War Preparation during COVID-19

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So.. today I ran into a Twitter surprise. Some of these days stuff makes an appearance on there that makes one scratch their heads. And likewise, today. Well. With the COVID home arrests and social distancing on relief, twitter is offering through their high-lights a push for war. With the suggestion that during these home arrests we have plenty time to practice and prepare. Then, what would this all be about? Well… the call for arms.  It looks like we are made to believe that the European Union is going to have a capable military force that can potentially take on the United States; either with Russia, or instead, swat Russia on U.S. soil as well. Like a metaphorical Hercules. Case in point:

Canada gets to watch by the sideline.

It’s not just the implication of a EU army that’s being made here, it’s the implication of a new world war. Although, WW3 doom and gloom rethorics are not quite new. The call for a European army to have the EU be able to defend itself has been on the foreground a number of times. There’s the build-up of NATO forces in Eastern Europe. Then there is the new French Revolution referred to as the Gilets Jâunes. And, when it comes to trade, there have been some quibbles between the Unites States and Europe with regards to import tariffs.

I think it is safe to say that nobody in this world really wants a third world war. I don’t. And I think you don’t either. I don’t think the individual European nations feel up much to it either when Europe as nation states have internal fights within the European Union construct, mostly in the financial arena. Secondly, a war with the United States I don’t fancy much either. But, maybe that has to do with my own history. My former American fiancee is a descendant of Dutch colonists who traveled to the United States with the 2nd ship of colonists after the first ship, the Mayflower. Relationships between citizens have always been on  relatively good standing.

The United States are in a process of transformation and if you are to listen to the average U.S. citizen, not for the good. Globalization is taking its toll on this nation as well. During the years of Obama, influence of the international organizations like NATO, WHO and the internet registry ICANN strengthened on this country. And in the latter years under the Trump administration, there is taking place what is known as the “Gun-grab” where states are sharpening their legislation with regards to gun ownership and use. The attack on the 2nd amendment. The ability for the U.S. citizen to defend their homes and families, and from a corrupt government. This however is not supported by the current administration and is a result of many state installments of state politicians during the Obama administration. The current administration attempts to preserve this 2nd amendment and is resisting further internationalization and globalization of the United States where it seems that the European Union and its nation states pose as a template.

So, while in the end, the Twitter high-light was just an advertisement for a piece of online entertainment software, it makes one think where it’s all headed to. The question is.. are we going to let this happen or not?



Happy Birthday and an Anniversary!

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First off, happy birthday Claudia..! I love you 🙂 Yes, today is her birthday. Even though it’s many years later, she is still a wonderful memory. And in part, she is what I’m doing all of this for. What you may ask? Well that brings us to the anniversary bit of the blog title. Absolute Duality .com has its first anniversary!

A lot has happened during this year. Stepping out of work, another job for a short time and then ever since without a job. A court case was started against malevolent conduct in our state systems; mental healthcare specifically. An appeal was accepted and a lot of evidence has been supplied, both to involved courts and I presume evidence ended up within our intelligence services as well. Then the global proxy statement that appears to be a huge deterrent to evil people in these systems. And not yet disclosed, actual unwanted visitors at my door that wanted to conduct a confiscation. (12/14/2018, 10:40 PM). And currently and magically, I now have gotten a new job which I can start with on 09/16/2019. We’ll see how that one goes..!

Unfortunately, it’s also within this year that my mother has passed away. She passed away on 08/03/2019. I have been with her since 07/09/2019, two days prior to my brother’s birthday and haven’t left from her side. She passed away in peace with the people most dear to her near her. Her last words were.. ‘See you again in the afterlife; I love you all!’. She has been a wonderful mother to me and my brother and a helpful friend to many other people. Right now I am still busy with heritage after care.

In this very same year the website also gained a tremendous amount of content and statements, not only fighting for my case, but also in providing auxiliary content that will help people understand the scope, size and context of the cause I’m fighting for. Which is reality, rationality and love. This all will continue and I will also continue to gather evidence as I see fit. Plenty has been accumulated with damning factoids recorded to the point that Mossad or another intelligence agency driven by Ashkenazim felt the need to actually break into my computer and molest audio files subtly. Luckily I have a number of backups currently not attached to my system.

The website had been paid for for four years so it will be around for quite some time. Unfortunately I was not allowed to prepay for another 3 years to have it aired 7 years minimally.

I will continue to maintain and organize this website and its content, trying to keep everything accessible and logically organized. There is a huge amount of work left still and a number of articles and blogs that I feel I still need to write. One of them is about ‘Social Guerrilla Warfare’ and how it is employed. It will show how benevolent people are taken by the nose to further the cause of evil people. But ultimately, I want to write articles about spirituality and love from a western perspective. May they help people realize what they might be missing out on as they descend into the mental mill of very evil people as they adopt malicious doctrine.

For now I’m gonna leave it at this. I wish Claudia and her children a wonderful birthday. May you also never forget what is love.

With love,

Birth of a Site

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With this website, a Dutch citizen deemed it to be time to tell about him self and the experiences gained throughout life. Throughout the years he uncovered that he had become part of a bigger story while fighting for a better world, for truth and the preservation of moral values; values that he has experienced himself first hand. It isn’t a bed-time story though, as what is involved, has a very ugly face. All of this has given rise to the birth of a website. That is because conveying a story to be told through a website offers the ability to tell the story only once all the while it can be read by many.

And so, the quest for a better world is now continued through a new website, which, hopefully may contain information of interest to you as a reader as well as make you more aware of what hides under the veil of the modern world we live in. A world full of conflict and atrocities and yet, a world full of beauty. It depends on where one looks that determines what you will see. One may wonder.. How can it be that with all this modern progression and this impression of a civilized world, people sometimes still feel like there is something dreadfully wrong with the planet we live on..? The answer lies within the Absolute Duality. And with that, the name for the website was set in stone.

The website will never be ‘finished’. While at the point of writing this, there is not much content yet if any at all, it is being worked on as it is a work in progress and it will see many updates the coming times. Once the main articles have been published, the blog gets more attention with posts about various subjects that I’ve mulled about or otherwise have an opinion about that I feel like talking about and sharing with you.

You might want to add a bookmark to this website to get back and stay up-to-date with ease. For now, I would like to thank you for reading as I continue to diligently work on content to come…