A True Love

2001 ~ 2003

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller

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The End of a Week 

The week was spent with various activities. We visited local places, we had gone out having dinner together, both just the two of us and dinners with the whole family. Eventually we got to the evening of the last night to spend. We both sat in her bedroom. She sat on her side of the bed. I sat on her desk chair before the desk next to her bed. A soft light was glowing from the desk lamp. We didn’t say much, both anticipating on the eventual separation. Neither of us wanted to part. Eventually, we began to talk about possible options for me to stay longer. Like where I would call my boss to obtain permission for another week to stay. But that would come with its own problems. The return ticket was only valid for that 8th of December, the Saturday that would follow up the night we were heading into. We agreed there was no way around it. It wasn’t without a little joking to lighten up some though. Like talking about just staying illegally, grinning a bit. Saying stuff like just so long you get a job nobody cares a darn and so on. While thinking of that we laughed a bit, along with the bit of hope that came along with it, but we both knew that just wasn’t an option either. The night set in and we prepared to spend the night one more time. The morning after it was going to be about packing up and heading to the Denver International Airport in the mid-morning.

After that night, after having woken up we got moving to get ready for departure. I had my blue suitcase all packed up and as far as I remembered, I hadn’t forgotten anything. We had breakfast. Not too long after, I felt like wanting to make a remembrance picture. A picture of the family. They agreed and lined up along the stone wall of her home. Mike’s face got covered a bit by the shade of a pine tree. Then, it was time to say goodbyes to the children and to get into the car, off to the Denver Airport. Arriving there, we made ways to the west side of the airport, to the outside strip next to the main building where one could see the Rocky Maintains straight ahead. There we waited a bit, having a smoke. And I kissed her one more time before we went back inside as the time to separate inched closer. The entrance we walked through led straight to the moving walkway towards the innards and terminals of the airport. Only a hand full of minutes were left. We walked around and we sat down on a bench to tick away the last few minutes. We didn’t say a thing. As we sat, we took each other’s hand; my left hand and her right hand. Tears began to roll down faces in silence. She took a handkerchief from her bag; we dried faces a bit, all the while snottering a little. We looked at each other. It was time to part. Time for me to head to the terminal. As we walked back slowly around the fence once more to the walkway entry we then stood before each other. We kissed one last time, tears still dripping. We said good bye. I turned around and stepped on to the walk way. She turned around and sulked back towards the side entrance we entered earlier, although now passing it on her way to the front side. I cried and watched her walk. We lost sight of each other and I turned my head again to head for the terminal. I felt like half of me was ripped away, but the outlook towards the future lessened that powerless feeling of having parted.

After she got home, she fired up an e-mail to write about all and everything, adding bits throughout the day; a welcome home e-mail that would be waiting for me after I would get home back in The Netherlands… :

A Future Together

2 februari 2002 – A chat

Filing the Petition

Filing the Petition

Nebraska Gives The Green Light

The Hardship Case

Excerpts from Claudia’s Hardship statement as part of our Hardship Appeal case; ‘Jacob’ is one of my birth names:

There has not been one day that Jacob and I haven’t spoken to each other. We spend a minimum of six hours a day together talking and dreaming of our lives and futures together. There is nothing more in this world that would make us happier than to be together for the rest of our lives. My children adore Jacob. They became very attached to him while he was here. They also speak to him via the phone, webcam or chat program. Jacob is the much needed father figure in their lives. He helps them with homework and plays games with him. He listens to them. And they listen to him. He is kind, generous and has the patience of a saint.

True love is entirely spiritual. It’s the uniting of two souls and minds into one greater being.

There has never been another individual on this planet who has understood me or accepted me like Jacob has. Our love is pure and full and we would be lost without each other. I cannot begin to fathom not having him in my life for just one day, let alone the rest of my life. He truly is half of me. I am not whole without him. Our souls are so interconnected that I would be lost without him. My life would be miserable and unbearable without Jacob.

I could and can say the same. She meant the same to me. We are born as halves. One won’t know until one has united into whole.

The Hardship Appeal.