Recordings Index

Recordings Index

This page contains all of the recordings recorded at recent employers and Zorg van de Zaak. They may contain incriminating evidence. By far not all recordings have been analysed but this will happen in the future still. They also prove I actually worked at these employers.

Some files are tagged with a SHA-256 hash code. With this it can be validated that the downloaded files are identical content wise to the original recordings. The code must be the same when this type of code is generated for the files. You can search for software that generates and shows SHA-256 codes for a file to verify authenticy of your files.




Zorg van de Zaak


At Home

  • Spraak 43.4ma – d13109c74fba0543e7b9143e8ddff48f230f5df73cb2b33b5e740076a9529502
  • Opname_16062019.m4a – 12867d7cad61ee9abf1c547ba68cbd3eb4092752090ac032db51330d0c7471dd
  • Opname_16062019.txt – 1f863ccbf1736553f2e782af00380bcb1708970aaaf4ceff6a0699beafebffe0