Weaponized Women


Sex is one of the most important pillars within cabbalism. Besides straight out lust it’s also a means that is being employed to realize objectives and interests which are described below.

Objectives and Interests

A primary goal of female cabbalists is to control and coerce men in society. This goes for the corporate world as much as for government. Reasons for coercion are always ulterior, collective interests of the cabal. Within for example intelligence this can be employed to derail investigation away from cabal doings or to marginalize them, again, in order to keep up fabricated illusions.

The primary means to this are charm and optionally seduction into having sex when the cabbalist can not pull off coercion with charm alone. These women are extremely capable sexually and through these means can ‘bind’ men to their personae by systematical suggestion and by systematically playing these males’ fantasies to induce into them mental addiction. They do so for one, by articulating any speech in a seducing fashion, often paired with body language that suggests reception, like protruding forward the belly and hips slightly, subtly rocking slowly, masked as changing over weight from one leg to another, and otherwise slightly and slowly rotating the upper body. Through this, males can become submissive, obedient and admissive towards the cabbalist after which they are easily influenced when it comes to their opinions and stances towards subjects as well as to what narratives they support. This process can be coined the ’embedding of themselves into the mind’ of a man. It will take very few efforts of the cabbalist woman to entice ‘bound’ men and influence their rational thinking in a negative fashion. These men become infatuated and is coined ‘mental leukemia’ by this cabal as this embedding tends to take over these males’ minds completely. This is all, like said before, to serve the interests of the cabal.

It is important to know that they execute this behavior consciously with a cold pragmatic precision all the while they don’t get aroused themselves at all and undergo no adverse effect on their own rational thinking. A secondary reason is to gather alignees, garnering a positive alignment towards them through these means to build a herd of male followers that will stick up for her when she becomes subject to scrutiny.


The attempts to gain control goes as far as engaging into relationships with targets. Think of company owners or otherwise men in positions of influence for the purpose of exerting long term control. At the same time the opportunity is used to subvert these males into habits, lushes and lusts of the cabal community. When a target is no longer useful, they will drop these men like bricks, pursuing a divorce, often followed by sex incrimination where they will use anything from the past relationship against these males while being supported by cabal members to quickly and efficiently mentally neutralize these men. The interests of the cabal always take priority.

Sex Scandals

It therefore is not strange that one, especially when public affairs are involved, one comes across news reports of sex scandals in society. This goes for the corporate top as well as for governments. Also justice is not immune for these practices. It appears in the medical world as well. Often it is a result of things not turning out all that well with these attempts at controlling males by these cabbalist women where they turn onto these males that they tried to control in the first place. It isn’t always about control either as it is as much about sex incrimination of male targets in a position of influence that form an obstruction to cabal interests as well. In short, when sex scandals surface in spheres of influence this can be a sign of cabal women attempting to fulfill interests.

Defense and Concealment

When a target notes he is being manipulated by these kind of women whom are out for control through seduction and makes notion of it, these females will always use prior history of their seduction and mental embedding to use against the target. A primary goal is to attempt to portray the target as a sex offender, as someone who’s just in it for sex and or sexual acts. As long as the spot-light remains on the target. We live in a society where through perception these women are at an advantage already; sex offense is seen as a male phenomena where a beforehand perception exists that females could do no evil. This is abused maximally by female cabbalists in a defensive stance. They assume a victim’s role to both garner sympathy as well as keeping focus on the target, where they often state they were just in love with the target. A good amount of crisis acting is employed with this. This all serves to conceal their subtle though noticeable practices and especially when it’s about the ‘foreplay’ of an experiences, high ranked Lucifera intended as a preparation of a target for a future confiscation mission and subsequent Satanic, ritual offering. The MDP principle and Inversion of Guilt is of significant importance for the purpose of diverting any sort of suspicion towards these female’s nefarious practices.

Crisis Acting 

Crisis acting is an aspect of acting where one acts in exaggerated fashion emotion in order to garner sympathy. It is a given that someone who’s very emotional induces sympathy to the point where witnesses drop rationality in favor of empathy, taking for granted the victim’s words. It is an oft employed tactic by females who attempt to discredit an opponent psychologically. Female cabbalists love making use of this when they assume a defensive stance. A perception is created where they appear all emotional all the while propagating their narratives.

Crisis acting can be recognized relatively easily. It takes a few biological aspects that will help discern between true, legitimate emotion and acted emotion for the purpose of garnering sympathy. The goal of crisis acting is to propagate a narrative all the while appearing emotional. The result of this is that the actor, speaking all the while, modulates their voice as if being emotional so that if someone is to go by just the sound, one would think this person is truly emotional.

In reality when someone is truly, legitimately emotional, they actually can’t emit a constant stream of words because speech is inhibited when true emotion takes over. Likewise, true emotion causes buildup of nasal cavity liquids causing someone to snotter. A crisis actor may try to optionally produce sniffing sounds, but one can recognize there is no build up of nasal liquids, where no real snottering takes place. Also the absence of tears is an indication which is oft concealed by covering the face or by turning away the face. Another biological aspect is the body shocking when emotion takes over. This form of shocking can not be consciously simulated or acted and will be absent with the actor. However, the most notable differentiator is that the crisis actor won’t stop for a second  their stream of words and will always try to present a narrative with this continuous stream of words. No pauses to snotter, or clean the nose. No overtaking of real emotion stifling any form of speech.