Number 17


The number 17. Also the number 17 is an often used number by cabbalists. Over time, I noted so many references in which the number 17 was used that I now have a signal on this for 100%. There is no longer a trail of noise left. What is so special about number 17?

Occultism is about hiding a second layer of communication atop of normal communication. Just like with the devil’s horns and the OK symbol, also the number 17 is used as occult communication. As a ‘signature’. The reasons are the same as discussed earlier:

  • As identification towards fellow cabbalists. This is the most common occurrence.
  • The instruction of fellow cabbalists to support and promote a narrative surrounding a message or event in which the number is used. This reason is significant because this way they can communicate to a large group of followers in every position in society. This will become clear in the examples section.

Thus, what is so special about the number 17 and how does it relate to the Jewish cabal? Well, 17 is the short form for the number of the beast 666. Let’s put on the math hat:

The key to deciphering this number can be found in the prime numbers table. But, before this can be shown, something needs to be said about prime numbers themselves first. A prime number is defined by a number of factors:

  • Can be divided by the number itself.
  • Can be divided by 1.
  • All other divisors must yield a fractional number. This is the condition that makes a prime number a real prime number rather than a pseudo prime number.

1 officially is no prime number. Yet it meets the first two conditions. Since both conditions yield the same formulation (1/1, division by the number and 1/1, division by 1) this isn’t regarded a prime number. Further more, there are no other divisors to divide by and satisfy the third condition.

2 officially is is a prime number. However, this is NO real prime number. Why not? Yes, 2/2 is not a fractional. And also 2/1 is not a fractional. However, there still is no other divisor to divide by. Thus, the third condition can not be satisfied. Still it is seen as a prime number because the first two conditions are satisfied. And contrary to the number 1, the formulations for the two conditions differ from each other. However, to make it a real prime number, the third condition must be satisfied. And that is not the case with the number 2. This is the sole reason why 2 is the only even prime number. All other prime numbers are odd numbers always.

3 can be divided by itself (3/3) and by 1 (3/1). There is another number to divide by, a 2: 3/2 results in a fractional number. Thus, all three conditions can be satisfied. This is the first REAL prime number.

Let’s now take a look at the prime numbers table for the number 17:

  • 17 is the 6th first real prime number. There is the first 6.
  • 17 is the 3rd 2-digit prime number. 3 x 2 = 6. There is the second 6.
  • The difference between de two digits 1 and 7 is… 6. There is the third 6.

The number 17 packs 3 6’es and as one can see, all the while 17 itself doesn’t suggest anything unlike the three written sixes. It totally doesn’t give away there are three sixes hidden in there, contrary to for example the 18 and 36. And that is why it is used a lot by and for high-profile cabbalists. The more obvious packs are meant for cabbalists of a lower rank. Then now, let’s take a look at some known examples into which the number 17 has been worked into:

Letter Encoding

[To be written]

In 2017,  WikiLeaks released a large quantity of authentic e-mails of Hillary Clinton. This concerns the Clinton e-mail scandal. Internet researches discovered unsettling communications within that e-mail cache. This example however addresses the e-mail addresses she used as a sender. It was discovered that the e-mail server would receive mail into her mail box, regardless of sequence number added to her e-mail address. However as a sender she used two specific sender e-mail addresses. This was for a specific reason: the e-mail addresses contained occult communication. They indicated an alliance with the Jewish cabal. She used the above mentioned e-mail address a lot for her e-mail traffic.  Th 17 can be found in there. Together with the 4 letters and the 2 digits, the box name comprises 6 characters.

The second address she used was the mail box Also this was a calculated choice in sender address. ‘hdr’ are the initials of her birth names. Then why didn’t she use the abbreviation ‘hrc’, under which she is known mostly? In media, she is never referred to as ‘hdr’. The reason is this: the ‘c’ is already denoted by the first character in the domain name for the address: In order not to replicate the ‘c’ reference in the box name, the part before the @ symbol, she would have to pick another, or no letter. However, she was bent on using 3 characters. It will be explained in a bit. To get to 3 letters without the use of the ‘c’, she instead used a letter from her much less known second maiden name, ‘Diana’. Hillary Diana Rodham. This results in ‘hdr’. The appendage ’22’ is also a calculated choice. Because, if one now takes the number of characters for the initials, which is a count of 3, one gets the number 322. And what does 322 stand for? Yes, for one the secret society ‘Skulls & Bones’, which originated at the university of Yale in Great Britain. Also this society is part of the Jewish cabal as the article Number 322 explains. Every person for which she used this sender e-mail is an associate of the Jewish cabal, the signature in this e-mail address serving as a form of greeting.

