Psychological Warfare

This article and the explanations within heavily rely on terms and concepts explained in the article about truth, so it is advised to follow the embedded links and familiarize yourself with these terms and concepts to fully understand psychological warfare.


As written in the chapter ‘Behind the Veil’, people of evil nature primarily conduct conduct their evil through the mental world. This means, when people are still engaging through communication, rather than engaging physically. This does not mean that things can’t get physical. When things get physical, it’s usually because of preceding communication. These mental fights basically revolve around truth. To be more precise, about what truths people adopt as their primary truths. And that is exactly what is psychological warfare: the manipulation of, and the control over people’s truth trees, since their primary truths ultimately dictate those people’s actions. It sounds like psychological warfare is something that belongs on a battlefield, but nothing could be farther from the truth: it takes place on domestic soil primarily: in the corporate, the state, almost anywhere where truth trees of people in power need to be controlled. It goes all the way to managing entire truth forests through various media for control over public opinion. It is better to call it Domestic Mental Warfare.

Truth Dis-synchronization 

Psychological warfare hinges completely on truth dis-synchronization and negative disposition. Therefore it is exploited to the maximum extent possible. When people are unlikely to synchronize their primary truths, it enables the ability to flat-out lie to either one of these people and get away with it. After all, these people would not be synchronizing their truths and realize they have been lied to. When factoids are involved that are known by people being targeted, these will not be lied about – the lie could be detected easily. The next best thing then is to attempt to create an alternative truth around these factoids. There are many reasons people can not always get to synchronize their primary truths. The language barrier may be one and geographical distance another. And certainly not to forget security compartments within intelligence, law enforcement and similar organizations. Everywhere where natural segregation between people occurs, people generally don’t, can’t or may not synchronize their truths, paving the way for lies.

Since truth dis-synchronization is so important to conduct psychological warfare in an efficient manner, conditions are created between people that makes them less likely to synchronize their primary truths. An example would be where two people have a neutral stance between each other and occasionally talk, like for instance, two neighbors. If there was a third neighbor that would have a positive stance with the other two, this third neighbor could start to talk bad about one to the other as a set-up. If the one neighbor would assume that truth branch about the other, his disposition towards the other would become negative and would no longer want to talk to the other neighbor any more. And thus, these two neighbors would stop synchronizing truths. From then on, the third neighbor could relentlessly add lies to truth branches after having prevented the two neighbors from synchronizing their primary truths through the initial set-up.

If you want to know whether something is true or not, get it from the horse’s mouth!

This happens at a small-scale as shown with this example, but it also happens at a much larger scale, all the way up to a global scale where foreign nations are painted black towards one’s own nation. Likewise, the set-ups become of much larger scale as well. These large-scale set-ups are know as false-flags. They are designed and executed to create a series of factoids that, together with alternative truths surrounding these factoids, pave the way for further truth dis-synchronization on a large scale, where truths between parties involved are no longer synchronized because of the enormous negative disposition created by the set-up. One such ‘false-flag’ has been the take-down of MH-17. The counter measure is truth synchronization among good people within all parties involved in order to detect the lie and undo the illusions created.

Extremely important is to realize that evil people DO NOT CARE ONE SHRED ABOUT LYING. They just fabricate any illusions that may sound remotely convincing through an air of authority in conjunction with many of the techniques described below, where they maximally exploit truth dis-synchronization. Remember, these are evil people mentally and they have no shred of care, compassion and empathy for anyone’s soul but their own as is the case with the serve-self semantic.

Battle Dynamics 

Where there is war, there is battle. And this section will explain in detail what a battle in terms of psychological warfare entails. As the introduction states, psychological warfare revolves around truth. And thus, psychological warfare entails battles between opposing truths. The objective of a battle is to make people adopt or shed truths. The good side will try to make people adopt reality and try to shatter illusions created by evil people. Evil people will try to make people adopt illusions to obfuscate and hide reality in support of their objectives. The table of techniques with examples below will refer to terms explained in this section.

