Alignment denotes a stance towards a person or view. One speaks of relative alignment when alignment towards a person is suggested. This can be a ‘positive alignment’  where one attempts to associate with and stick up for another person, or it can be a ‘negative alignment’, where one takes a distance from a person and talks them down. One speaks of ‘absolute alignment’ when one speaks of alignment to either one side of the Absolute Duality. Someone can be ‘good aligned‘ or ‘evil aligned‘ when it comes to someones (a)moral compass.

A cabal is a group of people that are bound together by common doctrine that is of evil nature. Because of this, a primary objective is to stay concealed. This means that such cabal does not have a public club-house or anything of the likes. It is most definitely mental in nature, meaning that there are practically no physical means of identification. Another description would be: “A mental collective of malevolent nature.”. This means that its members most often intermingle in society without being recognized as a member of a cabal. Members have jobs like anyone else and may occupy various positions in society, all the way high up in governments and other state apparatus like justice and law-enforcement. All members will collectively act in such way within their surroundings that it benefits common intent as well as keeps hidden these true intents from non-members. They take presence in both ‘position’ and ‘opposition’ in order to collectively contain the narrative among both sides. The primary means to achieve their objectives and keep control of narrative is deceit. Not just deceit. Carefully crafted, often with a huge effort kind of deceit. A mental member of a cabal is called a cabalist.


A concerted act of cabal members to attempt to mentally harass, intimidate and discourage a person. Most common forms are malicious gossip about the target person in the vicinity of the target person, practically always consisting of falsehoods. Another form is to say words or phrases near the target person that have a specific meaning to the target person but not to other people around. The target person as a result knows he or she is being addressed. Gang-stalking is hard to deal with by a victim because the things said do not hard-identify the target person being harassed. If a target person would respond, the answer is almost always along the lines of “Are you crazy? We’re not talking about you.”, or, “I didn’t say anything, are you crazy?“, most often followed by an inquiry about the target person’s mental health. Nor is it easy to just move over, jump into the conversation and have them justify themselves. It’s a favorite tactic to use because it can make a person think this collective is everywhere while in reality it’s only a handful conducting the tactic. They do so in natural environments of the target person, like their domestic environment and work environment and sometimes other locations to be visited, like a company doctor’s practice location. It can frighten and destabilize a target person, giving them the impression they have no where to go because nothing can be proven.

A gate-keeper is a cabal member in a position of power where they can prevent a case from progressing or being taken up on by steering towards a desired outcome or decision. The same goes when it comes to decisions and statements about people. Gate-keepers can be found in many branches of society..

Human Global Collective 
The ‘Human Global Collective’ is a phrase to address with the world wide group of benevolent people who share a commonality based on universal morals and values belonging to the ‘serve whole’ side of the Absolute Duality which allows people to unite and band together without having met each other physically, regardless of heritage, race or religion.