Conduct of Evidence

Evidence of Jewish Ritual Blood Crime – Murder & Cannibalism

The following conduct of evidence has its basis in citation of personae as recorded on audio recordings. In addition, knowledge of matter like cultural knowledge, knowledge of communication and language have been applied as means of reasoning.

It is important to realize that the audio recordings have been made at at least two different locations that have no relation to one another other than the fact that the target person (I) is the connecting factor between these two location on the basis of a work related case (absence of work). The recorded conversations at both locations have no explicit relationship at all between the employer, the doctor or labor. These two groups of people at both locations will have no direct relationship. It is important to realize that statements spoken out in both groups have been spoken out in the presence of members of each respective group; one can conclude that each conversation participant is aware or may be aware of the content of these conversations and because of that, one may speak of a “cell” per location.

Evidence of an Organized Criminal Network 

Common cultural terminology at both locations:
— “Troika”
Troika you want goyim – FloriSoft
The troika sends you their greetings – Zorg van de Zaak
— “Found the Goblet”
That fuck-pleb haribo.. That he found The Goblet – FloriSoft
So that fucking yup found The Goblet – Zorg van de Zaak

Common knowledge of target at both locations:
.. fucking yup called Dijsselbloem a fuck-face – FloriSoft
… called Dijsselbloem a fuck-face … – Zorg van de Zaak
I love it, fuck-pleb – FloriSoft
And a fuck-pleb too – FloriSoft
That fuck-pleb haribo.. That he found The Goblet – FloriSoft
Haribo the fuck-pleb – Zorg van de Zaak
A fuck-pleb haribo – Zorg van de Zaak

Common knowledge of perpetrator at both locations:

A fucking yup in love with Deborah – Zorg van de Zaak (Reference added 09/01/2019)
Fucking yup, with passion as per own saying.. – Zorg van de Zaak (Reference added 09/01/2019)
.. fucking yup is the Achilles’heel of Deborah .. needs to be iced. – FloriSoft
Yup will then be squeezed into cumming by Deborah – Zorg van de Zaak
Deborah is no tja-ka – Zorg van de Zaak
… when Deborah rips open that filthy fuck-face and weed pleb – FloriSoft
Becomes a what-ever-barbecue of fat[intestines] when Deborah rips in two that yup! – FloriSoft

Common intent towards the target at both locations:
Shall we squeeze him out in formation – FloriSoft
Down with that fucking yup – FloriSoft
Fucking grotto, we’ll stuff him that pleb – FloriSoft
.. that yup  will be boned out! – FloriSoft
Merino will be boned out … – Zorg van de Zaak

I consider proven: An organized criminal network connected through a cultural and intentional basis.

Identification of this Organized Criminal Network 

The identifying elements of this network are, but not limited to:
Ashkenazim (1)
Ashkenazim! (2)
Baroness Rothschild

I consider proven: Jewdom forms the foundation for, or is a representation of this organized criminal network by virtue of a culturally specific use of words which indicates acting up on a culturally specific basis.

Scope of this Organized Criminal Network 

Involvement of, and case awareness with the troika. The explicit referencing of Baroness Rothschild by one of the Ashkenazim suggests the nature of this troika:  A highly positioned trinity within Jewdom. The Rothschild family is directly responsible for the creation of the state of Israel:

The troika sends you their greetings
Troika you want goyim
.. called Baroness ‘Mud-kip’
Euro Cabal!

I consider proven: Cultural involvement with and knowledge of this case within Jewdom all the way up to a highly elite level.

Identification of Target 

The following statements identify the target, namely, duly yours. The target is identified explicitly at the location of Zorg van de Zaak. The alternative nouns and phrases with respect to the target prove that both locations address the same target:

Arno is a weed junk
.. fucking yup called Dijsselbloem a fuck-face 
… called Dijsselbloem a fuck-face …
… a Subaru is our Achilles’heel.
oooh the talk makes me wild already, Tja-ka
Tja-ka you fish bone, Deborah is no tja-ka
I love it, fuck-pleb
And a fuck-pleb too
That fuck-pleb haribo.. That he found The Goblet
Haribo the fuck-pleb
A fuck-pleb haribo

I consider proven: Explicit, associative identification of the target targeted by this organized criminal network at both locations.

