20180726 – Zorg van de Zaak

As with everything on this website it is very important to realize that nothing is without reason. This especially goes with the words spoken here that will be addressed below on this page!.
The annotations on this page contain vulgar and violent language. Close the page if you do not wish to be confronted with these.

Full-size Authentic Source Recording 

Zorg_vd_Zaak_20180726.m4a – 19e532dee6886fa803f3111a6320d951800c6a07b29d104e15f75934e37bf3d6

NOTE: Not everything from this audio file has been analyzed, more fragments may appear. Some fragments contain the word ‘Kamchatka’, again, used as a noun to refer to me.

This audio file spans the first consult with the company doctor at Zorg van de Zaak. The recording was started during the wait for pick-up by the doctor. It was stopped when I left the building. It contains the full conversation I had with the doctor at this first consult. The following analysed section is available:

Analysis 08/26/2018 – At the Copy Machine 

The copy machine talks.


During the consult, towards the end, the doctor went to copy the paperwork I had brought along over at a copy machine down the hall. The door to the room was left open slightly. On the original recording the corresponding section shows as a near silence, however the phone picked up fragments from talks taking place at the copy machine. The Audacity project spans this approximately five minute section of the full file. The microphone picked up more than I could hear at the time, and more than I could dream of! Some bits are a bit hard to discern but once your mind tunes in to particular voices of the participants, it becomes clearer. The noise is quite overwhelming as the recording sits a little above the noise floor and as such not always full sentences have been extracted.

Audacity Project Archive

Zorg_vd_Zaak_20180726.zip – d5618eb716e20143dc6c9636c48005fe64935e33a2cc7539477513aa63d858ba

Annotations Explanations

The annotations are explained below. Since they are in the Dutch language, I’ll provide the translation along and will refer to the English translations instead. I could identify up to at least 5 different persons, that gradually joined the gathering at the copy machine. It started out with the doctor and a colleague of her. Number 1 is the doctor, miss L.C. The other numbers are for distinguishing purposes.

‘(met de) Subaru aangekomen’ / ‘arrive (with the) Subaru’
The doctor makes notice I didn’t arrive with my own transport, a Subaru. This proves cabal members are aware of me, the vehicle I drive and much more as this website will lay out and prove. It also marks her as a member.

‘Geen ego’ / ‘No ego’ – said multiple times by different people.
The expression is spoken in disdain. They loathe that I do not have ego or pursue ego. Within their culture, ego is an important corner stone, part of the serve-self semantic. They try to fabricate all sorts of reasons for not having an ego, all the while avoiding the real reason: because I know about and have experienced love in its true sense. This is a core element. They have a total disdain for the notion of love. Ego is a parasitic trait; it takes from people as it can make people feel inferior when someone exerts ego. This is contrary to love, which is a giving quality that almost always makes people feel better, good. One can state, where there is ego, there is no love. Where there is love, there is no ego.

Fuck-face … niet kan bewijzen dat hij geen schizo is.‘ / ‘Fuck-face … can’t prove he is no schizo.’
Here I’m being referred to as a ‘fuck-face’. The person inquires whether there’s no evidence left of my former relationship with Claudia with which I can prove I am not a schizophrenic and prove the relationship with Claudia and the love we shared has been real. The doctor being inquired also appears to be a cabal member.

The cabal tries to erase from minds and history the existence of my relationship with Claudia and falsely profile me as a ‘schizophrenic virgin’. For over a decade they’ve applied the technique ‘Schizophrenic Inversion‘, claiming that my talks about this relationship to other people throughout my life are no more than schizophrenic drivel; that I was a schizophrenic virgin. The evidence of this relationship proves the contrary. It proves the relationship is real and that I am not a virgin.

Love is an anti-thesis within this cabal, as are pretty much all of the morals and values that come with the good side of the Absolute Duality and thus, are a target for eradication. It’s one reason why Christians are a favored target since they speak of love and equality, promoting the serve whole semantic.

‘Duidelijk. Tja een back-up.’ / ‘Clear. Yeah, a back-up.’
The doctor affirms with the word ‘Clear’ the importance of erasure for the cabal and states with a bit of unease that there is still evidence left. A back-up. Again, it is important to realize cabal members are present in many layers of society. This  includes the intelligence community such as the AIVD and Mossad and as such they have access to my (online) communication. And as this page shows, they are present in the medical branch as well to act as gate-keepers with the purpose of neutralizing whistle-blowers and otherwise people who find out about them.

The back-up contains all the digital communications I had with my former spouse-to-be. These consist of daily morning-mails and others, as well as scans from legal documents like all the K1 visa related forms such as the I-129F ‘Petition for alien fiance(e)’ form that Claudia filled out. It includes the ‘Notice of Action’ form from the INS in Nebraska that approved Claudia’s petition, enabling the K1 visa procedure for me. It also includes all the correspondence with the immigration lawyer that we hired after the K1 visa was denied the first time.

