20190616 – Recording at Home

As with everything on this website it is very important to realize that nothing is without reason. This especially goes with the words spoken here that will be addressed below on this page!.
The annotations on this page contain vulgar and violent language. Close the page if you do not wish to be confronted with these.

Full-size Authentic Source Recording 

Opname_20190616.m4a – 12867d7cad61ee9abf1c547ba68cbd3eb4092752090ac032db51330d0c7471dd
Opname_20190616.txt – 1f863ccbf1736553f2e782af00380bcb1708970aaaf4ceff6a0699beafebffe0

NOTE: Not everything from this audio file has been analyzed, more fragments may appear. Some fragments contain the word ‘Kamchatka’, again, used as a noun to refer to me.

This audio file spans my late evening and the night while I was asleep in the living room on the couch. My window on the south-east side of my home was open. I overheard various people late in the night talk various gossip about me; they must be an enclave of local Ashkenazim. It goes to show like a lot of these seem to know about me. All the identifying terms described on this website make a recurrence. An important note is the date. It was in the night from the 16th to the 17th of June. When the date is formulated as listed, there is this 616 number in there. It is an alternate formulation of number 666. Furthermore, the 17th becomes the day number on the recorded mid-night. I’ve directly created the hash-code on the phone after saving the recording under its current name, rather than using the default “Spraak XX.m4a” / “Speech XX.m4a” file name and sent it through mail from clipboard and printed it from the desktop. It is as authentic as I could get it; if there has been any upload to overwrite the file on the phone, it must have been uploaded in under like 5 seconds under the altered target name. After the file transfer itself, the file yielded the printed hash code.

Analysis 06/21/2019 – During Evening / Night 


The first analysis spans the early minutes within the recording. It was while I was still awake. Uncovered quotes seem to affirm the level of scope as explained in the Motive section of the Conduct of Evidence section. It is pretty clear that some neighbors commit to the gangstalking and it is clear that they talk about the confiscation missions of merinos, their desired sacrifices. It looks like various Ashkenazim Jews take a short residence or visit in that apartment. This night there were a number of men and women that can be observed on this recording. It pretty much proves I’m up for confiscation as a human ritual sacrifice by this Satanic cabal of Ashkenazim and likely complicit non-Jews (Shabbos goyim). It also shows the complexity of this case as Deborah/Mariël is involved as well and may possibly a sacrifice herself when she refuses to perform the confiscation and or execution. It’s shown that global figures are involved as well that seem to have a say in things. This recording also clearly demonstrates their mental network system as this site has already proven by circumstantial evidence. However, this recording demonstrates this with one continuous fragment. More analysis will follow which should yield what they’ve been up to. A lot of relevant, useful information surfaces.

Audacity Project Archive

Opname_20190616_01.zip – ba0b1c14da5f0bed13dead9835917d4e175e63d17ba98fe14ab4990593901c7a

Annotations Explanations[

The annotations are explained below. Since they are in the Dutch language, I’ll provide the translation along and will refer to the English translations instead.

NOTE: The recordings have been modified since my last analysis. Through back doors intelligence illicitly erased the most incriminating parts of the recordings by copy and pasting other, non-valuable parts of the recording into it so the file length wouldn’t change. They changed the original media files on both the desktop and the mobile phone and they modified the Audacity projects audio data by directly manipulating the audio block files Audacity creates to store in the audio waves. It’s the reason why Audacity now shows that the project file has orphan blocks (unreachable audio parts) since they did not update the chain information that chains the blocks together. The quotes however have not been modified and I can state that during analysis I double-checked many times over on each small audio fragment under analysis before I would ‘finalize’ and deem valid a quote label.

‘(that) Mariël can get off on a haribo.’ / ‘(dat) Mariël op een haribo kan klaarkomen.’
Here one of the visitors or neighbors states that Mariël (Deborah / Ceriel) can’t get off off a haribo, They wonder how she mentally could think of me when there’s such a disparity between me and her in an elite global mistress verses average Joe civilian context. They don’t fully understand the psy-ops being conducted by Ashkenazim intelligence internally and towards the outside of Jewdom in intelligence. Reality is that through their mental network Mariël tries to arouse me and attempts to have me get off on her for the purpose of sex-incrimination towards the ‘goyim’, the non-Jews in our intelligence. High-level Jews here in Holland run an internal psy-op at the higher levels of their mental network where they attempt big-time to assimilate me and have me mentally ‘engage’ with Mariël Hylkema. They are hell-bent on creating a perception towards the outside that I would be an Ashkenazim Jew myself which is pertinently not reality. At those levels I am portrayed as their “Isaiah” for the purpose of assimilation through ego. This recording contains speech where they state that I would not be a legitimate Isaiah to them. Towards the outside Mariël (Ceriel as she is known by in our AIVD according to mental observations) attempts to portray a perception of a “schizo that just wants a good fuck and wouldn’t know what is love”. It’s a multi-faceted, multi-faced game depending on whether it’s about perception towards non-Jews, perception towards Jews, and across the various security compartment levels.