Identification of Perpetrator 

The perpetrator would execute an act as described in the links below. A witness is instructed to wait until the act is completed before the next acts are executed. The complicit employee at FloriSoft describes a subsequent act which is directly related to the act of murder by the perpetrator. Furthermore, a complicit member expresses what is the nature of the perpetrator (malevolent).

A fucking yup in love with Deborah (Reference added 09/01/2019) – I know who this would be.
Fucking yup, with passion as per own saying.. (Reference added 09/01/2019) – Passoa / Passion link.
Yup will then be squeezed into cumming by Deborah
Then you’ll have to wait until he’s been squeezed into cumming
Shall we squeeze him out in formation
Fucking yup encountered a succubus
Tja-ka you fish bone, Deborah is no tja-ka
… when Deborah rips open that filthy fuck-face and weed pleb
Becomes a what-ever-barbecue of fat[intestines] when Deborah rips in two that yup!

The perpetrator is known by at least two names: ‘Deborah’ and ‘Mariël’. The network states that duly yours found their “Goblet”. I indeed did; I identified her at ZorgNed as the link “Identified Satanists” explains. Also I globally exposed in December 2017 the nature of the company ZorgNed in the month of December. My identification and knowledge surrounding this is considered by this network the Achilles’ heel of Deborah. With this, the appearances ‘Deborah’ and ‘Mariël’ are hard-identified and as such is identified as the one and the same person.

That fuck-pleb haribo.. That he found The Goblet
So that fucking yup found The Goblet
Identified Satanists
.. fucking yup is the Achilles’heel of Deborah .. needs to be iced.

I consider proven: That Mariël and Deborah are the one and the same person, based on statements from the recordings together with my identification of Mariël as their Lucifera (The Goblet) and my own further conduct at the end of 2017.

I consider proven: That Mariël is of malevolent nature, based on both the statements from the recordings as well as my personal experience with and identification of her in 2017.

I consider proven: That Mariël / Deborah is the executing ritual murderer (executioner) where multiple acts are worded explicitly, forming the process of murder as a whole for the purpose of further processing of and consumption of the victim as explained in the profile of The Lucifera.

Evidence of Involuntary Participation (Abduction / Confiscation) 

Acts are being spoken of which would be applied to me. I can say with certainty that this is not by my permission and knowledge. I have no affiliation with Jewdom; I do not know those involved (apart from those met through work) and I do not engage with any of them privately and I most definitely have no intent of having myself be assimilated into or initiated into Jewdom.

Yup will then be squeezed into cumming by Deborah
Then you’ll have to wait until he’s been squeezed into cumming
… a Subaru is our Achilles’heel.
… makes noise

The last two statements point out that my vehicle is an Achilles’ heel. Given the above one can conclude that the vehicle forms an obstruction to an abduction: the getting rid of the vehicle will draw attention because of the noise produced by the vehicle. My personal remark: That’s no noise. It’s music.

I consider proven: The framing of abduction by the organized criminal network where the vehicle of the victim poses an obstruction to the actual undertaking of this abduction. The fact that the vehicle forms an obstruction tells that the abduction is to take place at the location of the victim’s employer.

Identification of Complicit Perpetrators 

One can state that those present with all statements as recorded on recordings are complicit to at least be knowledgeable about the framing of ritual murder. Given the fact that abduction is to take place at the location of the victim’s employer, which should not be too difficult when nearly the entire company consists of cabbalists, employees of FloriSoft are potentially complicit to this framing of abduction. Given that it is Jewish cabal culture that those who contribute to the procurement and or neutralization of a victim gain the right to drink from the blood of the victim, it can be concluded that they are guilty of planned cannibalism.

An example is the quite “Yes, and cider.“. With this the doctor shows awareness of the fact that the contribution towards the mental neutralization of the target by L.C. Zevering gains her the right to drink from the blood if the abduction would have succeeded and the victim would have been transported to the location of sacrifice.

I consider proven: The participants in the conversation are at least complicit to awareness of the framing of a ritual murder. The “Goblet Grantees” are complicit to planned cannibalism.

Evidence of  Ritual Slaugther 

The following statements show of a variety of acts performed on the body of the victim. Also, there is historical evidence that Jews collect trophies from victims. They also tanned the skin of victims to create human leather for the construction of various attributes like shoes. The first quite is an affirmation of this.