There is another very important element in a battle for truth: the ‘spot-light’. The ‘spot-light’ is about whose ‘offense’ is being focused at in an argument. An argument is about pointing out discrepancies and fallacies in an opponent’s truth tree, or making others believe there are such discrepancies and fallacies. Thus, the ‘spot-light’ is focused on that opponent. An important aspect of psychological warfare is to keep the ‘spot-light’ on an opponent’s offenses and truths involving that opponent so their own won’t be scrutinized. When evil people do this, these truths are their purported illusions about the opponent. When good people do this, these truths are the realities about these opponents. Many psychological warfare techniques consist of turning the ‘spot-light’ back onto the opponent.

The ‘spot-light’ is not just a spot-light. It doesn’t just focus on a party taking part in a battle. It also focuses on a subject. And this shows the other aspect of the ‘spot-light’: its ‘zoom’. An entire case can consist of many many truth constructs. Whether it is the crafted illusion or reality. And thus, the ‘spot-light’ could be over the entire case, or it could zoom into a single factoid. Exploiting ‘spot-light zoom’ is a strongly favored technique by the evil side.

The ‘weapons’ used by good people are validation, evidence and legitimate, scientifically supported causal logic. The ‘weapons’ used by evil people are imageauthority, implication and evasion of discussion and content. It is noteworthy that the choice of weapons is not that clear-cut. Evil people may use scientifically supported causal logic as well – it’s just that they are not telling the data sets used for the scientific argument are fraudulent and or cherry-picked.

Since illusions and alternative truths are fabrications and not reality, while at the same time they must be convincing enough to be accepted as a reality, they must be supported by logic. Malevolent people will try to fabricate logic and reason for all the alternative truths and illusions created in order to be able to justify them and be able to answer to questions. They will fail when, through solid reasoning by benevolent people, they no longer have a feasible explanation. That is where their illusions no longer tie in with reality, causing ‘cracks’ to show in the illusions. When malevolent people have the opportunity to create illusions without pressure of time, they can often fabricate a large base of seemingly sound logic. This is different when they are under time pressure and have to think up reasons on the fly to keep the illusion patched to reality. This is where ‘cracks’ will show relatively fast. This is described as ‘reaching the edge of an illusion. From here onward, the illusion can be fully ripped open and be exposed as an illusion, thus showing the defenders of this illusion to be of malevolent nature. Benevolent people thus have to reason and question their ways to the edges of an illusion in order to begin taking it down. The quality of logic and reason goes down the drain as well. That’s why they will always try to evade having to go into an argument in the first place and let authority and implication of words used in statements do the job of trying to make themselves appear convincing.

Almost always these alternative truths that make up these illusions hold no rational, causal-logical water when one looks at the actual arguments that make up these illusions. The means to convince other people of these illusions hinges purely on the image of perceived authority and wisdom and the supposed implications of words used in allegations conveyed. They distribute these illusions and allegations across their network to create a perceived ‘majority truth‘ through which they will attempt to let the ‘truth forest integrity‘ group mechanic work in their favor.

Another aspect that comes with the fact that alternative truths and illusions are not reality, is that when new indisputable evidence and information turns up, malevolent people will have to change and update their illusions in order to facilitate this new evidence and information while trying to maintain the credibility of their illusions. This is called ‘Narrative Adaption’ – they have to adapt their narrative in order to facilitate this new evidence and information. And this is a very strong signature that tells that you are dealing with fabricated illusions. People that stand for and promote reality, will never have to adapt narrative as new realities seamlessly fit in to known reality and in actually strengthen and fortify their arguments. Only truths derived from reality will always (inter)validate correctly, as well as their differential counterparts to these truths, because after all, reality must adhere to all the rules of the physical world; this includes people’s primary intents.

As soon as one detects a change in narrative, a logical fallacy or any other truth conflict in a presented truth construct, one can with 100% certainty conclude one is dealing with an illusion and or alternative truth and as such, an attempt to cover up reality.

Categories of Psychological Warfare

Through psychological warfare many different objectives can be achieved. These are, though are not limited to:

  • Combat.
  • Mental quarantine / Mental caging.
  • Coercion into action / non-action, belief / non-belief.
  • Concealment of true intent and suspicion shake-off through concealment.

The sections below address these categories.


This category entails the techniques employed as part of the verbal argument. These are about controlling the argument and the ‘spot-light’.

