Number 666

The Theme: 6

666 is known as the number of Satan. In more abstract terms, it’s a cultural signature which is used by a collective which maintains the values belonging to the Serve Self semantic of the Absolute Duality. The signature is in use since millenniums although in a past long ago the number 616 was used as well as a signature of Satan.  This wasn’t for long though. The theme number is the number 6.

In its standard notation it is an obvious appearance; almost every westerner recognizes it as the number of Satan. Some give rise to it, others don’t. In the end they are just numbers and digits. It’s just so that humans in the past gave a certain meaning to it from a cultural, religious point of view that caused this association to come into existence.

The goal of occultism is to overlay an extra layer of communication on top of every day communication. The 666 is so obvious that instead they developed a whole pallet of alternatives to pack three 6’es to avoid the obviousness. The theme is like said, the number 6. Below here a number of other combinations with explanation will follow that all form a representation of the number of Satan through the ‘packing’ of two or three 6’es. The goal of these combinations is to always come to a total of a number of 6’es of  a multiplication factor of three.


  • 12 
    This is a ‘2-pack’. A pack of two 6’es, read as 2 x 6. When one notes a 12, almost always there will be a remaining 6 somewhere else to come to three 6’es. In the examples section such case is presented.

  • 18 
    This is a ‘3-pack’. A pack of three 6’es, read as 3 x 6.

  • 36
    Also this is a ‘3-pack’. Here however the notation isn’t math based like with 18, but visually instead. It literally reads as 3 6’es.

  • 600
    Also this is a ‘3-pack’. However here the 3 is derives from the fact that the 6 is a century digit and they consist of 3 digits. With this notation (save the 666 itself) all numbers from 601 through 699 are of no meaning given the fact that these add numerical values other than the 6 of the century digit and the 3 through the number of digits. For 0 (zero) means nothing.

  • 17
    Also 17 forms a ‘3-pack’ of 6’es. Only with this number it is totally not obvious that there are three 6’es hidden in there. This is the most concealing number and is used a lot af the geo-political level by elite cabbalists for their communications and isn’t known much by lower ranked cabbalists. This number has its own article.


The signatures are used most often as counts. But they are worked into monetary values as much. Nor are the signatures conveyed through numbers only. They are conveyed likewise through symbols and or trigonometric shapes and implicit counts. The sheet used in the Skripal case is an obvious example of this.


The following examples show how the various signatures are worked into global events.

Flight MS-804 

Also this event at first sight seemed to be an unlucky accident. There were speculations about possible causes like explosives or a defect that caused an explosion. However, the plane exhibited strange manoeuvres before disappearing off the radar. When one takes a closer look at this case, multiple occult signatures can be discovered. Below a list of facts:

  • The plane disappeared above the Mediterranean Sea, northwards from Caïro. It had a S-S-E (South-South-East) course.
  • Subsequently control of the plane was seized; various reports told about the trajectory that followed from that moment on. It was reported that the plane first banked port side (to the left) for 90 degrees and then flipped the rudder the other direction where the plane lapsed a full circle of 360 degrees starboard to the right. That the flight continued, still banking starbord, though less wasn’t reported.
  • When this trajectory is drawn onto a map, it becomes visible that from the direction of flight towards Caïro a 6 figure was drawn.
  • The plane had 66 people on board, passengers and crew. Together with the drawn 6 on the map this yields 666, three 6’es.
  • When the trajectory is extrapolated further it can be established that the point of reaching land mass appears to be the north of Israel or the south of Turkey.
  • A very important signature here is that an image was posted on Facebook by a stewardess who was on this flight. The date of this Facebook message together with the image was on the 26th of September 2014. The image shows the stewardess walking onto shore from the sea with a plane crashing down in the background. Further down the importance of this follows.
  • MS-804 disappeared in the night from 18th to 19th May 2016. See the Wikipedia article.

When we now subtract these two dates (05/19/2016 minus 09/26/2014) a difference of 601 emerges. When these dates are timezone compensated by taking the 18th of May (05/18/2016 minus 09/26/2014), the difference is exactly 600 days. In Paris it was still the 18th. Next to Caïro, two hours later, is was the 19th already. This is what is meant by timezone compensation; the looking at the dates from a certain timezone. Most of the cabbalists that oversaw this false flag were Great Britain and US based and not based in Caïro. Both in the United States as well as in Great Britain it was the 18th still, yielding a difference of exactly 600 days. The posted image is what is called ‘predictive programming’ – The preparation of a target group for an event in a way that isn’t too obvious nor incriminating.

This event contains at least 3 signatures:

  • The 666 as shown, formed by the total number of passengers and crew of 66 together with the drawn 6 on the map.
  • The 600 days of difference between the posting of the remarkable image and the actual date of the disaster taking place, from a timezone perspective located on the minus side of GMT.
  • An 18, a 3-pack of 6’es by means of the day number of the month May in 2016.

The timezone compensation shows that the ‘design’ or direction of this false flag by the Jewish cabal took place in the United States or the most western part of western Europe, well before the actual event took place.

Skripal Case 

This case concerns a lot of controversy and haggling. Portland scientists whom researched the used chemicals were practically forced to report a biased outcome; they resisted this. There were also sideline discussions about for one the shelf life of ‘novichok’; the claim was that ‘novichok’ was used from the USSR era, while later it was confirmed that the chemical composition after the combining of base chemicals had a short retention span, which suggests that the composition was assembled recently.

After hastily putting the blame with Russia, a series of slides were released to convince other European nations. These slides contain occult signatures, one slide specifically:

Slide 4: Suggestive evidence of Russians having conducted the hit on Skripal.

This slide is full of signatures. Here the 3 sixes are formed by a combination of a count and by a trigonometric figure:

  • The hexagon. This yields the first 6.
  • The number of hexagons: 12 pieces. This is a 2-pack of 6’es. Together with the first 6 one will now get three sixes.
  • The repeating of the 17‘s involved with the MH-17 case; the only hexagon which includes a day number (17th of July).

Why is the count of 12 hexagons a strong indication that they chose to list 12 events consciously? When one looks at the individual cases, it appears that some have never been proven to be true, nor have they appeared in mainstream media as a significant event and as such they are not known with the public. The internet community (users who comment on various news articles) regularly made notice of this, about the relative insignificance of cases and or the mere speculative cases being listed. All this together leads towards an impression that one wanted to get to a total number of 12 hexagons in order to assemble the full occult signature.

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