‘Lucifer has a spouse in a schizophrenic kachina .. that’s not normal any more.’ / 
‘Lucifer een gemaal heeft in een schizofrene kachina .. is niet normaal meer.’
The members of the Ashkenazim cell in my neighborhood state that their Lucifera found a spouse. As part of Jewish assimilation attempts through their mental network, Mariël is employed to assimilate me and to sex-incriminate me, while within the mental Jewdom she is known as their Lucifera, her seduction attempts are explained as being in love with me. This mental network of Jews is world-wide through state-of-the-art technology. The following series of quotes show the scope and prove the mental network, which is explained further below.

Another key aspect of this quote is the ‘Kachina’ reference. It is a reference to an element of Hopi Indians’ lore that describes a possible outcome for the future of planet Earth. It is related to what is known as the Hopi Prophecy, a sacred rock drawing that entails a message and a timeline of our planet. I have spent time to learning about these people and the prophecy. I made known my findings in an online forum as part of a larger article that talks about the ‘Bigger Picture’, in which I also describe the extraordinary experience my mom experienced 20 years ago. You can read about it in this forum thread. ‘ArtificalDuality’ is my forum-name. To read more about the Hopi Indians and go from there, please visit the Hopi Nation website. All of this is part of Ashkenazim Jew motivation with the purpose of attempting to steal intellectual property, confiscate and human-sacrifice me. See the Conduct of Evidence – Motivation section. This, together with the Infinity Framework, these are the prime reasons for their assimilation perception attempts towards non-Jews. After obtaining as IP the Infinity Framework, I would then be sacrificed and disappeared. Through these assimilation perceptions they try to have the Mossad have jurisdiction over me. I declare once more that I am not an (Ashkenazim) Jew and have no affiliation with and have no aspiration to join Jewdom. I have never been any of that, as I explain in the Assimilation article. I am a Dutch civilian with a Dutch passport and nothing else.

‘Hillary Clinton .. Jake Sullivan obsessed over a schizophrenic doofus.’ / 
‘Hillary Clinton .. Jake Sullivan geobsedeerd van een schizofreen sulletje.’
This quote is from the magnet field reader cross talk onto the microphone audio channel. This is speech going around on their mental network. Here they state that two American high-profile people are obsessed with me. There is a reason for this and it is explained in the  Motivation section as to why I have become a sacrificial target to the global Jewish cabal to which these persons are related. Like explained it pertains to an e-mail conversation between Hillary Clinton and Jake Sullivan pertaining to mission narratives during the upheaval in Libia; Americans know the surrounding issues as the “Benghazi” debacle (“What difference does it make”Hillary Clinton). These e-mails were leaked by Wiki-Leaks and were clandestine communications through her personal e-mail network that have been obtained – 33,000 some e-mails. It’s also known as the “E-mail-Gate” scandal. I have been commenting on this aspect on the VOAT research forum under the name ArtificalDuality. The conversation also involves Minerva – an entity known also in the Netherlands. See this forum thread for the full background on this and a specific post on Minerva in the same thread. The opening post also shows a diagram of how global and Dutch unofficial networks run together. The Royal family is implicated as well as the Clinton Foundation. The diagram. Further more, during the United States election time I wrote an article that addressed the presidential election from a bigger picture perspective. See here. All these links are listed in the aforementioned motivation section. I’ve also done an analysis on the sender e-mail addresses Hillary Clinton used with her e-mail server in the Number 17 article.

‘Fucking yup is no Askenazi.’ / ‘Kut yup geen Ashkenazi is.’
Here they say I am no Ashkenazim. This a the ‘problem’ I have with this concerted perception fabrication by Ashkenazim and their mental network. From their higher-up hierarchy they are hell-bent on making people think I would be one of them. I have never bothered with Jewdom and never converted whatsoever. It is a perceptional image they are trying to create for a number of purposes. It is make-believe; building illusions. Technically higher-up in intelligence (Mossad and otherwise Jews in our national services have attempted to use me as an asset in a psy-op cocked up for both Jews and non-Jews. Internally, since I got to deal with their Lucifera at ZorgNed, along with the things they want from me, they are trying to create a perception of an amical relationship where I was presented as an ‘Isaiah’ to Ashkenazim on their mental network. I am not playing their games even though I have been assimilated onto that #$^ mental network. Through this perception they also want to gain jurisdiction over me (being ‘handled’ by Talmud law from their internal perspective as a member of them) and outplay the Dutch legal system. They inverse profile the hell out of me towards non-Jews. See once more the Assimilation article.

