The OK Sign

Three Sixes

Most people know about the ‘OK’ sign. It’s often interpreted as a ‘Perfect’ sign as well to signal all is okay, something is perfect. For example, when someone says, “This meal tastes great!”, all the while signalling the ‘OK’ sign. However, the sign also has an occult meaning. It’s also a cabal signature for the gesture can also be interpreted as three sixes on top of each other. In the picture to the left the three legs of the sixes can be clearly distinguished. Not always do people spread the fingers such way that the three individual legs can be recognized. The picture however shows a clear distinct spread of the fingers and serves as a good example.

Because of the regular meaning for the gesture being known widely it will be hard to impossible to determine an occult context based on just the use of the signature. One will have to look for other circumstantial signs and contexts. Therefore, one can say that this particular signature is rather ‘noisy‘ and doesn’t offer much of a ‘signal‘ just on its own when one attempts to identify explicit occult elements within a given situation.