Whistle-blower Relegation

July 2018: The Dilemma

After confronting both Patrick and Johan with the recordings where they both denied having heard anything being spoken about, they were both adamant about visiting a company doctor. They were vehemently trying to use the confrontation to claim I suffered psychosis. In reality the tape proves them lying about a number of facts. I didn’t want to cooperate with that, because I weren’t going to let myself be relegated into a psych-ward for confronting them with inconvenient truths. They also wanted me to stay home at that time and no longer come to the company. So well, I did. I would figure, I will find me a new job. And for that, I would need to end the current contract with them first. I again contacted Johan, this time stating that I wanted to engage into a “contract-termination” procedure, in which would be stated that I would not be liable for the termination of this contract. This is an important detail because without that clause, one can not make use of labor related social security arrangements. It basically would mean, I would be without income. Remarkably, he agreed with the specific clause being added and agreed to the termination-of-contract procedure. It was basically a confession that they had no grounds to claim otherwise anyways. I told him I had to think about it and I said I would let him know by the end of the week. He then instituted a dead-line the Monday after. If I hadn’t agreed to it yet; he would report me with the company doctor. At the same time, he noted my salary would be withheld until I would have gone in for a visit.

This posed me with a dilemma. Agreeing to the termination-of-contract would leave me without future income, besides the salary that was already withheld. I would not have any income to get through the next coming months while finding a job only after having gotten back up there after a similar tight period at the beginning of this year. I had only just recovered financially. So; it was either take the huge risk of being relegated from the system, losing my apartment and worse in case of not being able to find work. [To be written: As previous chapters tell], recruiters would not always cooperate. On the other end there was the risk of being relegated into a psych-ward where they would just claim a diagnosis and be unjustly labeled a mental illness that I do not suffer, along with all the future consequences. I was not going to let myself be neutralized and have my lawful credibility attacked by the cabal I was whistle-blowing about.

That Monday after I gave him a call. And I agreed paying this visit to the company doctor. I could not risk running out of income and I had figured that I might actually obtain proof of their attempt at falsely diagnose me to relegate a whistle-blower. After all, I have the evidence of members of this cabal speaking sentences, providing identification, motive and plans of murderous acts. So, I had decided for myself to see whether they would attempt to relegate me and falsely diagnose me and thus prevent me from conveying truth and keeping credibility. And I would record audio during the consult at the same time.  The consult was scheduled for 26th of July. Johan, one of the CEOs apparently had a sense of victory when I agreed with the visit; they had turned around and was like “I’m so happy you realized you needed to go in there.” and all. My salary had been released also, so that was one immediate problem less. Now, for the long-term problem and turn it into more proof of the existence of this cabal.

I compiled a small pack of papers; print-outs of the audio with the annotated transcripts. I had also taken with me a prior report from this corporate medical consultancy firm from the time I worked at ZorgNed. Mariël from ZorgNed attempted the same trick on me back then; to get me diagnosed with a fabrication and be relegated off to a psych-ward through the use of the corporate medical consultancy firm. So now, with actual evidence of this cabal of which she is part, which I did not have back then, I concluded this was the perfect occasion to tie up her attempt to do so with this case and expose these malicious whistle-blower psych-ward relegation attempts. Everything was prepared and so, the day of the consult came…

July 2018: The First Consult

The consult was in the morning, at around 10 a.m. I was a little late because it appeared I needed cash for the cab I wanted to take; from the railway station to the location where the consult would take place. This was at the Utrecht branch of the Zorg van de Zaak corporate medical consultancy firm. I had informed them I was a little late though. The main point here, is that I arrived with public transport and didn’t go in using my own car, the blue Subaru Impreza.

I had decided to be rather firm in my approach, armed with evidence and knowledge. Then I met the doctor. It was an older female doctor. I do not know her first name so I will just use her initials. Ms. L.C. Well, that first intention went out the window; I would not be going hard on a person like that, though I would stay firm to the truth. I wasn’t entirely sure whether she would be capable of comprehending the case and its scope that I was about to present. It is important to know that she had already been in contact with Johan the CEO. Meanwhile the phone was recording all it would hear from my pocket, with its bottom side sticking out to not have its microphone obstructed, and so, the conversation started off.

The first section of the consult addressed some basics. Like, for how long have I worked there, what was the duration of my contract and whether there has been any prior incidents in my life. This is where things got interesting. She began by stating: “I hope it doesn’t offend you, but..  are you familiar with autism? You see, you sound very formal which may be a quirk. People with autism most often suffer a quirk one way or another.”. Okay, so here we have the first attempt already. The suggestion that I would suffer autism. Well, I explained to her that obviously, on a first visit with a doctor, I’m going to have a formal stance. I told her I’m not like that in private environments; basically suggesting she’s trying to fish for things.