Mental Quarantine 

A primary objective of evil people is to mentally neutralize opponents in order to stop their primary truths from spreading to other people. To stop these truths from becoming a majority truth and have other people accept these truths as an accepted reality. Effectively, the purpose is to contain a person’s primary truth inside that person and keep it a controllable minority truth, where it is passed off as a mere illusion. The expression used for this is ‘to put someone in mental quarantine’, or, alternatively, ‘to mentally cage someone’.

They will employ their networks to help propagate and fabricate all kinds of false allegations about a person. They create illusions that are most often the opposite of reality, that they will convey with an air of authority to achieve this mental quarantine of a target. With this, they attempt to have other people close off their truth trees from a target and thus, have them no longer accept any truths from a target any more so that the target’s truths will no longer spread. All psychological warfare techniques revolve around discrediting to achieve the described effects. It happens everywhere where they meet mental opposition to their objectives.

They employ mental quarantine with their networks and apply it in environments where they want to achieve target neutralization. This can be the target’s neighborhood, work environment, and when actual justice and intelligence is involved, within service compartments. They basically infest truth forests with illusions, using any of the mental warfare techniques listed in the table below. These truth forests could be security compartments, organizations and even departments within organizations.

This type of psychological warfare is extremely malicious and damaging to a person as people in a person’s environment would begin to adopt total untruths about such person, isolating such person, often resulting in gossip that is similar to gang-stalking. It’s devilish.


This is about coercing people to get them to take, or not take action without them realizing they are being coerced and manipulated into taking or not taking action. Similarly, the coercion to get people to believe in, or to shed belief in matters. And likewise, get people to change relative alignment towards other people.

[More to be written]


Concealment techniques are used to clear the perpetrator or compliances of suspicion. It is used to white-wash oneself or others. Concealment techniques are used in combination with coercion techniques, to coerce people into lowering or dropping suspicion towards the perpetrator or others.

[More to be written]

Table of Techniques 

The names given to the techniques are just what I labeled them, they are not ‘official’ names. It’s just a way to reference each technique. Techniques fall under one or more categories and techniques are often used together in combinations (combos) to maximize their intended effects.

When one notices certain people employing any of these techniques against other people, they identify themselves as members of the cabal. All these techniques revolve around deception, the fabrication of illusions. With this, these people plead guilty to cover-up and concealment, coercion or mental quarantine attempts. I’ve witnessed these techniques with great consistency. It’s like it comes straight from a textbook as they all use the same techniques and combos of techniques. Even the actual allegations are identical across the surface of operation, which may be nation wide as it is in my proven case. They’re all carbon copies of each other when it comes to this.

Jump Table 
Perspective Shrink Schizophrenic Inversion Hyperbolism Reduction
Timeline Trashing Inversion of Guilt MDP Prop and Drop
Obsession Call Group Expansion Alignment Riding Target and Destroy
Implication by Allegation Group Deflection Spot-light Kick Flip-Flopping
Perspective Shrink  Back
Category Combat
Purpose This is by far the most used technique. Like explained in the Battle Dynamics section, it is about keeping the spot light on the opponent and on a single factoid involving the opponent while attempting to hammer a short allegation that is always an alternative truth surrounding the factoid. The allegation itself is an application of any of the other techniques.

The primary effect is to keep attention off of the entire case landscape and the opponent’s arguments completely, so that it looks like the case revolves around just one factoid. A secondary effect is to reduce the target to just the allegation. Hence the name, ‘Perspective Shrink’.

It’s not just a narrowing down across subjects. It’s primarily a narrowing down across the timeline. Cabal people employ elaborate, long term schemes in order to achieve their objectives and they will try their hardest to keep the long-term view of a case out of the argument perspective in order to keep their schemes concealed.
Counter Restore perspective by quickly iterating irrefutable factoids across the full scope and time-line of the case to disprove their allegation used and point out their attempt to get this out of view and away from attention.
Timeline Trashing  Back
Category Combat
Purpose Alternative truths and lies need fabricated logic for them to be perceived as a logical argument. To fabricate this logic, factoids and allegations are used from anywhere on the time-line to fabricate these action-reaction constructs. Honoring the time-line makes fabricating sound logic so much harder. Sometimes it gets as obnoxious as using a element from the future as the cause (action) for an element (reaction) in the past.