‘That fucking yup doesn’t want to be an Askenazi any more that fucking Merino.’ /
‘Die kut yup wil geen Ashkenazi meer zijn die typhus Merino.’
Another says I no longer want to be an Ashkenazim. Mariël and other high-level cabalists have constantly portrayed me as an Ashkenazim towards their circles as is evident from these quotes. I don’t know since when they actively began to do this. Probably somewhere during 2015 and on, when I began to spend time to truth-finding, all for the purpose of getting into control. I am not letting them. Reality is as I describe in the Assimilation article. With regards to this (in perception) forced assimilation I invoke my right to freedom of creed, which is a part of our constitution and consider this pure lie as harassment and as a criminal act. They just spew without regard for reality and instead, uphold desired perceptions of targets.

‘ “You have to straighten a schizo”, Jake Sullivan said to that mistress who is terribly in love with that Merino who no longer wants to be an Askenazim. ‘ /
‘ “Je moet een schizo rechtzetten”  zei Jake Sullivan tegen die hoer van lichte zeden die smoorverliefd is op die Merino die geen Ashkenazim meer wil zijn.’
This quote is a quote from the magnet reader that cross-talks onto the microphone channel of mobile phone. It is an unknown profile to me. It communicates mentally to the Ashkenazim that were present in the apartment next to me at the third floor. As explained in the annotation about about Hillary and Jake, they appear to be in control of, or, at the least have some authority over Mariël / Deborah / Ceriel, their Lucifera, the global ‘Goblet‘. Apparently through the mental network Jake communicated with Mariël, telling her to ‘set straight a schizo’. The mistress terribly in love is Mariël / Deborah / Ceriel. This is the perception she creates for assimilation and MDP purposes all in preparation for the future confiscation and human sacrifice. The Merino addressed is me; the profile claims that I don’t want to be an Ashkenazim any more. Reality is that I was never one to begin with and never will be one. They have been creating a perception among themselves I supposedly was an Ashkenazim. It is likely that Jews have been propagating this to non-Jews in our intelligence as well.

Through my proxy statement I am sure that intelligence has been able to observe live all the analysis steps performed on this recording the morning after this night and as such can establish that I correctly analysed this recording even through Ashkenazim ruined parts there of afterwards, erasing most of this quote and replacing it with insignificant noise from elsewhere in the recording.

‘You must straighen a schizo.’ / ‘Je moet een schizo rechtzetten.’ 
This is spoken by the Ashkenazim present in the apartment next to me at the third floor. He speaks to the others present in the apartment. Either Mariël was present in that apartment after having been dropped off by the Porche, hanging around my neighborhood among Ashkenazim offering a place to stay. Her hands can be seen as she sits in the back of the Porche. I have recognized her hands by the shape and color. She wears a black suit with white sleeves folded back around the suit. According to earlier observations it is her hit-outfit. She wore this suit on my first working day at ZorgNed. She wore it when she introduced herself to me that morning.

It is likely that she at times seeks out Capelle aan den IJssel. Or, he simply replicates his observations to the others. In any case, this recorded quote sequence proves their mental network beyond doubt, together with many quotes from past recordings that suggest this mental network as well as through my own analysis and ‘throws’ specifically geared towards establishing the existence of their mental network which I have now solidly established to exist. For this I employ the “rile-up” technique – riling them up mentally to the point they just can’t hold back verbal commenting at which ever place surrounding me as caught by my telephone – using their tech against them.

‘Haribo the fuck-face.’ / ‘Haribo de fuck-face.’
More identifying chatter.

‘Yes he becomes a Nazi groupie for the moment.’ / ‘Ja hij wordt even een Nazi groupie.’
This shows clearly how Ashkenazim use the ‘Nazi’ semantic as a deflection and defense mechanism. It is rather complex and may be hard to grasp, but malevolent Ashkenazim had a big part in the Second World War. And not on the good side. The chameleons had Jewish ‘Death Squads’ running among Nazis that killed and or deported Christians and ‘Merino’ Jews. This will be explained at a later point in time.

Depending on relative perceived alignment between me and Mariël I am either a ‘Nazi’ again, or more moderately, a ‘Eureka’ when they are under the impression they are having moderate success on mental assimilation. The ‘Nazi’ meme appears throughout recordings. At Zorg van de Zaak and at FloriSoft itself and now on this recording.

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