Then, I told her about my experiences at my current employer and how it relates to research I’ve been conducting into the take-down of the MH-17 aircraft and more such atrocities. I told about the gang-stalking and the malicious talk about me behind my back by a number of these employees and how I’ve been able to catch this. After most had been said and done about that, where she was suggesting it was merely something in my head, she tried to label me ‘psychotic’. So there we have the next attempt. At that point, I took the paperwork I had brought with me. First I handed her the previous report back from 2017 that she found interesting. And knowing that an attempt to build a false profile was being undertaken, I also confronted her with a letter my former American fiancee wrote to my mother back in 2002. In that letter she writes about me; and since this is a person that has been very close to me, it would provide a solid, legitimate description of my person. The doctor read the first few lines and then exclaimed “No, this I will not take; it’s way too personal and from a third party.“. Okay, so here we have a rejection of evidence about my character.

Then we got to the rest of the paperwork. The print-outs of the audio and the transcription phrases. She looked at it and simply stated “I don’t see any bullying in that, nor do I see how that relates to you.“. Here I was like, well, you don’t have a clue of what’s going on and you don’t recognize how it would relate to me. I suggested such but now that I confronted her with the actual evidence of events transpired at the company I worked for, she at least reduced the allegation of ‘psychotic’ into ‘borderline-psychotic’. Evidence is hard to deny. From the conversation with the doctor it also appeared that the CEO in actuality confessed he heard fragments being spoken on the recordings. I also told the doctor that his agreement to comply with the explicit liability clause for the termination-of-contract process was an implicit confession. To which she was quick to respond with “You see that wrong, it’s because he recognized it’s you being borderline-psychotic and as such aren’t liable.” Right. I told her, “No lady, of course the employer is going to try to cover up malicious conduit taking place at his company.“. Then I made another statement about my employer which the doctor tried to deny, trying to tell that it was just in my head. I told her; “I can prove right here it’s what he said. Its in a What’s-app message right here on my phone. Stop trying to fabricate your own truths right there.” I still have this What’s-app log.

She immediately moved on like nothing happened and changed the subject by wrapping up the conversation. Her conclusion, which she had already set her sight on was that I could only partially conduct labor and that I were not fit for full time functioning, which of course is untrue. She still had to make copies of the paperwork I had taken with me. She left the room. The door was still open slightly. I could hear that talk was going on at the copy machine. One word caught my ear..: “Merino“. I focused some more in an attempt to pick up more but it was very difficult. At the same time I was praying: “For Pete’s sake let’s hope that phone records this well enough for scrutiny later on.” It would be golden as it would indeed prove more so the nation wide coverage of this cabal. And more so, that they are indeed actively attempting to mentally neutralize whistle-blowers and others that find out about inconvenient truths.

After about five minutes she returned. She asked if it was okay if she would call my own doctor to inform him and to suggest to schedule a visit with him. I was all fine with that. It would offer me an opportunity to inform him about this malicious conduct instead. However, it appeared my own doctor was on a holiday and I have yet to hear from him. And finally, she scheduled a second consult on the 14th of August.

So far, my employer instructed me to stay home still as per advice of the company doctor. It did give me an opportunity to sift through the recording made and see what was in there. The recording itself was a success. It contained the full consult, every word spoken. Naturally, my interest was for those five minutes where the company doctor went to copy the paperwork I had given to her. And that indeed appeared to be a gold-mine. It indeed appeared to be damning proof of the existence of this cabal and their concerted effort at not just neutralizing a whistle-blower, but even worse intent, clearly showing proof of being well aware of me. The doctor here by proves to be a complicit member of this cabal.

This is where I did two things. I updated the Police on my findings.  I had written them earlier this July to report findings in 2017 at the previous employer I worked for. Secondly, I began to think about on how to proceed. Because yes, this offered me a way to get her to undo the malicious, untrue diagnosis and give her a chance to concede to the truth when this second consult would come up. Until then, I was working out details on getting a website up and running in order to tell about my experiences and findings because within systems relevant, members of this cabal spew all kinds of false, untrue information in order to stay concealed and to put out the fires of exposure. The birthday of my former fiancee was coming up and I wanted to register the new domain name for this website on that date.

I also prepared once more a number of print-outs that each referred to a number of words spoken at the copy machine, by the doctor and her colleagues as a supportive measure for the planned confrontation and arguments. They also included screenshots of the audio track along with transcripts. Days transpired and the day of the second consult came closer until it finally arrived…

August 2018: The Second Consult

Again, I had decided to go in by public transport. After reporting in at the reception desk at the office, I was instructed to to wait. It was early in the morning. The appointment was scheduled for 8:00 am. It appeared I had arrived sooner than the doctor did as she walked into the building like 10 minutes later. She came back to pick me up after she had taken off her coat and started the computer in her office. When we arrived at the office and sat down, she began by asking how I was doing. That was pretty much expected. I told her I am all fine, and that I was capable of working full-time as well which she disagreed upon.