The semantic being exploited big-time here is that not everyone involved with a case has a clear view of the time-line of all related case elements. The example will show such scenario used in my case.
Example [Text]
Counter Inform oneself on the actual time-points of every element used in an allegation, and place the ‘observer’ at the point in time where the reaction within the allegation took place to see that the purported causes (actions) for the reaction are either in the future, or far in the past relative to the time-point of the reaction.
Reduction  Back
Category Quarantine
Usage [Target] is no more than a [derogatory, reducing term]
Example Jones is no more than an ordinary couch potato!
Purpose The purpose of reduction is to reduce perception of knowledge / intellect / experience level of the target to other people. By using the phrase ‘no more than’ this is further enhanced as the effect of this phrase is a form of Perspective Shrink. Reduction is a core purpose when mental quarantine is applied and used heavily. The purpose, as much as any other quarantine technique, is to close off other people’s primary truth trees from reality conveyed by the target.
Obsession Call  Back
Category Quarantine
Usage ‘[Allegation], obsessed with [subject to marginalize and or irrationalize]!’
Example ‘They are no more than a doofus obsessed with truth!’
Purpose The ‘Obsession Call’ is used to marginalize the target and optionally the subject the target is occupied with at times. The technique tries to get the attention off of the subject while at the same time, through the use of a derogatory allegation, an attempt is made to further reduce the credibility of the target. The allegation often incorporates Perspective Shrink through phrases such as ‘.. no more than a..’.

The ‘Obsession Call’ is another form of Time-line Trashing as an obsession suggests the target is disproportionately occupied with a subject over a a sized timeline, where in reality, the target occupies themselves with various subjects and activities in a balanced fashion.

The primary purpose is to discredit the target and optionally, the subject. This is the case when the subject relates to the ones using this technique or when the subject could contribute to their exposure otherwise. It is used relatively often, even all the way up to media: Trump Is ‘Obsessed’ With Amazon Because He Wants to Crush the Washington Post.
Counter Question why the subject should not be addressed. Correct perspective by highlighting other subjects the target is known to be adept at. Counter the allegation with its own counter. Optionally point out the time-line, showing that the occupation with a subject is only momentarily as part of a natural work-in-progress.
Implication by Allegation  Back
Category Combat, Quarantine
Purpose This technique entails using ‘code words’ as allegations as part of any other quarantine technique. Since allegations need to be short and effective, it is the actual implication of a used word that is supposed to do the talking and explaining, hereby banking on the definition of the word in a listening person’s truth tree. Explanations cost time and puts an opponent at a disadvantage. Hence, words are used that are supposed to imply something.

Since quarantine is about inverse profiling, these allegations are as such invalid and untrue. To make them seem true and be reality, the technique below is used.
Schizophrenic Inversion  Back
Category Quarantine
Usage He’s just a schizophrenic [allegation]!
Example He’s just a schizophrenic virgin that only wants to have sex!
Purpose This is another inversion technique. The primary purpose is to make the perpetrator’s illusion to be a perceived reality while attempting to use their authority to open a listening person’s primary truth tree for the allegation, while at the same time, to make a target’s reality to be perceived as a delusion.

The specific use of the word ‘schizophrenic’ has a further quarantine purpose: it is supposed to close off a listening person’s primary truth tree from the reality of a target. The perception is that a schizophrenic’s truths are delusional and should be ignored. It thus saves the perpetrator from having to explain their allegation.

When forced to explain, irrational, a-causal logic is used to try to make true the allegation all the while the perpetrator attempts to put the ‘spot-light’ back on the target by moving to another subject. See the next technique.
Spot-Light Kick  Back
Category Combat
Purpose This technique is used whenever the perpetrators are being questioned over their illusions. It is the infamous ‘but!’ response, although not always spoken out. The technique entails following up with a rebuke that consists of another allegation towards a target.

Whenever a perpetrator is about to lose their argument by rational, scientific or otherwise sound logic in combination with evidence, the perpetrator will switch to a different allegation to try to get the ‘spot-light’ back on the target. When this process continues, one will find that perpetrators continuously keep cycling through allegations as long as they can keep the ‘spot-light’ on the target.
Inversion of Guilt  Back
Category Combat
Usage Text
Example Text
Purpose Text
Group Expansion  Back
Category Combat
Usage Text
Example Text
Purpose Text
Group Deflection  Back
Category Combat
Usage Text
Example Text
Purpose Text
Prop and Drop Back
Category Coercion
Usage This technique is used to coerce targets to align with desired people and or to support certain stances and narratives. When someone notes they are mentally harassed, relating this to a stance on a subject, or a relative alignment to someone, these persons may change their stances on these subject and or change relative alignment towards people they note this with. The complementary action to the harassment is the exaggerate exalting of someone.

