Absolute Duality


A duality. What is a duality? It is the term used for anything that comes in opposite pairs. The most familiar duality for example, is ‘plus’ and ‘minus’. Whether it is in electronics (batteries) or, when talking about people, ‘us’ and ‘them’, ‘friend’ and ‘foe’ and so on. Another familiar one is ‘love’ and ‘hate’. So, what then, would be the ‘absolute’ duality? Well, for that we take a look at this as yet another duality. The opposite to the absolute duality would be the artificial duality. An artificial duality would be one that’s crafted and made up by people, and thus, would be of artificial nature. Examples of these are dualities across religions, races and even world regions, like ‘black’ versus ‘white’, ‘Christianity’ versus ‘Islam’, ‘Humans’ versus ‘Aliens’, the ‘West’ versus the ‘East’ and so on. More often than not, people of malevolent nature attempt to create, fuel and exploit these artificial dualities for various reasons that I won’t discuss here right now, other than stating that the intent to put up people against each other is a favored (war) tactic. I have written about this some years ago on an online forum, you can read the post here. It paints, in a nut-shell, pretty well the state of today’s world. The subject of that forum thread revolves around an investment into the search for extra terrestrial life by a Russian billionaire. And with this, we’re back at the absolute duality. If this is to be the opposite of an artificial duality like described in the previous examples, then what would it entail? Well.. maybe you’ve guessed it:

Good versus Evil 

The absolute duality is the ‘Good’ versus ‘Evil’ duality. Almost everyone has likely heard of this duality one way or another. And at the same time, I’m sure all of you have met people that tried to convince you that this duality does not exist and that the concept of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is merely subjective, often using science as a leverage to claim everything is just pragmatism. Yet, this shows to be a fallacy, as in our society, perceptions are promoted that suggest at least the existence of ‘Good’. Think of charities and the hundreds if not thousands of organizations revolving around charity. This view is not limited to charities. We also like to think community organizations like the police are supposed to be the good guys. Luckily most of them are and sometimes there are heart-warming stories out there. Yet, some people will try to convince that ‘Evil’ does not exist. But, as a duality suggests, there is the opposite side. I think most people know better.

The absolute duality can be proven easily. All one would need to envision is a row of people. A row of people made up of people from various religions, races and skin-color. Then, imagine this one person, we’ll call him ‘X’, at the start of the row while making him unrecognizable by the people in the row to prevent any predisposition towards ‘X’. When this person would then begin to hand out bread and water, going past the row, it would not take long for those people in the row to appreciate this person and to cheer for him. By the time he gets to the end of the row he may actually be carried by people from the row he already passed by! Now this is a hypothetical scenario, but in essence, this is what charity looks like.

Now let’s start over again with this person ‘X’ at the beginning of the row. Instead of passing around bread and water, now he gives the first person in the row a smack up the face. That person will likely not appreciate that and either hit back or otherwise warns not to do that again. Then this ‘X’ smacks the second person in the row up the face. This second person would also show a form of retaliation. After ‘X’ moves to the third person, hitting the third person up the face, the first two who have been witnessing the proceedings of ‘X’, now join in to aid the third person. This person ‘X’ will not make the end of the row and would be dealt with by the people in the row well before that. Now, again, this is a hypothetical situation, but it shows what a form of malevolence (physical violence) looks like. It shows even more than that – unrelated people would often join and stick up for each other when injustice towards other people is noticed. The one committing to mischievous acts is reprimanded, while those committing the reprimand are supported and are not held liable. It shows ‘good’ values prevail over ‘evil’ values, not giving it a chance to rear its head. In some venues this principle is referred to as ‘cosmic law’. The right to defend from and act against evil.

While ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are just two words, it is really about the (a)morals and values they bundle. Both these words comprise universally recognized values that pertain to the human as a spiritual (feeling and soul based) entity and as such are not merely pragmatics. Below you’ll see a table that shows a number of common values that are associated to either ‘good’ or ‘evil’:

Good Evil
Serve Others Serve Self
Benefit Detriment

Like said, this duality of (a)morals and values are universally recognized and thus recognized as such anywhere in the world, regardless of religion, race and culture. This duality transcends all of these. And that is why this can be called the Absolute Duality, to distinguish it from any of these artificial dualities described earlier.

