me return. There were four guys in the room. Patrick, the TEO, Chris, Jelle and Maurice. It is important to know that I had already identified a good number of guys to be part of this cabal, so I knew what and whom I were dealing with. It was like playing mental chess. During the smoke I were thinking over cultural habits as well as my strategy to follow. I had already made a preliminary analysis of the recordings of two days ago. There was a specific string of thoughts of mine about having obtained this evidence, which ended with: “‘s too bad, eh?”, mentally articulated in a smirking fashion. That’s what set off this conversation in the office inside. It is not a normal conversation going on. It is an occult conversation as the annotations will explain…

Audacity Project Archive

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Annotations Explanations

The annotations are explained below. Since they are in the Dutch language, I’ll provide the translation along and will refer to the English translations instead. The hashes in the speech reflect unidentified words. They may be replaced later after more thorough analysis has been conducted.

‘ ‘s jammer hè?’ / ‘ ‘s too bad eh?’ 
Chris apparently could pick up my train of thoughts, meaning he was making use of their technology. He articulates the phrase exactly as I spoke it mentally, in the exact smirking fashion. For proof of their ability to obtain mind readings, see the transcript analysis of the the first recording here. Apparently it made him laugh a fraction after, as arrogant and confident as they are. This guy Chris also mumbled “Indeed a scrawny bite..“, about two weeks after working there. I unfortunately have no recording of that, but it goes to show their total arrogance and confidence. In any case, the replication of the closure of my strain of thought makes me the conversation subject. The other guy Jelle apparently did not pick up my train of thought as he asked the question that follows.

‘Wat is er nou weer # ?’ / ‘ What’s # now?’
In response Jelle asks what’s funny, or what’s up.

‘Kijk even op #..’ / ‘Take a look at #’
Here Jelle says to take a look at something. The hint was aimed at looking up something on the web. Chris sat at his computer. Jelle was standing a meter away.

‘Vraag 2! Ha!’ / ‘Question 2! Ha!’
Here, Patrick reports something from that what he is busy with at his computer. I don’t know what exactly what it was.

‘Why?’ / ‘Why?’
A why! exclamation. Something went wrong with what Patrick was doing.

‘Heggescharen 20, dan vlecht je toch?’ / ’20 Hedge Scissors, then they braid right?’ 
Here Jelle says something that does not make sense for a normal conversation. He mentions an address, but then, in reference to the address he asks whether ‘they braid’, asking affirmation. Well. It is not an address. First of, it is a non-existent address in the Netherlands. Secondly, the question that follows has no relation to an address at all. In reality, Jelle is asking affirmation on how a ‘Hedge Scissors Duet’ is performed. As Christine Lagarde stated, drop the zero. It leaves a 2. With this he refers to the ‘Hedge Scissors’ variant that’s performed by a duet of female ritual murderers, rather than the single variant conducted by only one female ritual murderer. This technique has multiple purposes. It will be explained in the section [to be written: Cabal Ritual Murder] later on in a protected area of the website because of a certain required maturity level for this type of content. I have obtained this information through research, reverse-engineering and observations.

‘En waar ken ik niet mee pinnen in # ?’ / ‘And where I can’t pin in # ?’
Here Patrick mentions something about the inability to use a bank card somewhere. Likely at the location that he is about to disclose to Maurice.

‘Yep’ / ‘Yes’
Chris answers ‘Yes’ to Jelle, confirming his question on how the ‘Hedge Scissors Duet’ technique is conducted.

‘Rechtsaf en dan moet je vlammen..’ / ‘Turn right and then step on it..’
Here, Maurice lets the others know he only knows a bit on how to get to the location where the ritual murder is to take place, after a confiscation mission would have been successful: turn right and then step on it. With the information from Patrick that follows soon, the expression of Maurice becomes logical, and it tells something else:

Turn right (red circle) and step on it

Attendants for the Cabal Ritual Sacrifice are to arrive on their own account. Considering the size and scale of the case, attendants may come from various locations in the Netherlands. They would be going after a workday. Because, if one is to go from the company location in Rijnsburg to The Hague, one has to hit the A44 highway. And for that, one has to turn right from the town street onto the highway ramp and then step on it, driving down the highway right into the heart of The Hague, almost like a straight bee-line.

‘WTC Guest, weet je ‘t nu?’ / ‘WTC Guest, you know now?’ 
Here Patrick makes known the actual reference or meet-up location. Again it is conveyed in an occult fashion as to hide the fact he’s pointing out a location, by making it sound like he’s just talking WiFi networks. ‘Guest’ is a common WiFi network ID appendage. Together with Maurice’s comment it’s not all that hidden – They refer to the World Trace Center in The Hague as the meeting / execution location. It may be that the actual execution location is close to the WTC whereas the WTC is the mere gathering point. Would anyone of the troika be present?

