Number 322

A Yearly Phenomena

322. A number. It is a very important number for Jewdom. For 322 has a special meaning, but to understand this formulation it is important to realize a few things. For it is in fact a packed date. The day it is about is the 22nd of March. The other thing is that the main language of the western world, the Anglo-sphere, usually is the English language and with this, the American English date format comes into play: month-day-year. The 22nd of March in that case is written as 3/22 and thus yields 322.


This date is of big importance to Jewdom. It is the earliest starting day in the year for the pass-over (Pesach) festivity. The actual starting day is the day following the night of the first full moon on, or after the 22nd of March, a day after the spring equinox. This festivity has a duration of 6 weeks. The liberation of Jews in Egypt is then celebrated for one.

Skull & Bones

This number appears more than once in recent history, especially from the British angle. The university of Yale was home to an unofficial, secret band of Jewish students who called themselves the ‘Skull & Bones’. This group still exists though its existence is denied still. President George H.W. Bush is one of the most known people of whom one knew he was affiliated to the Skull & Bones group. It is primarily an occult organization; it’s known for initiation rituals which are quite exorbitant. This organization is in fact a cover organization of the Jewish cabal in the field of education. Young cabbalists can practice their occultism throughout their education as they are prepared for the occupation of influential positions in society. If the organization would be uncovered with regards to its name and existence, then at least it would not trace towards Jewdom, but would be seen as an independent sect like organization on its own. Its logo contains the number 322. It is much the same with Satanism which is yet another cover for Jewdom to erase direct traces towards it as Satanic cells may be uncovered.

Events of Geo-Political Impact

Skulls & Bones is not the only phenomena associated with 322. No, its meaning goes much further than being a basis for an occult group of a British university. Like the introduction told, it is an annual phenomena. A celebration. And when one looks at recent history with regards to geo-political events, one will recognize an obvious pattern. For it is the day that sees a big event of significance. It begins around 1980 though more events may appear after research. Below a number of these influential events are listed with its most important and obvious one for the year 2016.

  • 03/22/1980 – The Opening of the Georgia Guide Stones
    On the 22nd of March 1980, the Georgia Guide Stones monument was opened in the American state of Georgia. These are four granite tablets which each contain a bullet point list that would describe an ideal world, in 8 primary world languages. The monument has been constructed in such way that it aligns with astronomic bodies. The moment was placed by order of an unknown organization operating under a pseudonym. However it is the opening date that gives it away – It has been placed by order of the Jewish cabal and the description of this ideal world depicts the ideal world the way Jewdom see it for themselves.

  • 03/22/2016 – The Terror Attack on Europe, Brussels 
    Still fresh in memories of a lot of people. It’s about a terrorist attack. But not just one: It was an attack in Brussels. The symbolical heart of the European Union. In certain circles it is known that it was a false flag. The explosives were mounted inside the ceiling and were ignited the moment the terror suspects walked underneath the section. There is video footage of a security cam to be found of this, which was aimed at the area. One can see that the source of the explosion was located in the ceiling.

    The date is not without reason. It has multiple reasons; not only was it on a 22nd of March. It is also exactly 36 years after the opening of the Georgia Guide Stones. 36 years later. The 36 here is a 3-pack of 3 6’es. With this false flag the Jewish cabal organized a big anniversary event that would have to entice Europe into becoming a stronger partaker in intervention missions in the Middle East. By symbolically striking at the heart of the European Union the cabal hoped that it could put Europe before the kart, to create a mandate for more and stronger support to operations in the Middle East.

    Very interesting in this is the role of the Netherlands with this terrorist attack. Before the terrorist (the asset) entered Europe through Schiphol, the Netherlands, the American authorities has tipped the Netherlands about the fact of a terror suspect being on their way to Schiphol. This tip came from the New York Police Department, the NYPD. It appeared the ministry of Ard van der Steur did nothing with the tip and even more, when Ard van der Steur was being questioned and be held accountable by the Tweede Kamer (Congress), the good man couldn’t even discern whether the tip came from the NYPD or from the FBI. In any case the man tried to cover up his inaction through claims of loss of memory. In reality, Ard “Sorry” van der Steur together with his ministry contributed to the unobstructed passing through of the asset, so that this most important anniversary false-flag for the Synagoge of Satan could still continue as scheduled.

  • 03/22/2017 – The Terror Attack in Londen
    A year later there was yet another terror attack, this time in Londen. It again was a terror attack where the perpetrator used a vehicle and ran over multiple people. In footage of various news agencies the number 322 was worked in through occult means also; the number 22 appeared 3 times in the information bar of the broadcast.

  • 03/22/2018 – Cambridge Analytica Suspicious Package
    There was a red alert in Londen this day. They supposedly found a suspect package at the Cambridge Analytica office, a campaign and data processing company. The company, but also Facebook were under fire for large scale data abuse and manipulation as well as for targeted psychological warfare operations to influence public opinion through social media. Possibly an attack had been organized to erase evidence of this within the office of Cambridge Analytica which got foiled. Also on this date, a go for a level-up in the large scale trade war with China was given.


When one would create a graph with on the horizontal axis the 365 days of a year and vertically, the years of 1980 up to 2018 and mark significant events which would have an influence on public opinion, one would note that the 22nd of March would show a definite peak with respect to all other days in a year. The primary goal of these kinds of events is to control public opinion and will always be elaborated on through various media. These preferably are terror attacks for the purpose of generating both hate and sympathy among the populace.

One can solidly expect that on the 22nd of March 2019 a big event of significance is going to take place again with the purpose of controlling public opinion. If this event is not foiled to begin with. [Addition 03/26/2019: The Germans foiled a serious high-grade terrorist attack on their soil.]

03/21/2020 : I would almost say, “as usual”, one can expect this year to be no different. Today’s hot item is the Corona virus spread (that has a too fast, too directed propagation to begin with which is another story). Likely, the event for this year is not Corona itself. However, it is highly likely that it forms the basis for this event. My rough guess is that they have killed prominent, good hearted people through the virus and finalize it with the bust of a “bio terrorist(s)”. Perhaps muslim people, as they are at recent the main players in these 322 public news events. Maybe another conventional terrorist attack is planned in the West somewhere. It’s hard to tell, but the guess is that the Corona virus forms a basis for this year’s event either as a distraction or as a setup, like engaging multiple quarantaine lock-downs in various nations, to then round up domestic benevolent defenders. The Corona pretext acts as a natural stifle of physical communications and peer control, easing these round-ups. An update follows after a few days.


322 is also used as a signature in an encoded form, like for example with the way in which Hillary Clinton specified her e-mail adres. Another example where it is used as a signature was during the British elections in 2017. In the end, the Tories and Theresa May ‘won’ with exactly 322 seats, which suggests [To write: election fraud by the Jewish cabal].

The Victory over Jesus of Nazareth

While Christians commemorate and celebrate eastern over the crucifying of Jesus of Nazareth and His resurrection afterwards, the Synagoge of Satan meanwhile in reality celebrates the victory over Jesus of Nazareth. In the article Religion one can find an enormous amount of disdain towards Jesus and his philosophies. More abstractly seen, Jesus was an embodiment of benevolence whom for one went up against Scholars and Pharisees of that time, the Jews of that time. This can be found in the previously linked article about the Pesach festivity, all the way at the bottom.