Fucking grotto, we’ll stuff him that pleb
Shall we squeeze him out in formation
Down with that fucking yup
.. that yup  will be boned out!
Merino will be boned out …
… when Deborah rips open that filthy fuck-face and weed pleb
Becomes a what-ever-barbecue of fat[intestines] when Deborah rips in two that yup!

I consider proven: The ritual is of murderous nature and is not an initiation ritual which was purported as an alternative truth by suspects.

Evidence of Cannibalism 

The following quotes refer to the cannibalism itself. The third and fourth quote are very explicit, they suggest that the victim is served as a buffet after having been killed and having their blood tapped by the Jewish Lucifera. Optionally after this, trophies are obtained.

Yes, and cider
Cider and goulash
Becomes a what-ever-barbecue of fat[intestines] when Deborah rips in two that yup!
Okay, a buffet
Add 3 apples to her address
Luytje, adding apple 3x has already been registered

I consider proven: Those involved are guilty of planned participation in cannibalism, based on recorded statements and historical Jewish cultural customs.

Supplementary documentation.
More documentation. Note: They try to brush it off as nonsense here as well.

Evidence of Knowledge-of-Matter of Jewish Blood Crime / Satanism (Cover-up) / Lucifera 

Here, insiders affirm that the knowledge of duly yours on these matters and the identification of Mariël as a Jewish Lucifera (The Goblet) may be her Achilles’ heel. It is an affirmation of my knowledge of matters. Furthermore, responses to forum posts of mine which will be highlighted under the section Motive below affirm my knowledge of matters.

.. fucking yup is the Achilles’heel of Deborah .. needs to be iced.
That fuck-pleb haribo.. That he found The Goblet
So that fucking yup found The Goblet

I consider proven: My knowledge of matters is affirmed and supported by statements of insiders and other knowledgeable personae.


For years I have intermingled with international communities (through forums) of various nature and I personally have an international attitude. Besides seeing myself as a Dutchman, I also see myself as a member of the Human Global Collective. I concern myself for one with world politics and general developments in the world as I explain in short in the Infinity Framework article. In 2015 I realized that there was more to the MH-17 incident. It had become too obvious and it confirmed the view of developments in the world that I had already constructed; the temporal truth-tree of our planet. Also the assimilation of Greece into the EU is an event that to me was an affirmation of the existence of this cabal. Especially because of keeping tabs on news from various regions in the world (The U.S., The Netherlands and Greece itself) it became all too obvious that each region was served its own “custom-made truth”.

Then the head over heels assimilation of the Ukraine into Europe, the ramrodding of this accession agreement between the EU and the Ukraine despite outcomes of referenda regarding this accession contributed to this insight I had built. I realized that MH-17 had to be a false flag given external developments surrounding this: build-up of NATO in Eastern European countries and in parallel the incrimination of Russia while proper investigation had yet to come off the ground; the exclusion of Malaysia from the investigation and much more.

At the end of 2015, when I began to delve deeper into circumstances that lie behind MH-17 and having discovered the Photoshop fraud committed by the Bellingcat agency, and in parallel noted the irrefutable clinging of the Netherlands (its government) to the official narrative while this fraud case was so obvious, made me realize even more that the Rutte I, II & III governments were complicit to ulterior motives. This is the moment where all in a sudden I began to note heightened female interest for me; women that attempted to draw my attention. Back then in innocence I didn’t see this through so much, but later on these appeared to be Weaponized Women.

When this terror attack in Brussels took place, on the 22nd of March 2016, and where microbial anomalies began to manifest with me two days before and then all the happenings surrounding a former justice minister Ard van der Steur and this quibble about this NYPD tip, it was as clear to me as lightning by night.

Since 2015 I was quite active on Facebook to combat propaganda and lies in our media and pointing out irrefutable facts. I was also busy carefully informing people of ulterior motives within Dutch politics as well as with global politics. I did this under the account Ons Vaderland (Our Fatherland). It got blocked by Facebook, while they requested my ID which I did not provide.

Then there was the day of June the 1st. The opening of the Gotthard Tunnel. This was no less than an elite Satanic ritual ( ‘The Welcoming of Lucifer’). Then I realized it was time to blow the whistle in various research communities while contributing with knowledge and insight, to point out the existence of this cabal and contribute to the unmasking of this cabal. The subsequent course of events and experiences that I experienced first hand here in the Netherlands at employers, the gang-stalking and various attempts to sexually incriminate me, attempts to have me commit license fraud made it clear to me: the cabal in the Netherlands had actively turned its attention towards me.