File #17
File number 17 was released in 2017 by the American government. It was a file that would suggest that Saudi Arabia was behind the terror attack of the 11th of September in 2001. In the bigger picture one will realize that this isn’t just a random sequence number in a series of files. No, the number is used to name the file: “File Number Seventeen”. Here the occult signature is used to instruct cabbalists to follow the narrative outlined by the file, thus instructing them to go around and state that indeed the Saudis were behind 911. Thus, support the blame game. See this article.

17 Intelligence Agencies
A whole whopping 17 intelligence agencies would have claimed that the Russians were behind the Democratic National Committee hacks. Also here the number is used to instruct cabal cells to support the narrative conveyed. The Russians were behind the DNC hacks! Honestly! Later on it appeared this was all bollocks.

Extortion 17
The code name for the helicopter that carried a SEAL-team, which got blown up; this SEAL team supposedly killed and captured Osama bin Laden. Also here there is more behind it; the marines that took part in this capture of Osama bin Laden have passed away over time. A part of that team ( Team 6 ) was on that flight. With this 17 it becomes clear that this assault was a pre planned assault. These SEAL members knew too much. With this, the cabal let servants know that this assault was directed by the Jewish cabal.

MH-17, 17th of July 2014
A triple whammy. The tail number was changed to number 17 almost last minute . Also the date on which this flight took place was on a 17th. The 17th of July 2014. Even before a full investigation was conducted, Frans Timmermans (NL) and Samantha Powers (US) already pointed fingers at Russia. The Russians were behind it supposedly. Further more, this flight was also the 17th anniversary flight of this air frame. The first flight of this air frame was on the 17th of July 1997. With this the cabal showed off that this was a very significant event, as explained in the article MH-17 on this website. Also in this case the occult communication is used to instruct the Jewish cabal to support the narrative conveyed by for one Frans Timmermans and Samantha Powers: The Russians were behind the take-down.

Vid 17
This is the title of a video made by a convicted Jewish child pornographer, last name being Dearman.

Bill Maher and his $1.700.000 fine.
This man demanded a sum of 1.700.00 dollar from one of his minor victims slachtoffers over a contract breach in which the victim had supposedly agreed not to talk.

17 Angry Democrats
President Trump lets on he is aware of the Jewish cabal which primarily through the Democratic Party tries to wage war on the United States by setting them up against Russia. The Russia witch hunt isn’t a phenomena in just The Netherlands and Europe. The cabal is hell bent on attempting to legitimize and start a war with Russia. MH-17 was a means to attempt this but also the Skripal case is a means to attempt such.

Alphanumeric Representation – Q 

Number 17 has also a alphanumeric representation by virtue of the letter indexed in the western alphabet: the 17th letter in the alphabet is the letter ‘Q‘. Since late 2016 within various niche corners of the web a phenomena began to emerge that highlighted this letter Q in a quite strong fashion. Afterwards, after realizing the Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, taking a closer look at Q’s used in various names throughout the western world was warranted.

Q – The Storm

[To be written]

Q-Park New Babylon

New Babylon

The base price for a ticket is € 6.00.

Q8 – Oils

“Jews forever”.

[To be written]


The number 17 is often worked in as a count, or in for instance, monetary values. It doesn’t matter what is the absolute value. $1.700,- is as much a signature as is $1.700.000,-. It is all about context. In what type of information is the number used? The above examples clearly show context. Furthermore it’s used in advertisement carousels. “See these 17 items!” or “View item 17, the hottest item!”. In cases like this it merely indicates their presence. Advertisement carousels generate income and websites full of these carousels are often cabal owned as a means to satisfy greed.

Like the examples above show, the number is used most often with high-profile geo-political events and cases. It’s their most concealed signature because the number itself doesn’t suggest a representation of three sixes at all.

There are more examples that may be added to this list. In any case, when one sees a 17 as a count or as the significant part of a monetary value, or as the day of a month, one can expect this to be an occult signature when used with a contextual manifestation as described in this article. The context here is being aware of the cabal, their customs and objectives.