20180814 – Zorg van de Zaak

As with everything on this website it is very important to realize that nothing is without reason. This especially goes with the words spoken here that will be addressed below on this page!

Full-size Authentic Source Recording 

Zorg_vd_Zaak_20180814.m4a – d736176d2f183867ea70e0e80ce16e93e5dc167b8cf4264cb5a0968d064856e5

This audio file spans the second consult. Likewise, the recording was started during the wait for pick-up in the waiting room and was stopped when I left the building. It contains the full conversation I had with the doctor during this second consult. There is no Audacity project for this file; there was no extremely low-volume sound of interest, nor did I pick up anything with my own hearing during the conversation.