The Good can walk the Light and Evil has got to Hide. Use it!

As long as people have a choice between ‘good’ and ‘evil’, this Absolute Duality is a fact. In reality, not everyone has made this choice consciously and people may wander between the two; acting ‘good’ generally though knowingly or unknowingly commit to a little ‘evil’ in various degrees throughout life. Others have made this choice consciously and consider and evaluate their actions against their choices. So no, it isn’t all binary!

Behind The Veil 

If people naturally reprimand malevolent behavior, either through taking justice in their own hands or through actual law and justice one would think that evil behavior would be kept in check, and given the advancement of civilization, would be kept to a minimum. Yet, this does not really seem to be the case. The world is still full of evil of various kinds, leaving people confused and left with cognitive dissonance, as I wrote in the first blog post for this website. Think of things like war, impending or not, human trafficking, child-abuse, murder, and even more heinous crimes. Often we like to think we live in a civilized world, when speaking of the Western world where everything is all good and filled with charity. How is this possible then..?

The Devil’s greatest accomplishment was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

It is because evil in the form of malevolent people conspiring together are extremely adept at staying hidden. Evil needs cover. And the best cover for evil is the veil of benevolence, of good. The above quote is a metaphor, but it tells perfectly the reason why evil still persists in our world in serious form. For centuries, people of evil nature have developed techniques, tactics and doctrine that enables them to stay hidden from being identified as being of evil nature. The word ‘hidden’ does not refer so much to staying hidden physically as much as it refers to keeping their true intents hidden from the general populace. Physical crimes leave traces and can be solved easier contrary to mental crimes. It’s one of the reasons why such people who conduct evil acts in more advanced manners do not engage directly into physical crime and instead, stick to mental crime. It is a pillar to bands of people of evil nature. It is known as.. The Lie. In concerted effort, they keep up a veil of lies to stay hidden as well as use deception and psychological warfare techniques to conduct offenses in order to achieve their true intents. A collective of such people is called a cabal. And as such, they can be, in terms of law and justice, be called a criminal organization.

Where there is a criminal organization, there is conspiracy. And that is NO theory!
Criminals Conspire.

With this website I prove the existence of such cabal is a reality. I found them. And the meaning of “having found them” goes quite deep as the content of this website will show. Since this cabal is predominant in the Western world, I simply refer to it as the cabal. Everywhere in the world their doing is noticeable by looking at the results – all these crimes going on still, in what one expects to be a civilized world; all the wars looming.

A Better World

Many religions and philosophies speak of this Absolute Duality one way or another. Religion has always been a means to provide people with ways to stay with and keep moral doctrine. However; the evil side of the line has its own malevolent types of religion. The Absolute Duality however transcends human beings; into the world unseen, into our universe. What I am saying here is that us humans are likely not the only life-forms in this universe. The forum thread I linked earlier in this article formed the basis for another post I wrote back then, that indeed, addressed the likeliness of extraterrestrial life. Though, from a different point of view. From the perspective of infinity. After twenty years of mulling over and reasoning, I have established that infinity across three primary dimensions is factual and used this argument as a basis to suggest the likeliness of other life forms existing in our universe is exceedingly high. Besides this, infinity being a fact has a lot more implications. Spiritual implications. Religious implications. It legitimizes belief and trust in higher forces beyond our perceptions and sentience quotient.

We all look at the very same stars…

And yet, we all look at the very same stars, into that very same universe, into that same infinite vastness. The Absolute Duality is a spiritual duality and as such, religion becomes relevant although it is not required as, at its core, its about sets of (a)morals and values as shown in this article.

The quest for a better world lies within this Absolute Duality, with the recognition of the existence of evil, and at the same time, with the realization that we’ve got to stop giving in to artificial dualities and begin to work together across the good side of the Absolute Duality in order to expose evil heinous crimes of the criminal cabal operating in our world. After all, the evil side of things does the same. The war between good and evil is predominantly a spiritual, psychological war.

The power of the individual is to cooperate and work together as one whole.

This website explains various aspects of this cabal and how members can be recognized. Three years ago I posted a reply to an article about the advent and prevalence of the “surveillance state” that would lay out a way to a better world. It is a long-term vision and formatted as a bullet-point list. You can read it here.

On to a better world, for nothing is a free-pass to evil!