Through the Gate

August 2018: Back to Work

When I finally registered the new domain name on the 22nd of August, I started to steadily work on the website. First the critical parts; the articles that offer and substantiate the evidence. Then I devoted time to writing supporting articles like those that address Truth and n Psychological Warfare. I couldn’t do much meanwhile anyways but finding a new job. And that brings us to the next magical phenomena.

Without ever contacting recruiters myself, one after another started to contact me after I had merely decided to find a new job as soon as possible. They’re located in Amsterdam, almost all of them. This started in July already. I couldn’t get involved with them just yet because of previous procedures going still. These were the complaint file with the Medical Tribunal and the second-opinion with the UWV. Like said however, recruiters all in a sudden started to contact me. It’s like they smelled it. The first was  Jouw .NET Vacature that I’ve dealt with before. This is also a recruiter from 020 (The Amsterdam phone number region code; 010 is Rotterdam). I talked about my preferences with one of their recruiters. I didn’t want to travel more than 30 minutes each commute. The area was limited to Capelle aan den IJssel and Rotterdam region. And so, they would get on it for me. This was on a Friday, the 26th of July 2018. I received two job applications, sent by the owner. Both applications were not compliant with requirements agreed up on and both suggested a commute time of around 2 hours in total. There was something noteworthy to those two applications. One was for a company located in Zetten. This is a stone’s throw from Wageningen, where is located ZorgNed.  Thus, nicely close to Mariël / Deborah near by. But it was over one and a half hour of travel for me per commute. The other application was in The Hague, suburb Voorburg. That’s nicely close to the WTC near by. But still, more than an hour of travel each commute. So I thanked the recruiter for these two applications and rejected them. They never contacted me again. Might they have wanted to suggest something? Maybe something about goblet activities within a private establishment in The Hage?

The recruiter that recruited me back in time for ZorgNed contacted me again as well. They didn’t want to find a new job for me after I had left ZorgNed. However now they seemingly smelled something and they contacted me their selves. This one had a nice job that looked good and more so the job location was close to my own which was a requirement. I visited them and all seemed to fit well.  Not just that, I was also offered a permanent contract straight off! Apparently some people are told one thing and other people another; talking about my development capabilities. See the allegations section to find out what’s propagated from various angles about my own work and projects. All in all, I were suspicious once more. That this recruiter would again place me somewhere where the assimilation process of this cabal could continue once more; for either attempts to sexually incriminate, or to set up for yet again another confiscation mission. I would see when I would get started there. The start date was the 24th of September. Through observations I got to know that it was thanks to Mariël / Deborah and her influence. If this was the case, then that would be a clear display of MDP to deflect suspicion and get in to clear. Because after all, I had found the Goblet. Meanwhile I would be occupied with the writing of articles for the website. My mother had her birthday on the 23rd of September, where we went out for a nice dinner. Two friends of which one was her soulmate were present too. The evening was a success; it was nice to see my mom in a good mood despite her incurable illness that she now suffers. The day after I would start with the new job.

September 2018:  The First Days

After the first working day I can state that my suspicion was right. Like I have written about before in the article Psychological Warfare, they all seem to be carbon copies of each other when it comes to allegations, expressions and statements. For now it looks like the first suspicion was correct: sex incrimination for the purpose of trying to prove I would not know what is love and instead would want to have sex only. The confiscation mission might possibly have been postponed for now, considering the number of people aware of this website and my findings. So far I haven’t suffered any external excitation. However, now I was located in an office tower at ground level, far away from cell towers, contrary to FloriSoft where I sat straight in the line-of-sight of one such cell tower a mere 30 meters away from me which was mounted to the roof of the neighbor company. It was coincidentally placed one and a half week after I got to work at FloriSoft, the time where these external excitations started throughout the day. I’ll keep collecting data points on this matter and see whether this external excitation stays away for now at this new location. Since I work here for only a short time, names and further details are not mentioned. Depending on how this evolves this can change. I did however note some key allegations already. ‘Merino‘ is one of them and again the appalling ‘no ego’, like was the case at Zorg van de Zaak as recorded on audio.

Coincidentally, my phone was acting up the day before: the battery expanded and could possibly have exploded if I hadn’t noted this on time. The phone still functions and the authentic, though evidence is still accessible. I don’t return it under warranty; I’ll buy a new second hand. For now, I’ll see how it goes.

October 2018: Twee Weeks After 

My suspicions proved to be right. Also this a cabal owned company. Also their objectives appear to be as suspected. After the first two weeks the external excitation seemed to have returned. It was on and off. This also went hand in hand with attempts of this lady Caroline to create a perception of suggestion. Affairs like making coffee after I placed the empty cup and went for a smoke. The experience here came across as assimilation attempts once more. The external excitation was present on and off here as well. It didn’t really hamper conducting my work; by now I can ignore it completely however it is an irritating experience.