‘… Subaru weet wat liefde is.’ / ‘ … Subaru knows what is love.’
This refers to more of the same, the attempt to erase the notion of me having experience with, and knowledge about love in order to bolster their false profile of me.

‘… onze achilleshiel een Subaru Impreza is.’ / ‘… a Subaru Impreza is our Achilles’ heel.’
Here the doctor that affirmed the back-up exclaims in disappointment that my Subaru is their Achilles’ heel. With the word ‘our’ he refers to the cabal. After all my discoveries at my current and previous companies and the uncovering of this cabal, as well as the discovery of inconvenient truths surrounding the take-down of MH-17, they are hell-bent on trying to execute a ‘confiscation mission‘ for the purpose of ritual murder.

The car is a liability to their confiscation mission. It is extremely easy to recognize the car by what ever means of tracking available. It means that anyone fighting the good fight that may keep an eye out for me would be alarmed immediately if the car would follow a different route than the route back home from work. Or when it would remain at my work location overnight. At my work I’ve noticed buzz of a confiscation mission before, including that they deemed the car a liability to their confiscation mission. And now it got taped.

.. Maakt een herrie. / ‘.. Makes noise.’
Here this doctor makes clear why the Impreza is an Achilles’ heel: the car makes noise [ Scooby Sport exhaust system 🙂 ]. This affirms even more that the confiscation mission is a physical abduction. When they would have to move the car it would raise suspicion because it makes noise. The confiscation would have to take place at the work location. Most likely they would want to move it at night and make it disappear in a garage or something like that to then state that I would have gone with the wind with car and all while in reality I would have been transported to the sacrificial location, possibly all drugged.

‘… achilleshiel van Vicrea is.’ / ‘… is the Achilles’ heel of Vicrea.’
Vicrea is a Dutch software company. The former owner passed away four years ago. No explanation here, this is classified.

‘… Dijsselbloem een fuck-face genoemd …’ / ‘ … called Dijsselbloem a fuck-face …’
Here we have the ‘fuck-face’ reference that I explain about in the section Babylonic $&^@!#.

Merino wordt uitgemergeld …’ / ‘Merino will be boned out …’
Just like one of the remarks recorded at my employerwe have a similar remark here, detailing what they have in mind for me after a confiscation mission might have succeeded. It again shows their total disdain for good morals and values through the use of the word ‘merino‘ and it again, details acts as part of the planned Jewish Ritual Sacrifice.

‘ … opgeilt aan Deborah …’ / ‘ … arouses on Deborah …’
Deborah, so I learnt through contextual relation of information obtained from the gang-stalking going on at my current employer, is the name of Mariël, the woman I first met at my previous employer ZorgNed where I identified the presence of this cabal and discovered their secondary, hidden operations at this company. It appears to be her mistress name within the cabal. It proves her nation-wide influential status. At that time, however, I did not know. From the first day I worked there, she was very out-reaching and receptive towards me. I don’t just respond to such approach immediately, but after a week or two with this perception of interest from her side, I began to have a preliminary interest myself. Maybe she wasn’t happy in her current marriage or which ever. So yes, at some points in time I had fantasies of her. Up-on further discovery of ulterior motives being present, this got to a halt though, knowing what I was dealing with.

‘Arno is een wiet junk …’ / ‘Arno is a weed junk …’ 
Here I am actually being referred to by use of my name. Hard-identification. The same doctor that reported about the back-up now made this statement. It’s more of the same to marginalize me. I have smoked weed at various points in my life for recreational purposes. I hadn’t months before my relationship with Claudia, not during the relationship, and shortly after. However afterwards I had periods where I would smoke some and periods of not smoking at all. Currently I don’t, save a toke or two from my brother when I visit him every two weeks when I am on a family visit in the town where my mother and brother live.

‘Tja-ka’ / ‘Tja-ka’ 
‘Tja-ka’ was an exclamation of positiveness, introduced by a Dutch ‘positiveness guru’ as he was called. His name is Emile Ratelband. With this exclamation they again express disdain for positiveness, feel-good and love. It is used as a noun to refer to me as a ‘Tja-ka’.

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Analysis 11/05/11-2018 – At the Copy Machine 2 

This is an addition to the analysis above. The complete audio fragment has been further scrutinized and with this, incriminating phrases have surfaced which prove that they undoubtedly speak of a physical confiscation mission. One can find these in the original authentic source recording. These source recordings do not change. Also, the newly added quotes intervalidate with other expressions and especially with those expressed at FloriSoft. This analysis section continues right off with the annotations explanation; the image of the audio track contains the new quotes. The Audacity Project Archive has been updated to reflect this.