The terms and expressions used to prop up, or to drop someone are usually rather hyperbolic to maximize their effects. It’s known as the ‘honey-and-stick’ method as well, however, used systematically to achieve the desired results. When reasons for allegations are looked at, one will find that they are not always so much valid causal logic. An example would be the exclamation “He drives to work with an Impreza and just because of that he’s no more than a schizo.”.
Example Trying to get someone of good nature to align with a malevolent someone that is applying MDP to create a combination of white-washing the latter person.
Purpose There are various purposes. White-washing people, incriminate people and many more.
Hyperbolism  Back
Category All
Example He is an extremely capable [fill in profession]! – He’s no more than a schizo with image!
Purpose The purpose is to maximize the perceived impression of someone by exaggerating as much as possible, though with a level of seriousness to mask the exaggeration. For instance, collectively praise massively a new politician on the block to get him or her to a position of power quickly. And conversely, collectively drop a politician to quickly ruin their careers. No matter whether propping or dropping is used, reality falsification may be used by this collective.

Another important aspect with hyperbolism is that there is a clear absence of any sort of objectivity. And together with prop ‘n drop, it will become clear that there is even an absence of rational, causal logic. This is especially notable which a switch occurs from a prop towards a drop or the other way around. An example involves  someone’s professional skill at something. This is a statically fixed given (apart from the longer term learning of new knowledge).

One second one may be an extremely capable developer and a potential entrepreneur when they show a positive alignment towards a certain woman while the next second that one all in a sudden is a schizophrenic with image when that one begins to show aversion towards this woman. Someone’s relative alignment towards a person is not causally related to someone’s adeptness at a skill. Keeping track of the timeline helps detecting this aspect of hyperbolism.
Flip-Flopping  Back
Category Concealment
Purpose This technique entails the switching of a stance towards a person or subject in the presence of a target person or group. Someone may have a stance towards a target and when evidence surfaces that makes this stance unjustified, they may change their stance towards a beneficial stance towards a target to conceal their Target and Destroy attempts. Once forgotten about, they may switch back to the previous stance. Flip-flopping may appear regularly as evidence keeps accumulating over a timeline and or new discrediting narratives have been developed.
Maximum Distantiation Principle (MDP)  Back
Category Coercion, Concealment
Purpose Here the goal is to create an image, through verbal expressions or any other means of doctrine, that distanciates as far as possible from the image and or allegations one’s suspected of or could be suspected of. It often goes hand in hand with hyperbolism. It is an inversion technique. A real-world example of this can be read about here. It’s about a former United Nations official who was charged over pedophilia. Another example within the Catholic Church can be read about here.
Alignment Riding  Back
Category Coercion, Concealment
Purpose This is another technique where distance from suspicion is created through minimum effort. Here, it is the target’s alignment that is supposed to clear the perpetrator of suspicion. This is where the perpetrator will try to align with a target, in order to assume the alignment of the target. This is done mostly by suddenly starting to stick up for the target and otherwise exalt the target. It comes with hyperbolism almost always. They will try to cover up the flip-flop by stating that some revelation made them change their stance. This is also an inversion technique. When absolute alignments of people are equal naturally, one doesn’t speak of alignment riding. Alignment riding always comes after a flip-flop away from a negative relative alignment. To determine whether alignment riding is taking place without having observed a prior flip-flop, one needs to look at other metrics than just a positive relative alignment. One way is by asking the Question of Morality.
Target and Destroy  Back
Category Combat, Quarantine
Purpose The purpose, given the name is clear. It is primarily about quarantining someone and ultimately render someone powerless legally. That is why certain mental conditions make up the bulk of allegations in these Target and Destroy attempts. Any and all techniques described in this table can and will be used to achieve the mental destruction of a target.
name of technique Back
Category Text
Usage Text
Example Text
Purpose Text
name of technique Back
Category Text
Usage Text
Example Text
Purpose Text
name of technique Back
Category Text
Usage Text
Example Text
Purpose Text