When this excitation took extreme forms, on the Thursday of the third week while not having relieved the male biology for a week, I gave in that evening with a few minutes in the bathroom. With this, I did not speak of anything or otherwise expelled verbal hints. The Friday after, it quickly appeared that indeed, cabalists were aware of my mental endeavors like the articles 20180619 – FloriSoft, Findings at ZorgNed en 20180726 – Zorg van de Zaak prove.I heard the lady softly say to colleague Ian who was standing next to her.. : “Yesterday he came off on me..”. Well, this lady had never been present at my home. I took note of this and thought about how to handle this. I went for a smoke. I figured out what I were going to say. After the sigaret I went back to the office, having been let in. On my way to my desk I said to Caroline: “And, what did YOU do yesterday evening?”. She was off set lightly, somewhat grinning in a sudden to then tell what she had done. Laundry and such. I wasn’t interested in that. Meanwhile I observed other colleagues carefully, also the one that stood over at her desk when she whispered her remark. And what do you know. Ian, but also others like Sanjin and Steven began to laugh hard, trying to cover up their reactions a little. However all their responses were like an open book. Under normal circumstances the question I asked wouldn’t be a cause to laugh over hard. For me it was a confirmation; the sex incrimination with help of this external excitation was continued here at this Zionist anti-merino company.

More whispering remarks follows as time passed by. The fuck-face was mentions by Marnix and Mera also. And it had become clear to me that the recruiter that placed me at ZorgNed, placed me with a cabal associated company once more. During the plannings on Mondays it appeared that the planning chart was littered with specific numerical values that are so terribly popular with Satanic cabalists. Also in speech a certain reference was made by Sanjin during one of those plannings: 322 episodes”. This same Sanjin wasn’t too shy of cocaine given how he joked about it towards Theo. However he didn’t use that word and instead used the ‘insider’ words “sossa” to suggest coke.

666 signature.

In the fourth week I decided to look around for more traces of conscious occult use of numbers. By now I could access their internal source code of Theo which was stashed away behind a double layered ‘Remote Desktop’ set up. I looked for a number of specific numbers. 322 didn’t appear in the source code, at least not in a way where it could be a human defined arbitrary number. Then the next. 666. And what do you think? A number of color codes in the ‘style sheet’ of a project had the value ‘#666’. And these values can be determined arbitrarily by humans, making them conscious choices. Color codes generally consist of 6 digits, preceded by a hash. It’s the so called ‘hexadecimal’ format. The first two digits are the intensity value for the red channel, the next two digits are for the green channel and the final two digits are for the blue channel. This way all colors can be defined. In other words, the color code #666, which in practice is a very dark blue, was a conscious choice. Also this file that contained this use of 666, hadn’t been changed since the 4th of April 2018.

Also the number 17 appeared a few times in an identical fashion: where it was a number arbitrarily defined by humans given the use context. It was a line with test data. Its sequence number for that line was 17. Given that it was a single test line, one can presume this line was not part of an existing sequence.

Devilish Port.

I’m working on web software. And this must be able to run on a Windows web server. The computer I work on used to be a server and still had web server software. During its configuration in order to run the project I work on it appeared it ran two websites already. Colleague Ian set up some configuration settings. During this, he opened the screen that listed the ‘ports’ through which the web sites were accessible (IP binding configuration). Connections to websites generally connect to port 80. It appeared that one of these websites, an e-commerce test website apparent, was configured to accept connections on yes.. port 666.

It was clear to me that also at this company there is a Satanic cabal school of thought and I am not planning on staying here for long. Like described, my earlier suspicions were correct. And also the suspicion that the recruiter again placed me with such a company was confirmed. The cabal wants to be close to me to conduct an eventual confiscation mission. However, that Subaru seems to be an achilles’ for them heel every time. This is the state of affairs after four weeks of work here; now in the fifth week. I still have three weeks before the contract turns permanent. The sole fact that I was offered a permanent contract was notable. One can conclude assimilation perception and confiscation to be a drive.

Nearly all employers are complicit to this school of thought, as apparent through my network dynamics analysis. Also the owner, Jack pulled a certain joke. During a Friday afternoon end of work day get-together with some crackers and beverage, a remark was made by this guy. The dressing for these crackers was this ‘Filet Americain’. A bright orange ground meat. Steven asked what it was. Jack then replied, “That’s ground Americans”. It was quickly  followed up with a remark “No, ground Trump!”. Of course this isn’t incriminating, however in terms or something or nothing (burger) it says something. Also because the “Trump” follow-up as expected of Zionists, shows a disdain for Trump, whom is black-balled big time in the United States by Jewish neo-liberals under guise of Democrats and liberal main stream media which is 100% wholly owned by Zionists.

Besides, I’ve also noted that nearly the entire offices tower has a densely occupied by cabalists given picked up parts of conversations during smokes outside and of people passing by the stair case inside, separated from my desk by a single door, no more than four meters away. One of the remarks observed from an office on the second floor that had an open window was: “It’s agonizing to see a delicatessen stand out there.”. Apparently someone was looking down up on me literally from that second floor office while I was having a smoke.

To be continued …