Annotations Explanations

‘Tering yup een vieze vuile gore Merino is.’ / ‘Fucking yup is a dirty fucking merino.’ 
Person 4 sounds like someone of middle age. He appears rather aggressive as the quotes from this person show in the above analysis. Here he expresses his disdain of Merinos early in the conversation. Expressions below show he is also an insider within the Jewish cabal as he seems to be knowledgeable of terminology and sacrificial customs.

‘Je de groeten moet hebben van de troika.’ / ‘The troika sends you their greetings.’ 
L.C. Zevering says something just before this expression. Person 4 responds by saying that she is sent greetings from the troika. Also here the wide spread cultural aspect appears, given the fact that also at Zorg van de Zaak they speak of this troika.

‘Tja, en cider.’ / ‘Yes, and cider.’ 
Person 2, also a doctor, also seems to be a prominent partaker in the conversation. The previous analysis already showed this. Also he answers to L.C. Zevering that said something before. With this, he acknowledges that L.C. Zevering gained the right to drink from the blood of the ritual sacrifice. To the outside world, Jewdom presents that the religious goblet relic is for drinking red wine. This is however an alternative truth. Reality is that with human sacrifices, the blood of victims is drunk from these Jewish drinking goblet. ‘Cider’ is a metaphor for the drinking of the blood of a victim. At FloriSoft they already made an identical reference and they also refer to intestines besides the blood of the victim through the expression ‘Cider and goulash!‘.

‘Een kut yup verliefd is op Deborah.’ / ‘A fucking yup in love with Deborah.’ 
Here, person 2 again refers to Deborah, thus, Mariël Hylkema. They attempt to create the illusion that I would be in love with her; especially towards those not in the knows. It is a lie; I am not in love with Deborah and will never be. They try to white-wash Deborah towards those not in the know, applying to her MDP to conceal her and deflect any suspicion towards her true nature. It is also part of creating assimilation perception; to create an illusion that I would have joined Jewdom. Important here is to know I know darn well whom I was supposedly in love with, gained an interest for back in late July / early August 2017 because of how she presented herself.

‘Imago!’ / ‘Image!’
Before this, L.C. says that it couldn’t be that I would be an expert on databases. It had to be a schizophrenic with image. Person 4 in response then states ‘Image!’.

‘Waarbij die een patso is.’ / ‘And being a blowhard.’
According to person 2 I would be blowhard about it too, next to having an imago that would suggest being a database expert. They vehemently try to marginalize and reduce my software development skills as well as database expertise by spewing around pure lies with their diaspora collective; exactly as described with the explanation of the word ‘cabal‘ and ‘gang-stalking‘.

Yup wordt dan klaargekneden door Deborah.’ /
Yup will then be squeezed into cumming by Deborah.’

This is a critical exclamation from person 4. Another person says something about the planned ritual sacrifice. Person 4 then says that Deborah would squeeze me into cumming, masturbating internally. With this, they refer to the Last Evening Meal as described in the article The Lucifera. By doing this, Mariël would completely deplete me of testosteron and endorphin before she would move on to the decapitation procedure where I would then let out my last breath, clenched in her arms where afterwards these cannibals would then serve their buffet, me, together with blood red “wine”, my blood. And after that, they would have an apple dessert together with the (international) Jewish cabbalists present.

‘Kut yup, naar eigen woorden met passie..’ / ‘Fucking yup, with passion as per own saying..’ 
Person 2 appears disgruntled at having to witness how I would be depleted from testosteron by Mariël. Like other analysis show, she too is an extremely capable (international) mistress within the cabal community here in Holland. No doubt he would love to undergo the same minus the decapitation and sacrifice. The passion reference comes from the time at ZorgNed, where I, in innocence, still had initial interest early during the time where she was seducing and drawing me in as part of the Foreplay of the  Lucifera.

Dan moet je maar wachten tot ‘ie klaargekneden is.’ /
Then you’ll have to wait until he’s been squeezed into cumming.’

This is ms. L.C. Zevering. She tells him off by telling him to wait until the Last Evening Meal part of the sacrifice is over. Also this is a critically incriminating statement. Together with the statement of person 4 it is indisputably proven dat a prior abduction (confiscation mission) would have taken place. These statements are of such nature that they convey that Deborah / Mariël would be undertaking  physical acts to my body.

‘Kut yup een succubus getroffen.’ / ‘Fucking yup encountered a succubus.’ 
Here the doctor, person 2, that with Deborah I had encountered a ‘succubus’. A succubus is a female sex demon from Jewish kabbalah mythology. With this, it is expressed that we’re dealing with a malevolent mistress (and more). This shows through the subsequent statements from this person 2.

NOTE: Jews in intelligence try to marginalize this statement. They want to conceal that indeed Deborah is metaphorically being referred to as a Succubus or to the semaphore Lucifera. They do this by stating that I supposedly encountered an ‘esoteric demon’. This is an alternative truth. This statement most definitely refers to Deborah as the flow of conversation is about Deborah. See the annotation below.