Then I asked her, to take the lead, whether she had examined the transcript annotations of the recordings made at my employer. She said she did and that she could not see anything in there that would suggest that I was being bullied. In that conversation she did however, tell that she had contact with the employer too and from this it appeared the employer, Johan had admitted that indeed he had actually heard speech on the recordings, contrary to his previous claims. I asked her if she understood any of the words spoken at that tape. She denied and tried to claim still it was just in my head.

Merinos in Kamchatka.

That’s where I decided it was time for the confrontation. I said “Well, I brought some more papers I have to share.”. It was a paper showing the map of Russia with the state Kamchatka highlighted. In the middle section I had overlaid a small table of the distribution of religions across Kamchatka with a remark added that said “A lot of merinos!”. Over 55% of Kamchatka is (Orthodox) Christian. I asked her, do you know what is a ‘merino‘? She acted like she didn’t know. I explained it to her. It was clear she was thinking over things, she was silent for a little. In order not to lose the lead of the conversation I continued to the next sheet.

MH-17 lie.

It showed my analysis of one of the Bellingcat images that the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) various Western governments, including the Dutch government, use as a basis to ‘prove’ the Russians are behind the take-down of MH-17. It proves the image to be a photo-shopped fraud, courtesy of the laws of physics. I explained to her how the image shows a violation of these laws of physics. And furthermore, I had been researching and digging into the MH-17 case. The sheet I showed had two more smaller images overlaid. On the left side, a photo portrait of Jacob Rothschild. On the right side, an image of president Putin riding a grizzly bear which is a current meme going around the web. She did not respond to any of my explanations though she seemed to follow the explanation on how the image of a BUK near Snizhne was a photo-shop fake.

The Achilles’ Heel.

Then I said, “It seems there are a few car enthusiasts here, no?”. She looked at me with an inquiring face and asked me “What do you mean?”. To which I said, “Well.. it seems some people here have a fancy for Subarus. It so happens that I own one, an Impreza.”. More silence and mulling. I think she was gradually realizing where I was going and so I then picked up the next sheet.

The next sheet displayed a Subaru car and a ritual goblet, surrounded by the text “The Achilles’ heel of the goblet.” suggesting how that car proved to be their Achilles’ heel to the confiscation mission the cabal has been attempting. I asked her, “You know what this is?”, while pointing at the goblet picture. She paused a moment, then quietly answered.. “A goblet..”.  “Yes, a goblet.”, I replied. I think I had driven home the point. Then I moved on to the final sheet.

The sheet displayed the screenshot of the Audacity screen of the copy-machine recording, along with the annotation labels. I began to explain what was on there. “Number 1, that is you. The other numbers are the other people that were at the copy machine the other time.”. It now began to really dawn on her. She now quietly uttered.. “But.. you weren’t at the copy machine.”. No, I weren’t over at the copy-machine, but my hearing which works quite well picked up things, as did the phone.

She then went into a full denial, trying to say nothing of that had been said. I told her she was lying and betraying her profession. I told her that a phone is not schizophrenic nor psychotic. That it was a piece of electronics that just records reality as it transpires. “I don’t know what to say to that.” was her answer. I simply said “There’s nothing you can say to that other than affirming reality.”. All the while her voice was quiet, knowing she and cabal members working at that office had been busted. More silence.

Then she seemed to have made a decision and continued her willful denial stance. “I’m still going to declare you incapable of  conducting work because of psychosis.”. Right. That had to be a joke but it wasn’t. I told her, “Well you do understand the reality of all of this, being complicit to and a member of this certain collective through being a witness to and taking part in these conversations, right? You understand that I will take action on this and file a report with the Dutch medical disciplinary tribunal right?”. She didn’t say much, other than to proceed to tell me I could file for a second-opinion, either with Zorg van de Zaak or another Dutch social service institute called the UWV. I wasn’t going to further discuss anything with her and just let her say what ever she wanted to say. Some how she was just satisfied with her stance of blissful denial and she wrapped up the conversation, scheduling one more appointment. This time it was just a phone appointment where she would call in.

The consult was over and she wanted to walk me out the door. Outside her office I said, “I know the way out, thank you.”. And I proceeded through the hallway, took a turn to go down the stairs and left the office building where I then stopped the recording and called the cab for the trip back to the railway station. It was now time to get this second opinion sorted and get more work done on this website as it will serve as a reference with the complaint file to the medical tribunal as well as this second opinion consult I will arrange. As of the time of writing up the last bits of this chapter, getting these tasks done is something I will do tomorrow, on the 30th of August. And with this, this chapter of the Chronology has ended.

The Proof

The first consult
The second consult