My Rosetta Stone

April 2018: Restoration of History

For a very long time I have been aware of the black / false profile created around me. Unfortunately I could not ‘prove’ anything, because I had lost the backup files. I only had that letter left in Dutch, translated from the original of which they said it was just forgery of a schizophrenic. I’ve always regretted the loss of those backup files because of sentimental, emotional and nostalgic value to me. I did however, still have a copy of a physical file from the immigration lawyer, T. R. Bakken. I did have a backup of my mail database containing conversations and mail between my former fiancee and me over the full span of the relationship, however, that backup was busted. The DVDs got busted by sunlight and I thought I had lost these forever.

Yes, a backup

Until I figured, let’s take a look in a case containing all sorts of old CDs.. and there I found a prior backup, from 2007. I sort of forgot I had made more back-ups in the past that might possibly contain these e-mail database backups still. My heart began to race. I took the disk that held both my backup folder and the ICQ  logs folder and put it in the drive. I went to look for the files… and guess what? They were there! The backup worked. I spontaneously began to cry. That feeling I can’t describe, having back the files, all the conversations between her and me. Actual tangible proof of my past was retrieved. Besides the spiritual and sentimental value, it was also proof of reality as reality had transpired.

One thing I did, was to file a report with the FBI, telling parts of this story and how elements within our BVD/AIVD and Mossad had been presenting a completely false profile of me and sent them a link to the e-mail database that contained everything surrounding the former relationship, seeking justice. Including everything related to my K1 visa application. I had zipped it and uploaded it to a file sharing site. I explicitly stated to make sure it would end up with the ‘Oath Keepers’, given the nature of this case. They are an alliance of clean, righteous service men and women within the FBI. I know from the gang-stalking that cabal members within our service now tried to pass off the e-mail database as a forgery. Likewise, they attempt to claim I was supposedly ‘no longer a belissimo’ – yes, they have all sorts of words to label people – and that (true) love is nothing but placebo. It was clear to me that one motive was to mentally quarantine me and attempt to erase my personal history from people’s minds whenever and where ever I had told about my past and this relationship with Claudia.

Further more, in the beginning of 2018 something happened that directly related to the e-mail database lost and the relationship I had with my former fiancee. I knew this thing was going on with them to (dis)prove the reality about this relationship. I have a little document suitcase that was taken from my home and then again was returned. But it was put back in a different place. It was the suitcase with the file hard-copy of the immigration lawyer Mr. T.R. Bakken, the hardship appeal case he handled for me and my former fiancee. The sequence went like this: When I decided I were going to leave the house, took the case, and threw it to the table top of the living room table, stating the following words: “Well… whoever [good or evil operatives] gets here first!” and I left. I returned back home shortly, changing my mind, only to have found the suitcase inside the table, in one of its open miniature cabinets where I normally put shoes. So I knew someone had taken and returned it, but put it back in the wrong place in a hurry since I returned so fast. They could likely hear my car come back after they had confiscated it.

Well, that suitcase did not hold ANYTHING of monetary value. The only value in there were documents from my past, of which the documents that could prove the existence and validity of my relationship with Claudia, were by far the most significant. An important note here is that I never changed out the lock when I moved into my apartment at the end of 2006. In one way not too smart, but then again, this event would have never happened. I know who did it.

The cabal for one thing is out to destroy the notion of spiritual love in its true meaning and make sex-workers the norm at the same time, the web being flooded by the porn industry and what not more. I will below, add two paragraphs of the letter Claudia wrote to my mother named Joke to convince her our relationship was real for the purpose of easing her. It was written on the 28th of January 2002 and I translated it to Dutch for my mother to read. It deals with the ‘schizophrenic pedo’ part of the false profile of me that I was accused of quite well at that too. Showing they are indeed following Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ to the letter. Here are the paragraphs:

I don’t know if you believe in God or not, but I do. And if I believe in God, I have to believe in Satan. Thus.. I believe in good and evil. I know what both stands for and what both is capable of producing in life. I believe God is good and only from him can come pure, true love. Joke, I’ve met many people and experienced many things in my life, but I can honestly say that the love that shines from your son is nothing less than a miracle in my eyes. I can’t help but feel that this love that pours out of him can only come from one source… God. God works through people. And God is definitely working through Arno whether he knows it or not. God has given Arno and I something very special. A pure, love that I’ve never felt from any other man in my life. I know what infatuation is. I know what lust is. I know what sometimes love is. I know how it is to love someone when they are around and then forget about him when they aren’t. But Arno and I have something that expands far beyond that. I can’t get that man off my mind for one second during my day. He’s in every pore and every cell of my being. Never have I felt this for anyone in my life. His love gives me the strength to work through anything I have to face. I also feel that the love I give him gives him great strength also. I have never shared so much of my life with one person. I have never let anyone come close to tear down the walls that I have built. Arno is the first person to ever be able to do that. This man knows more about me than I know about me. He understands me better than I could ever understand myself.

A comment as I write this: ‘Yes Claudia, your love gives me strength also – even today, 16 years later.’

Your son may not have tons of experience, but by god, he has tons of goodness in him. He has an outpouring of love so big it fills my heart to overflowing. He has flaws. Don’t think I don’t see them. He’s as stubborn as I am. Hehe But he uses that stubbornness for good. He won’t let me walk away from a fear that I might have. He makes me deal with it in a very gentle, loving way. He doesn’t criticize me for my fears. He listens, he loves me for sharing it, and he understands and helps me through it. I hope I do the same for him. I think I do. Will we end up in divorce? I hope not. I don’t ever want to lose him. We are very lucky to have found each other. The miles between us have made us so much more stronger. If we can endure being apart physically for months and months, we can endure anything I feel. My kids love Arno. They feel he is a very stable individual with loving qualities. My daughter Hannah is usually very reserved with men I’ve introduced her too. But she warmed up to Arno immediately. The kids all want him to come back. They were very taken with him. My daughter Rebecca cried when he left in December. I wouldn’t pick just anyone to be a father-figure to my children. Anyone I was serious about would have to pass a hard test from my children and me. Arno has far exceeded that.

Today I know it’s been a cabal member within or associated with Dutch secret service that took away and returned the suitcase. The person lives in the same apartment block as I do. On top of that, close to the second quarter of this year 2018 this person also took a boarding-pass receipt from the suitcase. The receipt is legal evidence of my flight to the United Stated of America back in 2002. I still had it at the beginning of the year, but when a hunch told me to check for it, it was gone. Luckily I had already digitized these boarding-passes back in 2002. His name is Odijk. I changed out the entire lock on my frontdoor shortly after.