In 2017 I was already quite active on a research forum related to consequences of an e-mail dump of Hillary Clinton of the time she was a Secretary of State. It appeared that these e-mails contained code words for pedophilia and cannibalism; internet based research communities scrutinized and decoded the content of over 33.000 e-mails where it was established that within elite circles, pedophilia was a rampant occurrence and it was communicated about in these e-mails. It is known as Pizza-Gate and its global version there of, Pedo-Gate. Given the European cases of pedophilia like the case of Dutroux which was a child pimp and procurer for European elite, where also the Netherlands didn’t come out all that clean with cases of pedophilia among top officials and a political pedo party called “Martijn”, I realized that all of this was related to one other. A world wide cabal that indulges into pedophilia, sex and cannibalism and other depraved doings.

I began to undertake research into Jewdom. The phrase “Zionist Owned Government” was a known phrase and if one would look at the various mainstream media stations, one will note that these consist almost entirely of Jews or otherwise Zionists. It become more and more clear that this cabal appeared to be of Jewish nature and in fact, is playing the people of the world. For more information on how, see the article Psychological Warfare.

Especially the development of the Infinity Framework in 2015 appeared to be a hot item. There is more I uncovered. Notably, it was at ZorgNed where I noted references towards this Infinity Framework; a quote from one of the employees there: “To me he’s no less than the Son of God!”. This was a quote from Hildo den B. This was during a positive alignment towards Mariël. It made me realize instantly what these Zionists at ZorgNed wanted and what were their ulterior motives. It’s directly related to an ancient civilization in the Americas. I will get back on this in due time. Further developments at ZorgNed eventually lead towards identifying Mariël and Gerda as Jewish Satanists; my alignment towards her was no longer positive for some time already. And that was notable through the behavior of various colleagues. All in a sudden memes appeared like “A schizo who thinks the absolute truth is based off of SOS-CAS-TOA. The Zionists couldn’t assimilate me with their women and tried to coerce me into positive alignment towards them through “target and destroy” doctrine. On top of that, I discovered the bio-metric data fields in the WmoNed software and realized I was dealing with dark, shady business. Shortly after, I suffered these spontaneous bleedings as described in my Findings at ZorgNed.

Since then I shared my findings with the global community; the research forum I visited is watched by intelligence from around the world. Pizza-Gate, Pedo-Gate is a world wide phenomena. I know I was running into a wall here in the Netherlands, seeing how the Netherlands was handling MH-17, knowing quite well that the Dutch society is littered with Jewish gate keepers. I attempted to file a case of misdemeanor at an employer already before but I was bounced off. The Netherlands is a Jewish bulwark. Since then I’ve tried to keep standing upright in society, trying to find a job where no cabbalists are present in my direct vicinity but this appears to be a problem. Jews infiltrate the information sphere; over decades they have erected and launched and otherwise taken over IT companies. If a company owner would not want to bend to Jews, they would be relegated out subtly. The sending on confiscation missions of Luciferas and have the passing away of such company owners be diagnosed as heart failure by complicit Jews in justice and the medical world. It’s known as the Jewish “Operation Talpiod”.

The final conclusion of this massive data and information analysis that I conducted over many years is that this global pedophile cannibalizing, false flag organizing cabal is embodied by… the (semi) elite Jewdom. Jewish blood crime is a reality. John F. Kennedy was aware of this and had to pay for it with his life. When JFK spoke about this “Monolithic conspiracy”, he was in actuality referring to Jewdom.

Below you’ll find a collection of forum threads and posts under my account on this particular Pizza-Gate forum where I shared my findings and knowledge to contribute to the identification and unmasking of this world wide Jewish cabal, the global Diaspora network. I did this under the username ‘ArtificalDuality’. It is important to know that I never shared any of this with any employer, apart from the number 17 article. With all of this it is shown that the Mossad has been tracking my doings for years on end, and is not all that happy about the unmasking of their agents, practices and their true nature here in the Netherlands.

Forum Threads and Messages

More posts will be added from my archive.

From a “World to come” to a “World stopped in its tracks” to a “World to dissipate”….