‘Hè?’ / ‘Huh?’
Patrick asks affirmation from Maurice whether he got the hint. He doesn’t get a reply.

‘Weet je de weg daar Maurice?’ / ‘You know the way there Maurice?’
He then actually asks, whether he knows the way around the WTC and whether he picked up on the hint. Still no reply.

‘Hè?’ / ‘Huh?’
Patrick again nudges for a reply.

‘ ‘ke niet, ben geen ‘passoa’.’ / ‘I don’t, I’m no ‘passoa’.’ 
This tells a lot. First, Maurice says he does not know how to get around there. He does so by stating he’s no ‘Passoa’. And this is a critical reference. Passoa is an alcoholic drink. But that’s not the reference being made here. It is the same reference as was used by a Jewish employee named Björn at ZorgNed. At FloriSoft I had been called this multiple times already. The first time was on the second work day when I left the lunch room. One of the Jewish guys there expelled quickly and firmly ‘Passoa!’. I knew straight from the start that this cabal network had a strong presence here as well.

I overheard Patrick describing Deborah as ‘an extremely capable mistress’ a week to two weeks before this day while I was standing at the coffee machine. Patrick and those guys were inside the room across, and he has a relatively loud voice. He was discussing her and me with the guys in the room there. A week before, one of these guys in the room, Jeroen whispered a comment to Patrick as well, when he sat crouched next to Patrick who sat on his chair. The comment was ‘he’s addicted to the goblet of Deborah’, referring to her vulva. Reality is that I am not addicted, nor do I think of that woman any more ever since my identification of her back in 2017, save one or two times as a result of mental seduction and memories from the time at ZorgNed, where this woman undertook the ’embedding’ of herself into my mind. It’s clear that Deborah is known to them as an elite private mistress. Back then at ZorgNed, I did not yet know at that time until later after her identification as a cabbalist.

And with this information, it can be deducted that Maurice actually says that he isn’t someone who goes to visit whores and thus doesn’t know where the target location is. And within this context, the target location is likely a brothel, or an other undisclosed location in the city section where brothels can be found, close to the WTC.

‘# het niet eens lust’ / ‘# doesn’t even like it.’ 
As written in the Context section of this page, at this time I were returning to the office. Maurice notices me and immediately diverts the conversation, assuming I might have heard him say he was not a ‘Passoa’ by saying something that could relate to the word in a normal fashion as an alcoholic drink, by stating that someone may not even like it.

UPDATE 06/01/2019: After having analysed this section some more, it now became clear to me whom it is Maurice is talking about here. With the initial analysis it wasn’t clear to me, because I didn’t recognize the name at first. However, it appears he is referring to Björn, though pronounced as if there is no umlaut over the ‘o’. It clearly is the name Bjorn and now it happens this was the guy at ZorgNed whom referred to me as a ‘Passoa’, as explained in the Findings at ZorgNed article. With this, the two locations ZorgNed and FloriSoft are connected to one another through people of a certain network.

UPDATE 08/26/2019: As the previous update states, when I analyzed that section back then the name conveyed now was ‘Björn’. However, as said it’s pronounced as if it is without an umlaut. Still this section irked me as even though now the name ‘Björn’ seems to be spoken; it didn’t match with the original soundbite from memory. The original soundbite speaks of ‘Ceriel’, going by memory. At FloriSoft however, nobody worked there by the name of ‘Ceriel’ and I couldn’t make up any other name from it either that would match a FloriSoft female employee so I left it a hash (#).

Much later, in the 2019 era, the name ‘Ceriel’ was observed a number of times; they began referencing Mariël / Deborah as Ceriel. And this affirmed my memories of my first time analysis of this section. It is the name ‘Ceriel’ that Maurice spoke out and not ‘Bjorn’. I have now concluded that Mossad or other Ashkenazim intelligence elements have modified the file to now say ‘Björn’. I have the original backups but I’m not going to load them as they may be ruined too. I have them on USB and on disk. So yes, Ceriel, Mariël’s AIVD alias, is being referenced here, and the Mossad modification was to put up Björn as a fall-guy with regards to this link since he was connected to the ‘Passoa’ statement, and to conceal the involvement of Mariël as Ceriel.

Relative Conversation Flow

When the full recording is analysed one can hear that the conversations before this particular sequence were just normal work related conversations related to whatever they were doing on their computers. And when I got back, walking in between Jelle and Maurice back to my chair, their conversations continued like normal conversations again as well. This differentially emphasizes the occult aspects of the annotated conversation sequence during my smoke break. I had left the phone on my desk and mentally marked the recording duration by looking at the recording app when I got back at my desk. This way I could find back the section later on.

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