The Hardship Appeal

Here are parts of the actual hardship statement from Claudia. It shows the above quotes are authentic and are no fabrication. The criminal past that is being talked about was about a felony I committed when I was around 20 years old, pertaining to joy-riding. It was a small derailment in my life that I took a distance from shortly afterwards. The statement shows that we had a very high communications density, meaning that we got to know each other thoroughly and were continuously mentally connected to one another whenever we could be together.

As you can see, the bottom of this sheet is slightly wrinkled. It had caught the tears that dripped from my cheeks. I always get them when I read through this file. Including now, at the time of updating this article with these sheets.

Here below you will find the hardship statement from a mutual friend of ours. It shows what has been destroyed by very evil people. This is from the dossier that the neighbor below me (a so called ‘Sayanim’) attempted to steal for the purpose of erasing my past, my history so that I could never prove the existence of this relationship and the real, true love we shared. They’re out to eradicate the notion of love.

Below you will find the statement from Dorothy, another mutual friend of ours back in time. She has been of great support to me, not only throughout our relationship, but also afterwards after the break-up as a result of two denials.