‘Tja-ka, jij graat .. Deborah geen tja-ka is.’ / ‘Tja-ka you fish bone .. Deborah is no tja-ka.’ 
Person 2 again calls me a ‘tja-ka’. Not just that. He also references my slim appearance. And he states, as if he is talking to me directly, that Deborah / Mariël is no tja-ka, thus not being benevolent. Differentially he states that she is malevolent. That becomes clear by expressions of FloriSoft employees who state the manner by which Deborah will conduct the act of murder.

‘Armadillo’ / ‘Armadillo’
And with this word ( ‘armadillo’ ), person 2 suggests that I would have an eye for older women. In this context it references being of age and having wrinkles. This expression is a reference to Claudia (or Deborah). The following expressions affirm this. Furthermore it affirms terminology which I have mentally observed in the past before, as can be read in the article Allegations versus Reality.

‘Oud .. Goud ..’ / ‘Old .. Gold ..’
Person 4 sarcastically latches on by suggestion that old is, well.. gold.

Tering yup dus De Bokaal heeft gevonden.’ / ‘So that fucking yup found The Goblet.’ 
Also this is a critical statement. Here person 4 states the same as Chris van der Luyt of FloriSoft; that I found the Jewish ‘Goblet’ – the female ritual executioner whom prepares and kills the sacrificial victim and deprives them of their blood. Important detail is that on the day of this copy machine talk I had not yet analysed the FloriSoft recordings in which Chris made his statement and thus, did not know that Chris had done a similar exclamation. I didn’t find out until the 1st of September 2018 after conducting an analysis of the specific recording.

‘Geilt op oud..  En logisch.’ / ‘Gets off on old.. End logical.’
L.C. Zevering and person 2 are coking up how they are going to profile and neutralize me. Thus, person 2 states I get off on the elderly, being an armadillo with heartbreak. And that it would sound logical for their false diagnosis.

‘Ja, echt wel.’ / ‘Yes, definitely.’
L.C. agrees with the reasoning of person 2. She never fed back this to me though.

‘Erg oud.  En een pleb-yup.’ / ‘Very old. And a pleb-yup.’
Person 4 beats the dead horse through hyperbolism and again expresses disdain by calling me a ‘pleb’.

‘Merino een Nazi.’ / ‘Merino a Nazi.’ 
Person 2 then calls me a ‘Nazi’  also. Unfortunately for them I am not genocidal, nor am I imperialistic.  So again we’re dealing with Implication by Allegation as well.

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Analysis 02/14/2019 – At the Copy Machine 3 

This is an addition to the analysis above. The complete audio fragment has been further scrutinized and has revealed identifying statements which show that there’s an indisputable relationship between the locations of FloriSoft and Zorg van de Zaak. The axis of connection is Jewdom. These all can be found in the original, authentic source recordings. These have never changed. Also, these new quotes intervalidate with existing quotes. The Audacity Project Archive has been updated to reflect these updates.

Annotations Explanations

Haribo de fuck-pleb!‘ / ‘Haribo the fuck-pleb! 
A number of those present speak out this terminology multiple times to refer to me. They express it in aversion, tasting the words. It’s the exact same terminology Chris van der Luyt used at FloriSoft. It appears to be a word play based on the ‘fuck-face’ expression as explained in the article Babylonic $&^@!#. It is important to realize that the audio analysis of that specific afternoon at FloriSoft that surfaced the statement of Chris didn’t take place until the 1st of August 2018 and as such was not known by me nor by Zorg van de Zaak at the time of the consult on the 26th of July 2018.

Een fuck-pleb haribo.‘ / ‘A fuck-pleb haribo. 
The terminology is spoken uit multiple times. Here another employee of Zorg van de Zaak states the remark in a slightly different formulation by swapping the words.  It is the low voice that speaks the words in such fashion as if he is stating slowly the individual words, with short pauzes in between each word.

‘.. Corkies met internet ..’ / ‘.. Corkies with internet ..’
With this statement person 2 now references me and my brother. Here the name ‘Corky’ is used to refer to me and my brother in a derogatory fashion. For ‘Corky’ is the name of main role in the series ‘Life goes on’, which tell tales of a guy that suffers down-syndrome. In The Netherlands this way of being derogatory towards others was employed on occasion by youth as a result of the broadcast of this series in The Netherlands. Notable detail: At my former employer ‘DataQuint’ the head of development, Hans den Braber which also employs occult signatures, systematically used this same derogatory term towards anyone whom he deemed inferior; anyone who didn’t do things right in his eyes and so on. It seemed to be culture to use the word ‘Corky’ aimed at others over whom one would feel superior. It appears that adult Jewish cabbalists and lackeys love to use this type of terminology to refer to others in a derogatory manner.

To be continued….

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